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Using frequent hypnosis sessions to lose weight and to reinforce weight loss techniques isn’t a revolutionary weight loss regimen. However, my hypnosis weight loss techniques are very revolutionary! I will put you on a hypno induced diet of more masturbation! More masturbation to burn more calories and decrease stress and increase your testosterone thus enabling you to lose weight and keep it off. Starvation diets don’t work and masturbation denial only leads to frustration. Stop trying to curb your sexual appetite as well as your appetite for food. These are your most primitive drives, to eat and to have sex. You will make healthier eating choices and lose weight the more jerk off sex you have. But you must go into a hypnotic trance for all of these techniques to subliminally work for you!

You can burn a lot of calories if you edge and edge and masturbate for hours without cumming until I permit you to finally release! You need to get your heart rate up! I will keep you in trance and jacking for me until I think you have burned a sufficient number of calories for your masturbation workout. I am studying psychology and am not far from earning my degree. Hypnosis was first used by psychologists to treat patients with addictive habits like smoking. In some cases, a bad habit is replaced by a good habit, because this makes sense for your addicted brain. Let me take control of your brain through hypnosis and replace any bad habits you have with your new good habit of masturbating to lose weight!