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Girls can get a little crazy and carried away at bachelorette parties and Nicole Richie’s bachelorette party was no exception, especially for quintessential party girl, Christina Aguilera. I’ve been to quite a few bachelorette parties myself and I think girls can get far nastier and wilder than the guys. Guys seem to follow a bachelor party formula of going to a strip club or to Vegas, but girls get a little bit more, well, let’s say “creative”. If you’ve ever wondered what Xtina looks like sucking cock, now you can, because there are naughty pics of Xtina or should we say XXXtina mimicking oral sex on a chocolate covered banana and even better, mimicking giving a hot blow job to a man at the party (possible one of two male strippers who were hired to make an appearance at the bachelorette shebang). Photos of the bachelorette party may soon appear online as a mysterious Frenchman is offering the photos for sale and allowing potential buyers the opportunity to view them before buying. Surely one of the celebrity websites or magazines will pay the Frenchman’s price!

There was also a rumor floating around that these photos were going to be deliberately put up for sale, and one assumption was as revenge from her cuckolded ex-husband Jordan Bratman, who was still living in the house he and Christina bought, though they were legally separated, while Christina had her new boyfriend and fucktoy, Matt Rutler, move in. The other rumor floating around was that her husband, a record company executive, handed them off to her record label, because he felt humiliated for being cuckolded, yes, but he thought they would damage her reputation. Instead, her record label saw an opportunity to make Christina appear even naughtier and nastier than some of her pop star competition and that this would push record sales of her next album. Her last album’s sales were not up to par.

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You aren’t feeling like much of a man are you? When you look at yourself naked you see useless ‘nads and a pathetic penis. You’re a poor excuse for a male! Can’t you feel the shame?!? Well, I have the solution for that and it isn’t whipping you into shape, because that won’t do anything to make you more well-equipped and manly. Actually, bitchboy, I have three solutions. When you call me, I’ll decide what solution is best for you. I may decide to take away your useless winky, dinky balls or all three! And then of course, I’ll own you as my eunuch slave or robotic Ken doll, programmed to do whatever I say.

I know you can’t wait to hear what fate I have in store for you. After I find out just how much of a loser you are and how you can no longer go on living a lie as a man… Maybe then you can properly worship me, your Goddess, rather than jerking off all the time. While you may beg me to put you in chastity, I will! But it will be permanent chastity! It’s time to cut off your balls, believe it when I say I will castrate you. You might still be able to get your peen erect, but you will never have an orgasm again! Or I might decide to emasculate you and cut off your penis! You’ll still have your balls and what little testosterone they spew, but you’ll never be able to jerk again! And the most evil choice is that I could also turn you into my completely sexless Ken doll , without any male anatomy, and then I will reprogram you to be my enslaved bitch.

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582 


Private humiliation pffft!  Any slave can be shamed or humiliated by his Femdom Mistress in her dungeon or play space.  Shame and humiliation are absolute thrills, but let Miss Kay tell you about shame and humiliation that is even more wicked and thrilling.  Perhaps you haven’t experienced it yet, but you fantasize about what it would be like if Miss Kay humiliated you.  In public!  Yes, you, a man or a sissy slut, humiliated by a bitchy Mistress right in public.  Imagine the shame and humiliation when everyone can see what cruel and embarrassing things Miss Kay does to you while she laughs.

No, Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation would not be Femdom and slave playtime safely tucked away in a park where no one could see you on a leash, forced to crawl on all fours while Miss Kay ballbusted you with her shiny black patent leather stiletto heels.  Stop being such a wimp and wussy boy.   Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation is being out there, visible and vulnerable, where people can see you get smacked, spit on, ballbusted, yelled at and humiliated by your Mistress.  Or if you’re a sissy – you might be forced to go shopping for slutty sissy panties, bras and stockings dressed up like a sissy Barbie Doll while your Mistress and the saleswomen in the lingerie store laugh at your forced sissy shopping spree.  This will be the thrill ride of your life, you will experience more intense shame and humiliation than ever before when Miss Kay humiliates you in public.

