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I know some of you might have never tried financial domination before, and I know some of you just don’t understand it at all.
Before I talk about how this recording got written, I want to explain what I think financial domination is.
Money is power, and to some people “that” is the power they want to surrender.
Tribute is just surrendering, so are gifts.
I love it when all of you boys surrender to me.  And I love knowing just what to give you to make your knees buckle and your will melt.
I love making you surrender just as much as you love to surrender.

So on to Financial Aid…

Financial Aid is about me helping you with your money.
I’ve always thought about the power and the stress that money brings.  I know that for some people, they love the idea of being told that they need to tribute and I’m sure after you listen to me, you’ll feel that way too, but wouldn’t it be nice to be understood.
Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to someone that knows just what you;re going through?
I mean it when I say that this is a little bit of therapy.
This is a file designed to help you get what you want
This is what you need to ease all of your stress and all of your worries.
I promise that my technique will carry you away, and you’ll feel so comfortable with me that it will be easy to let go and open yourself up to me.
I know how powerful being understood is so powerful , and I want you to know that I will hypnotize you and I will guide you.

There is a second price point on this file for those of you who want to show me how much you value and appreciate everything that I do for you.  This is for you special boys that want to give me everything, and I hope you buy the version that is just right for you.

Want to hear my ear porn? Ear porn is sexy mp3 audio recordings for your listening pleasure. I offer both custom and pre-recorded ear porn for you to buy at my website and on Niteflirt. I know you not only like to view hot porn on your computer, smart phone or tv, but you also like to listen to a woman talk sexy to you, dominate you or indulge your fetish or personal fantasy. My mp3s are audio porn that you can download, that you will own and can listen to whenever you want, on your computer, smart phone or mp3 player or even in your car if your mp3 player can jack into your car’s audio system.

Ear porn has been around forever. Women have always been whispering sexy, seductive suggestions into men’s ears. You know how powerful and alluring a woman’s voice is. Computer audio recording software has made it possible for sexy Seductresses and Mistresses to create personal ear porn for you. Before this software was available for the PC or Mac, it was impossible to create ear porn without going to a professional recording studio and spending a lot of money to have a sound engineer make a simple recording. But now, I have a pro recording studio at home! I have an expensive musician’s quality microphone and pro recording software on my computer so my ear porn mp3s are of superior quality. Listen to my ear porn now! Purchase and download one of my mp3s or email me or call me on Niteflirt to discuss your custom mp3 ear porn that I can record just for you!

Hello my sweet subbies, and all of you other nice boys. Before we get started I wanted to say a very special thank you to all the boys who have said so many nice things to me in public and in private. It makes me so happy when my sweet subbies say sweet things, and I’m so happy to get to know so many of you.

I’m so excited to finally talk to all of you about my Booby Trap series. Sometimes everything just falls into place when I record, and it’s so easy to give you boys just what I want you to have. Abduction was like that, just a perfectly easy process.

But this was different…

I’f you’re reading this I’m going to make an assumption here: you want to be hypnotized by a beautiful pair of breasts. You want to be fascinated, mesmerized, and hypnotized by a perfect pair of tits. You love boobs, you love cleavage, and you want to lose yourself to a woman with the power to hypnotize you with her “mesmerizing mammaries”.
I’ve seen the pictures that some of you have made for this site, and other places, and I know that this is a common fantasy. I also know that for some of you sweet subbies, you haven’t gotten the file you’ve been dreaming of. I know some have come close, but for some of you, something’s been missing. That’s what made this file take so long to make.
This is for all of you boys who wanted something a little more direct, a little more naughty, and I have to say I think I know just what you boys really want from a pair of bouncing, bewitching, beautiful breasts. I’ve been working on making sure you get just what you’ve always dreamed of, and I’m so excited that it’s finally done.

The Booby Trap Series is dedicated to the hypnotic power of my breasts, and what they do to you. This isn’t about making you love any pair of tits more. This is about making you love my tits more. This is about being hypnotized and enslaved by my perfectly big, bouncy, soft, warm, tits, and the power they give me over you.
I promise you sweet subbies, you will be hypnotized by my breasts and it will feel so good you won’t be able to resist falling over and over again.

I would say more, but I think you’d rather feel it, than read about it.

-Love Miss Kay.

PS: I almost forgot to tell you what’s next.
Financial Aid, a very special perspective on Financial Domination will be coming out very soon. I promise I will always make it very clear when a file is Financial Domination, and while I know some of you are turned off by this kind of thing, I think that anyone that likes Financial Domination will love to get some Financial Aid.

