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18 September, 2014



In this newest erotic hypnosis mp3 file, I explore Mind Control in depth with popular hypnosis elements to deepen your Mind Control experience. Are you interested in losing your mind? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Nevertheless, in this Mind Control audio file, I will take control of your mind and use you as a helpless automaton. Mind Control has been employed for decades and was made extremely twisted and insidious by secret government experiments including the most well known, MK Ultra. I have studied Mind Control by reading up on the subject and taking university classes in Psychology. I developed some ideas as far as what I wanted to do with my newest Mind Control hypnosis file. I employed very insidious techniques of my own including affirmations and a trigger that would render my hypnosis subjects completely helpless and maintain them under my control.

Where I absolutely excel in producing my erotic hypnosis files is not only that I produce them in a professional home studio with carefully selected music tracks to enhance listening and level of trance, but also that I am a very skilled Femdom hypnosis artist. I take time to pre-produce my files in script form, perfect them from research and read-backs and sometimes even test them in my own experiments using a few of my pet hypno subjects. So, you now know the process that I employ to take an idea to script to erotic hypnosis audio file for your listening pleasure. You must listen to this newest Mind Control hypno file and add it to your erotic hypnosis collection or begin your collection with this file if you are an erotic hypnosis aficionado.

Whether you are new to this whole world of femdom erotic hypnosis, or you have been around the block a few times, you have come to the right place. I like to dominate men, body and soul, and I use their mind as an entrance in to their world and bring them over to my world. I can’t claim General Petraeus as one of my subs, but I understand men like him and the women in his life that recently came to the surface. These attractive women didn’t just use their looks to manipulate him; good looking women are everywhere and the General has had his chance with a lot of them, but they lacked the power of persuasion and control.

I’m not talking about that goofy looking style of hypnosis and mind control that you’ve seen on science fiction movies… but trust me, these women had enough control of Petraeus to make him think he wouldn’t get caught first of all, but also get access to secret information and other perks that come from knowing someone in such a position as him. And they made him want to give all of that to them without force or any typical form of coercion. Call me on nite flirt and let me play with your mind and get all of your secrets.

I know if you’re reading the Inraptured forum, you’ve probably heard
of conversational hypnosis.  But what you may not know about this
form of hypnosis is how successful it is with sissy training and other
sexual lifestyle and life change enhancements.  You can dress up to
look girlie whenever you’re “in the mood”, but true sissification and
feminization is from within you.  That is where a hypnotist can guide
you, to become the girl you were meant to be, to think like a girl,
act like a girl, talk like a girl, be a real girlie girl.
Where conversational hypnosis is superior to traditional hypnosis in
this aspect is that you don’t realize you are being guided, yet your
subconscious mind is reacting to my verbal suggestions. Many sissies
binge on their sissy items including outfits, wigs, makeup, then purge
out of guilt.  Wouldn’t you rather feel sissy bliss, than girlie guilt?
Conversational hypnosis overcomes resistance and works on sissies who
need to have a better understanding of the sissy psyche and how they
should embrace their sissy selves, instead of engaging in a continual
cycle of indulgence then rejection.
Conversational hypnosis is subtle and will make you feel as though you
are engaged in a scintillating convo with your Erotic Hypnodomme, but
your subconscious mind is being stimulated without your conscious
awareness.  You won’t receive a traditional induction, deepeners or
trigger words, but you may experience a state of trance, using
conversational hypnosis techniques that have been developed and perfected
over decades by hypnotherapists and hypnotists alike.
Conversational hypnosis was the precursor to NLP and is also used by
many top motivational speakers and gurus, think Tony Robbins.  People
in various occupations use conversational hypnosis on a regular basis.
Did you ever buy something you didn’t really want or need?  We all
splurge, it’s human nature.  But I know the clever salesgirl at the
lingerie store “talked you into” buying a lot of sexy things, didn’t
she?  You felt like you were “led on” by her.  You felt “weak”, too weak
to resist, didn’t you?  Chances are she was using the power of
conversational hypnosis and you obeyed her suggestions without realizing.
I have used conversational hypnosis in my transformational phone sessions
and will share a few email snippets with you from my beloved sissies:
“Miss Kay took me from pantyboy to complete sissy girl.  The best part is
I don’t know how it happened.  I can’t wait to get home from work
every day and be my real self!”
“Miss Kay makes me feel so girlie and feminine, sexy and pretty.  I am
in no way passable, so I avoid looking at myself in the mirror even
in wig and makeup, but I feel like a girl on the inside and I now love
my girlie self thanks to my Goddess Miss Kay.”
“I can rarely dress up because I live in a small city apartment with my
wife, but Miss Kay has turned me into her sissy and she did it so
effortlessly. I put on my wife’s bras and panties whenever my wife is
out. Miss Kay is also deepening my lust for men!”
Call me on Niteflirt or visit my website Femdom-erotic-hypnosis.com to
find out how to set up a time to speak with me.


I know most of you have gotten used to my style. Most of the time my style is fun and sexy, a little seductive, a little campy sometimes, and always satisfying. After Confession, I realized that there are some of you that want to feel me take a greater hold inside of you. I know some of you long for a sense of emotional control and manipulation, wanting me to be your Goddess and not just your favorite hypno-domme.

Possession is not for my casual listeners, and is not for anyone that doesn’t want to feel me take a greater hold of your mind. There is a great deal of emotional manipulation here, and you may not like the techniques I use to take away control. I take a very strong hand with you in this file. and while my induction might be direct, it is very soft and very overwhelming.
Still, that is nothing compared to what makes Possession truly special.
You will cum in this file, and you will cum very early. I know that for some of you, my files can be a wonderful and sexy guided masturbation experience where you fall into a soft light trance and follow along until I let you cum. If you listen to Possession, you might be surprised at what happens after you orgasm, and you might find yourself listening to me in a very different way.

There will be lasting effects if you listen to Possession, and unless you want to belong to me, you might want to listen to something else. Of course, I know you’re curious, and I know you think you might be able to resist me. I think you should try…

Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

-Love Miss Kay.