Not only can Miss Kay do this to you in a fantasy phone sex call, Miss Kay can force you out in public on your cell phone and make you do this for real!  Call now! 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

Charlie Sheen is on a very extravagant and flashy money slave binge.  He doesn’t hand over the cash to his Mistresses discreetly.  He likes to make a big splash spoiling his Mistresses with his television show and movie star cash.  And Miss Kay thinks he should he should get even splashier!   Miss Kay would like to take Charlie Sheen on the Financial Domination ride of his life.  Recently, rich money piggie Charlie gave porn starlet cutie Capri Anderson $12,000, petite porn star Kacey Jordan $30,000, and he gifted his two current Goddesses, model Natalie Kenly and porn star Rachel Oberlin, a/k/a Bree Olsen, with sleek and sexy Mercedes SL  63 AMG roadsters (valued at $66,000 each).  Plus his gorgeous Goddesses are paid nice big fat Goddess tributes just to grace him with their stunning presence!    This is the life for Miss Kay!  But, bitchy Miss Kay would like to take Mr. Moneypig for more than all of these amateur porn stars and models combined.  Financial Domme Miss Kay has far more wallet raping experience with wimpy, spendy money piggies.   With Miss Kay’s bewitching beauty, big hypnotic breasts and Amazonian power, Charlie Sheen would be immediately vanquished, hypnotized and would be at Miss Kay’s feet, writing checks for huge sums of money, handing her his black American Express Card with half million dollar credit line and buying Miss Kay whatever expensive sports car her wicked heart desires.   Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you or your wallet!   Any man can become Miss Kay’s money slave…

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Let’s play Miss Kay’s Magazine Game bitches!  It’s kind of like the popular Drinking Game I’m sure most of you have heard about.  In the Drinking Game, if game players see something they agree on before the game starts, example:  taking a drink every time they see Horatio Caine wearing his sunglasses on CSI Miami, they have to take a drink, bottoms up! 

Yeah and your bottom’s going to be up in the Magazine Game too!  Here’s how to play Miss Kay’s Magazine Game…  First, you have to buy a women’s magazine like Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire or Elle at a newsstand, drugstore or supermarket.  That’s just the beginning of your pain and humiliation when you have to buy a woman’s magazine in public!  Then make sure you have something to paddle your ass and whack your balls with, like a paddle, riding crop, hair brush, fly swatter, high heel, spatula, large wooden spoon…

Now here’s where the fun starts in Miss Kay’s Magazine Game.  You have to start paging thru the magazine and every time you see a girl in a photo in an advertisement or article, you have to whack your balls or paddle your ass.  Alternate between whacking and paddling.   Or if you’re only into ball pain, then just spank those balls, or if you’re only into spankings, then spank that ass!  Hard!  Remember Miss Kay doesn’t like pain wimps, Miss Kay likes pain sluts! 

Pain is the real game here isn’t it!  And the mystery of not knowing when you turn the page, if you’re going to find a pretty girl in an ad, or an ad for perfume with only the perfume bottle, but no pretty model.  Will you feel relief when you get a reprieve from the pain?  Well it’s only momentary, because as soon as you turn the next page, what do you think you are going to see?  That’s right, so get ready so whack your balls or spank your ass!

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582



I am a Size Queen Goddess with devastating Double D’s.   I stand 5’6” before I even put my heels on.  I tower over most mere men.  That’s why little men regard me as the Giantess of their dreams and fears.   In 6 inch platform heels, I stare down at them from my Amazonian 6’ 2” height.  I cannot be satisfied sexually by men with small peepees.   To me, small cocks are pathetic and useless little toys.  Why would I want to be fucked by a small cock? 

I only desire huge cocks, at least 8 inches, in fact, 8 inches just meets my minimum cock size.  I prefer cocks from 9” – 14”.  Yes, I have fuck studs and black bulls with porn star sized cocks who know how to please a bitchy and sexually demanding Size Queen Goddess like me.   But I also have a few cuckolds.  Every Size Queen should have cuckolds to use and force to be sexually humiliated for having inadequate small cocks that should never be allowed to penetrate a woman ever again. 

Cuckolds should be forced to wear panties while tied to a chair and watch me take on one of my well hung fuck studs.  Then they should be untied and beg to clean up the superior Alpha male cum that my lovers shoot inside of me.  That is the only access to my sweet spot that cuckolds should ever have,is with their tongues.   I also force my cuckolds to fluff my lovers and suck their well hung manhood, so they know exactly what it’s like to have a huge one in their mouth.  I sometimes even humiliate them by making them stand next to one of my studs and hold their tiny peepee next to my stud’s mega-cock.  This is the ultimate small cock humiliation!

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582



Closer, closer, come closer, till you are seeing double. Double? Of course, you are, you are seeing my Double D’s, up close. Keep staring, staring, until you are seeing double. Stare for at least five minutes at the picture of my perfect breasts. Then you will feel so weak, you will feel compelled to become my helpless bitchboy, to serve me, to follow my commands, fulfill my demands. The spell is irreversible. It cannot be undone. Money for Miss Kay? Yes! Double it! You will be thinking in doubles, you can’t help it, you’ve fallen under my breast hypno spell. Double tributes without hesitation, click, click twice.
1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

My Double D’s should be your computer wallpaper, your cell phone background, burned into your brain. Imagine me taking your face and forcing you into in between them, nearly smothering you as I laugh and tell you how powerful my breasts are, how they control you, how they have hypnotized you, I didn’t even have to say a word, well maybe a few words: closer, closer, come closer.