Then there’s Lucky Seven. I’m so excited about this one, and I think anyone that’s ever wanted to be controlled will be in this file. Well, when you play Lucky Seven you just might hit the jackpot.

Hello boys. Before I tell you all about my latest recording I wanted to thank all of you who came by chat on Friday night. Tessa is amazing, and it was so nice of her to host. Congratulations to my sweet subbies who won free copies of Abduction, and to the boys who won copies of the Gamble. Chat was so much fun, and it’s so nice to get to know all of you. I hope we can do it again soon.
Now boys, I want to talk a little bit about my newest file. I wasn’t planning on releasing Abduction this week, there was another file I had already started on first. But my other file, one that’s all about using my breasts to hypnotize you, still needs a little bit more work so it’s perfect for all of you.
Abduction came so easily to me, and it came out so well. I talked a little bit last time about all the work that goes into recording and postproduction, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about writing this time.
When I started work on Abduction I thought about how sexy it would be to hypnotize you and sweep you away somewhere to do whatever I want with you. I know other women have done that, and I know you boys like the sound of that. But what I really wanted was to do something special.
So I sat down and I thought about how much I would love to have a little piece of you to call my own. I thought about how much I would love to kidnap a little piece of your mind. Just a little bit of your memory, and I really wanted to change it before I gave it back to you.
Memory is a very tricky thing, and I think it’s sexy when you can have someone remember one part of their life. I think it’s amazing that hypnosis can help you relive and feel things from your past. I don’t want to ruin the surprise and tell exactly how it all comes together, but Abduction is all about taking you away.
Did I mention that it’s very confusion based.
I love confusion.
I love playing tricks on your mind.
I love trying new things.
I really hope you have a chance to enjoy being abducted by me.

And for those of you waiting for my hypnotic breasts, sit tight just a little bit longer and I promise it will be worth the wait. Also, for those of you boys who like financial domination I’ll be giving you just what you want soon too. I know financial domination isn’t for everyone, and I promise I will always make it very clear when I release one of those files.
I have one more thing for you boys to look forward to. If any of you who have ever wondered if there’s a difference between being in love and being brainwashed, I’m going to show you.
You have all been so wonderful and I can’t wait to show you how good it feels to fall for me. I can’t wait to hear what you sweet subbies have to say about Abduction, and if any of you boys have any questions for me don’t hesitate to ask.
-Love Miss Kay
Ps: Have you seen my banner? I love it. Please visit my site, and remember that if you want a little bit of my voice just for you, I do custom sessions and calls.

From The TranceLight Project Page:

We are erotic hypnotists deeply interested in gathering donation money to purchase a high-tech touch-screen mp3 Crosley Jukebox to be delivered to The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. The jukebox can hold up to 23,000 mp3s or 1500 hours of content which can easily hold materials donated to the University featuring hundreds of erotic hypnotists like us. The jukebox also converts cds to mp3s, has Wi-Fi access, and is bluetooth compatible. We’d like to see The Kinsey Institute expand its division to include audio artifacts in addition to visual art, statues, and reports.

Dedicated to Erotic Hypnosis in Sex Education

We are dedicated and committed to serving our community! We actively support the furthering of audio media in sex, gender, and reproduction education in colleges and universities.

Thousands of people visit The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction every year. Almost every college textbook that teaches Psychology or Sexology references Dr. Alfred Kinsey for his contributions to sex education and the adult community. We seek to continue his research, and are asking interested students, scholars, and friends to give what they can so we can give The Kinsey Institute a lovely new artifact which plays audio recordings, videos, and can fit in the limited Gallery space.

Please watch the video to see where your money will go!

What We Need & What You Get

We are asking for $5000. We have found a suitable jukebox on eBay for under $4000. Donations will cover not only the cost of the jukebox, but shipping and placement of the item into the Gallery at The Kinsey Institute, maintenance and server upgrades of the internal harddrive, and a mini tabletop jukebox for Trancers (a local meet-and-greet).

Should we exceed our goal, proceeds will be split 50/50 between the adoption of modern artifacts at The Kinsey Institute as well as upgrades and improvements to the Inraptured.com website, a femdom hypnosis resource.

We are asking for $80 to move this project forward. Will you please be a TranceLight benefactor? You’re always welcome to come to The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and listen to hundreds or thousands of donated erotic hypnosis recordings and videos which will be playable on the jukebox YOU put there!

Donate as little as $1 to The TranceLight Project and make Miss Kay very pleased.

