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11 August, 2014

In case you were wondering, let me tell you what I’m doing tonight.  I have a date.  Oh, you thought you were the only one.  Pardon me while I laugh.  Honey, you’re cute, especially when you’re begging me to let you jerk it to my instructions, running up your credit card to buy me expensive gifts like the sexy black dress and heels I’m wearing tonight.  Yeah, you’re cute, like a little brother or more appropriately, a little sister.  Let’s face it-what you have between your legs is just a pathetic excuse for a penis.  I wouldn’t be able to feel that at all, and the only climax I would reach would be an explosion of laughter at your tiny, little thimble.  No, tonight, I need a real man, one who can satisfy my needs.  Guess what, I’m going to put on the clothes you bought me, and take the money you sent to go out to a very exclusive restaurant with my new man.  After I wine and dine him, I’m going to take him back to my place and put on that sexy lingerie you bought me with your last measly little dime.  Maybe I’ll let you listen as I take that big, black bull .  He’s so much bigger than you, and you know that bigger is most definitely better.  Afterwards, we’ll cuddle in bed drinking champagne as we discuss you and your inability to please me.  If you were any sort of man, you wouldn’t hang around, letting me screw another man while you listen helplessly, unable to stop me.  But no, you’re not a man are you?  You’re just a sad little sissy dick, and all you’re worth to me is your money.  So, send it over, slave.  My new man and me want to go shopping.