You can’t resist women’s breasts, can you, they’ve always been your weakness haven’t they? And I have the most luscious melons you lust for. And they can be yours… in your dreams! And that’s how I will control you, in your subconscious mind. I have implanted a visual cue and now you are powerless to fight it, powerless to resist it! So stop trying! Give in to the hypno power of my beautiful breasts and worship them.

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582
Ask me how you can purchase more of my Beautiful Breast Pictures

Many of my Niteflirt callers and admirers have been begging me for a Stroke and Pay Game for a while now.  Since there are so many of Stroke and Pay games already on Niteflirt, I decided to design a PTV game far more deliciously compelling and clever:

Stroke for Broke.  If you’re into Financial Domination with detailed JOI :: jerk-off instructions :: then you will love my Stroke for Broke game.   While this isn’t a video game, my game features creative and sexy interactivity which I know you’ll relish.  It’s the next best thing to me being there and playing with you!   And while I can’t reveal the game secrets, I will be there {wink}.  At each level of my game, you will need to make a critical decision.  This isn’t just a simple wap wap wap Stroke and Pay game.   You will find out, when you play my game, what makes my game innovative and different from other Pay to View games on Niteflirt.

Since I’m not available to control you live 24/7, this game is the perfect indulgence for you anytime you need me.   And let’s face it, sometimes you have the privacy to stroke, but not to call me!  So my game is perfect for times like that!  You can also play it multiple times with different outcomes.  Intrigued?   Are financial domination and cock control fetishes you love to indulge?  Do you enjoy when a dominant woman takes control over you and your orgasm?  Do you crave an inventive and wicked wallet rape?   Then you’ve found the button you need to click to satisfy your craving.  Click my Stroke for Broke Game button now and begin your adventure with me!

Are you fascinated by hypnosis, but have been too timid to try a hypnosis session?  Let me guide you into a new world, inside your mind, and take you where you’ve only dreamed of going.  It’s time to make your transition complete.  Do you want to become a pretty sissy?  A total faggot?  Or a beautiful girl?  It’s all possible through hypnosis.  I can penetrate the conscious layers of your mind and reach your subconscious within a relaxing, but exhilarating hypnosis session.

When you engage in a phone sex call about your sissy, femmy or forced bi fantasies, you are only sharing your fantasies at the conscious level.   You still have too much control over what a Mistress can enact with you.   Then, when you hang up the phone or have your orgasm, for many of you, that terminates your fantasies.  With hypnosis, I can implant triggers, both visual and verbal and I can influence your behaviors, without you even knowing that is happening.  With hypnosis, I can squelch any defense mechanism your mind has erected and reach you, the essence of you and draw you out, transform you.

Stop fighting your inner needs and inner drives, it only creates conflict, and inner conflict is very unhealthy and counterproductive to who you really want to be and how you really want to feel.  Hypnosis is the answer if you want deeper and lasting sissification, faggotization or feminization.   Hypnosis is very powerful and lasting.  We should make the journey together into your mind now. Soon I will have hypnosis MP3s for you to be brainwashed by ME. Call ME now and become MY science project.

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

I love to strap it on and take a bitch for a nice long, hard ride.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like to get fucked by a beautiful woman?   I bet you’ve masturbated to that delectable fantasy or looked at hot strap-on porn photos and Femdom strap-on video clips on the internet.  What positions did you picture you’d be in while getting fucked?  How would you be taken?  I can tell you exactly what I’d do to you and about my strap-ons, yes, plural, I have different sizes and colors…  I think every man should experience the other side of fucking.  Every man should get fucked.

I’ll even make you beg for and worship my superior cock.  Why is my cock superior?  I wasn’t born with it!  I can choose my cock.   And I never lose my erection!  I can fuck for hours, until I’m done with you.   And of course, there are some of you who should never get to put your pathetic penis into a pussy ever again.   You sissies, cuckolds, tiny peepee losers, fagboys, you know who you are!  You should be the ones getting fucked, taking my cock.  Sucking it, yes, I like to train cocksuckers, teach you how to suck cock the way I like it, to deep throat me.   Then get ready to be taken.  I don’t want to hear:  will it hurt?  A little pain at first is the price you’ll pay for the pleasure of getting fucked by me.   Call me, beg to be turned into my bitch.  If you have a dildo or two to play with, all the better! 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582