Hi boys, I thought you might want to know what went into making this special MP3. I wanted all of you sweet subbies to know how good it feels to obey, and what feels better than stroking on command?

Obedience isn’t about being made to do something, it’s about doing what you’re told. I know you sweet boys like doing as you’re told, and I know you love the idea of not being able to help yourselves. I want my sweet subbies to learn how to obey the urge to be helpless, so they can obey me without having to think. I know how hard it is to think sometimes, and how hard it can be to always have to be in control.

I really want you boys to enjoy learning how to obey and I’ve talked with a lot of you about what you like. I know some of you don’t feel like anything is happening when all you do is listen, and I know some of you just want to hear my voice while you sink into nothing. I thought that since you boys would be learning to do as you’re told, then you’d need to do something for me. So if you’re one of those boys who loves it when the hypnotist proves that you’re hypnotized and following instructions then this is just for you.

For me, sitting down to write this was a lot of fun. I just love the idea of all of you helpless and following along. I love the idea of all of you learning how to obey and that was what I thought about during the writing process. I know some of you out there are more experienced than I am, and that this file might seem “technically soft” but I think you’ll find it very powerful once you listen. I am still developing my abilities, and getting used to the pacing of a recording. You lucky boys who have been hypnotized in person and over the phone know it’s very different than hearing a recording. It is very challenging to make something that would work over the phone or in person work the same way as an mp3.

I really hope you enjoy this file as much as I enjoyed writing, recording, and editing it. I do this because I have fallen in love with hypnosis, and I love what it does to you. It is so much work to edit and clean up vocal tracks, and to find background music to match pacing. You really have to make sure that all the multilayered looping isn’t too loud, or too soft, and that everything you hear adds to the whole experience. But I know you sweet subbies, and good boys know how hard I work, and how hard all the other wonderful women here work to make these mp3s and I just know you thank them at every opportunity for being so talented and for working so hard. It would really make me happy to know you appreciate what all the women here do for you, and you do want to make me happy don’t you?

I hope you love Strokebedience, and I can’t wait to tell you all about my next sexy mp3. Be good little subbies for me and have a wonderful weekend.

-Love Miss Kay

Ps: And boys, don’t be shy, I love getting to know you and can’t wait to hear from you. I will be doing a behind the scenes blog for all of my files so if there’s every any questions you’ve always wanted to ask, please don’t be shy and ask me. It makes me so happy when you ask for it.


The first person I ever hypnotized was a friend of mine, but that’s not what you want to hear about is it? The first time I used erotic hypnosis was with one of my callers.
He was a new caller and after our first call (I won’t say what else he likes, that would be telling) he asked me if I had ever hypnotized anyone. I told him no, but we talked about it a little bit more and I thought it sounded hot.

One of my girlfriends is a real hypnotherapist and is an absolute sweetheart. I told her about the caller and I asked her if she could teach me. We talked a lot about it, what hypnosis is, what it does, how it works, and she started to teach me. She and I are still practicing together, and she was there walking me through my first induction. My first induction was a mutual friend of ours and she was a really good subject. It was my therapist friend’s idea that we practice on a girl.

The caller kept calling and I kept asking him about hypnosis while I was learning. I had also started looking around online and learning a little bit about the scene. Well, when he called back, I asked him if he wanted to be hypnotized. I was nervous, but after watching my friend drop for me in practice, I knew I could do it. He wanted it, he really wanted it, and after that first time I was hooked.

I love hypnosis. I love what it does. I love how it makes being a sweet subbie so easy for boys like you.

-Love Miss Kay

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Your Sissy Clit

You will  discover and explore your sissy alter ego,you will learn to let go and get in touch with your girl self that longs to be set free of your man shell. This mp3  a journey of self realization of who and what you are. Enjoy the journey with Miss Kay as your guide.

Layered with soft music.
Stereo Recording
37:06 minutes

Listen to a Sample

I know you will crave my power and control even more after you listen to my MP3, so I am here for you on Niteflirt for live hypno call sessions.   Live hypnosis phone sex calls will allow me to personalize your  transformation or take you to a new level if you’ve already listened to my MP3.  My hypnosis skills are not just limited to sissification or gender reprogramming, I engage in a wide spectrum of phone hypnosis on Niteflirt.  I also am one of the first Hypno Dommes to specialize in breast hypnosis, where you stare at photos of my breasts and I mesmerize you with them.  Please plan on spending at least 20 – 30 minutes with me for an intense multi-layered hypnosis session.

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