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Are you tired of making all of the  decisions in your life?
You need a strong and sexy Mistress to tell you what needs to done and how to do it, plus give you the guidance and direction that you have needed for so long. I am that articulate and imaginative Dom who will control your itty bitty cock, and your weak mind….I will let you know when it is ok for you to  stroke it….I am that special Woman you can serve and adore.
I will bring back the meaning into your dead end loser world
and teach you how to live a satisfying life of sacrifice and servitude to me….if you need edge play with a twist then give me a call…Miss Kay “Were Good Boys Go Bad”



Hey there, little man.  And when I say little, I do mean little!  You’re small enough for me to pick up in the palm of my hand.  See?  Isn’t that amazing how small and compact you are.

Do you like when I pick you up like that?  I bet you do.  I know it must make you feel all tiny and helpless.  I like stroking your  body with my long fingers.  It’s cute how you jump and squeal when I run the tip of my index finger up and down your body from head to toe.

It’s kind of fun to just touch you all over like that.  Do you like when I wrap my whole hand around you and envelope you with my fist?  I think it’s pretty fantastic that I can hold a grown man like you this way.  The noises you make when I give you a bit of a squeeze are nice, too.

I also like to bring you up to my luscious pink lips, just like this.  I want to give you a little kiss.  Mmm, why don’t you kiss me back, sweetie?  Oh, that’s so nice, isn’t it?  How about I just slide my tongue out from between my lips and have a little taste of you?

Oh, you taste wonderful.  I’m going to lick you slowly all over your body.  It’s like having my very own little man lollipop.  I think you like when I swirl my tongue all over you, don’t you?

Now I’m going to slip you between my lips and into my mouth.  Yes, I’ll push you in nice and slow, feet-first.  Feel my lips envelope your feet and legs first, then your thighs.  Oh, now you’re in all the way up to your waist!  I’m going to keep pushing until my lips are wrapped around your chest.  Then, I’m just going to suck you in the rest of the way like I’d suck in a spaghetti noodle!

You just taste so good that I can’t help but swallow you….

If you have a fetish for vore, then call Miss Kay for a  voraphilia phone sex fantasy.


All sissy Boys Report to Miss Kay At Once…..
I love to use you.
I thrive on teasing you, tormenting you and finding your weaknesses.
Do you wear panties, have a tiny little dick, love to play dress up,
love to play with big black bulls ?? Come on, you know who you are…. Is your sissy clitty tingling at that thought…I bet it is…
Your sissy clitty makes you so easy to control!
I know all of your weakness’s and I know how to exploit them…I want to own you completely, and if you perform up to MY standards sissy I will allow you to tattoo MY name on your ass……Because Miss Kay knows how to emasculate a sissy whore like you.

Tell me all of your dirty  little secrets….I promise I won’t tell anyone….Do you Need someone
to talk to? Whats on your mind sissy boy? Do you need direction and help with all of your fetishes, then you have come to the right place..Perhaps perverted  fantasies run thru your head… like the one were are at a glory hole being used and abused.
Don’t be nervous just give me a call I a very open minded and love to talk about everything I don’t care how sick and twisted it is.

You’ll feel much better after you’ve told
me everything. Don’t worry, you’re not going to shock me.

Call to confess……I’ll bet you have TONS of secrets,
and you’ll feel much better once you’ve shared them with me. I’m
waiting here, I’m ready to hear your confessions so call now ……….


I have a sweet sissy girl who  loves to worship my feet. Sissy Katrina and I love to shop on line together,we buy the cutest things. Last month we had a great time shopping for both of us at Zappos online. I picked out the hottest come fuck me sissy shoes for her, 6 pairs in all and then I let Sissy Katrina pick out shoes for me. She did a very good job, I have even taken a pic in one of the pairs so I can share with everyone. I love foot worship and combing it with a frilly sissy girl who loves to have her girl parts rubbed with one of my old shoes puts a very big smile on my face. If any other foot slaves or sissy’s would like to indulge in a shopping spree I am glad to help them pick out the sweetest,frilliest outfits or anything else they need help with. Enjoy the picture I had fun taking it….*** Cum Worship Miss Kays Feet***

Miss Kay’s* Where Good Boys Go Bad–1-800-TO-FLIRT

Hello phone sex boytoys!

I have the feeling you’ve been naughty today.  In that case, you’re due for a spanking.   If you’re one of my sissy sluts or force bi whores, I’ve got a hot story to share with you!

The other day I was at  the Victoria’s Secret in the mall, looking for some new sexy lingerie.  I was in the panty sale section picking out some slutty thongs and sexy panties when I happened to glance over and saw a guy pick up a pair of lacy white panties and look around a bit nervously.  I knew immediately that he must be a closeted sissy.  Of course, my dominant instincts prevailed, so I went right over to him and remarked, “Hmmm, planning to try those on?”

He looked extremely shocked and tried to put them back on the display rack but then he could not escape as I continued to stand there, with my hand on my hip.  He finally admitted it.   Yes, he said, he wanted to be turned into a total sissy. I knew I had to take over and transform this man into a sissy slut.  He definitely needed training and advice.  Well I also have to admit, I was in a mischievous mood to play!

I told him I was Miss Kay, a Mistress and sissy trainer.   Then I told him I was going to make his dreams come true.  But the only requirement, I told him, was that he had to obey me!  He looked at me, didn’t say a word  and nodded.

I told him to buy the panties that I saw him admiring, pulled out my cell phone and called my boyfriend to tell him I had another forced bi bitchboy candidate for us.  I knew my boyfriend would get immediately aroused and would start stroking right away.

Then I told my sissy we would have to complete our shopping trip for all the sissy necessities such as a cute sissy dress, make-up and hair accessories.  Being a Mistress and sissy trainer, I have years of experience with sissy training sessions.   I had a picture as to how I was going to turn him into a perfect girl.

My new little sissy pet got in my car and we headed back to my place.  As covertly instructed, my boyfriend was not in sight.   I took about an hour to  dress up my sissy girl so that she would be ready to make her sissy debut.   My newest sissy thanked me over and over for all the sissification fun and I told her:  “Oh, it isn’t quite over yet.”

Then I called my boyfriend’s name and he came out of the guest bedroom, totally naked and ready for action.   You should have seen the look on my sissy’s face, but ultimately, I could tell she was interested.  And who wouldn’t be!  My boyfriend is hung and hot.

“Now go and suck my boyfriend like a good little girl.” I instructed.  Then I forced my sissy girl to her knees.   I think this is my favorite part, watching my boyfriend get sucked off by strangers I pick up in public, usually at stores like VS, then I turn these strangers into sissy playtoys.

My little sissy girl was a bit timid at first, but I encouraged her.  Then she started licking the tip, sucking it. And as she started to get more turned on, before I knew it, she was sucking my boyfriend’s cock like it was the end of the world and his cum would be the last thing she’d ever get to drink.   My stud boyfriend began forcing his throbbing cock down her virgin sissy throat and hearing her gag, I have to admit, was a hot turn-on.  There’s nothing like watching first-time sissy sex.

It wasn’t too much longer before my hung bf was ready to blow his load and then he exploded, spraying her entire face with his creamy spunk.   I was suprised to see her hungry tongue dart out and lick her lips.  And what about me, you may ask?  I loved it, every delicious minute.

Well… not as much as what happened next!  Want to find out?  Then call me and find out to get all the dirty details during a sissy transformation or forced bi phone sex session.

Miss Kay
Hottest sissy trainer on Niteflirt***1-800-TO-FLIRT 0302-4556

There’s nothing I enjoy more than delivering a hard spanking to a deserving subbie …… the feel of you over my lap, wiggling to get away and knowing that I over power you. Your bare bottom exposed, and the heat of your cheeks against my hand as I spank them to a bright red with a leather paddle. I’ve been into spanking for as long as I can remember, enjoying everything from the scoldings, punishment rituals, special words and phrases, and corner time and any other aspect of it you can think of. If spanking is your passion too, call me and talk to someone who loves giving one as much as you love receiving one.So if you are ready for the best spanking of your life then call I will be waiting paddle in hand….Miss Kay


I have thought about the sissies over the years that I have trained and when they were disobedient I would have to think of creative ways of punishing them. Here are a few of my favorites…
1} I have made a sissy go to his local adult book store and pay the manager on duty, hand over his pants and strip down to his panties then he would be placed in a booth with a glory hole. Sissy would have to service 3 men and be serviced by 3 men. All of this would be witnessed by the manager. How do I know this was done, well I would have the managers number and would be in close contact with him while all this was going on. I always get a good laugh out of this one.
2} This punishment is more radical but just as fun, for the sissy that loves to be outed and seen , I had a sissy that was a chronic pantie thief so to make sure that all the ladies in the neighborhood were safe I had him dress up in a baby bonnet and rumba panties with white lace socks and maryjane’s and carry a large sign marching up and down the street saying that he was a panty thief and he apologizes.A friend of his took a pic and emailed it to me so I could share in that special moment.
3} I had a sissy that did not do his sissy chores as asked he was sent over to a homeless shelter to assist in any way that he could use his sissy maid skills. I explained to the shelter manager that sissy maid was misbehaving and had to atone for this sin by doing some charitable deed that I deemed fit. I made sure sissy maid was dressed in the new french maid’s outfit that we purchased together over the Internet and had the staff take lots of pics of the event.Needless to say all involved with this good deed were very amused.  Miss Kay Sissy Trainer