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Despite being ultra busy  shopping and decorating my beautiful home, I still found some time to sit down in my studio, relax, write and record a new erotic hypnosis mp3 file for all of you.  My newest file is titled “Devious Dentist” and literally that’s what this file is about, a seductive dental visit, but with some delicious erotic surprises.  If you follow me on Inraptured or Niteflirt, then you already know I am a premiere erotic hypnotist.  I am very popular for live erotic hypnosis phone sex sessions as well as for producing hypnosis mp3 files that I highlight here on my blog and feature in my PPV store.  I also produce custom files for those who are interested in specific, personalized hypnosis fantasies.  “Devious Dentist” is a very unique hypno file. It incorporates an ordinal induction and deepener which are very effective in mesmerizing even the most hypno-resistant.  After you are under my anesthetic powers, as your sexy dentist, I take complete sexual control of your cock, deepen you and take your dental pain away!   An orgasmic release awaits you in this hypnosis mp3, you will be encouraged to cum as you are being teased while under my sexy hypnotic power.
I know you can’t wait to buy this file and go on yet another hypno journey with me.  Add it to your mp3 hypnosis collection now.  Or call me live if you want to experience an interactive dental visit with me on a Niteflirt hypnosis session.


This file is 54:00 mins long with a binaural beats  background. $30.00

Deep Brain Stimulation


If you have never experienced deep mind stimulation, you should call me for a live deep mind stimulation with hypnosis experience where I penetrate and stimulate your subconscious mind at the deepest, fathomable level. Nearly any fetish or fantasy can be explored or intensified using deep mind stimulation. I have been studying this technique as I pursue my degree in Psychology. This type of “stim” is fascinating. It goes much deeper than any other type of mental stimulation deploying hypnosis. However, you must be prepared, deep mind stim will require a longer induction and deepener to be effective. You must plan on a long hypnosis session with me to feel true mind-bending stimulation and get the maximum results from this type of session.

Before our session begins, you must also take a few minutes to speak with me about what you wish to achieve in your session. I am not a mind reader, although I am very intuitive. Therefore, it is imperative that we speak about your desires before I begin to enter your mind. You must be open to hypnosis even if you have never experienced hypnosis before. Since I am pursuing my degree, I must devote myself to class time, clinical hours, research and study. What this means to you is that I am not on Niteflirt as often as I know my followers would like. You can email me at callmisskay@yahoo.com if you wish to check my schedule or schedule a deep mind stimulation appointment. Or you can buy my erotic hypnosis files, so that you can tap into a hypno session via one of my hypno mp3’s whenever you are in the mood.



If you are even reading my blog post, I know you are not a real man. So, admit to yourself you are a cuckold if you haven’t already accepted that fact. Say it: I am a cuckold! Say it again! And again! And while you are repeating your new mantra, it’s time to buy my new cuckold mp3 hypnosis recording and download and listen to it. Over and over. This is a very seductive recording where you are the voyeur cucky hubby who catches me, your beautiful and sexy wife in the bedroom with another man. Of course, you can’t believe your eyes. If you’re wondering how that could be when your eyes are closed and you’re listening to my cuckold mp3, let me illustrate that this recording is very sensual and visual and will play out as if it’s a dream, even though it’s not a dream, or is it? Do you dream of finding me with another man and being so sexually satisfied by that well hung stud, something you could never do? Descend down into trance where you will be sexually cuckolded by me.

If sensual cuckolding isn’t your cup of cuckold tea, I have produced other recordings about small penis humiliation and cuckoldry with more of a bitchy edge. Visit my hypno mp3 store and make your selections. All of my mp3 hypno audio recordings are produced in my professional home studio and feature a voice track plus music or whisper track for your audio listening pleasure.Purchase my file at Hypnotic-Mistress.com or at nite flirt $27.99 35:00 mins with Binureal Beats used in the background

Financial domination should excite a submissive at the subliminal level. Being a money slave should be an omnipresent fetish, not just a passing fancy. In my newest financial domination erotic hypnosis file, Money Minion, I mind crush men into becoming totally bound to me financially. This isn’t just a fantasy, this is your new reality as a hypnotized money piggie. Your mind will be zeroed out and then you will take a deep plunge into trance where I transform you into my obedient minion. If you fear your life will be irrevocably changed after listening to my hypno mp3, it will! I use a very subversive induction and deepener with a whisper track to compel you to do my bidding. Your mind will become so aroused, you will be helpless not to obey.

I don’t believe in casual financial domination, meaning that you call me or tribute me when the mood strikes you to play. My file will reorient your mind so that you will be driven to tribute, driven to serve. Of course, you will be helpless, because I will have penetrated your brain and warped your mind to meet my desires. You will no longer serve other financial dommes as your entire focus will be on me and keeping me esconced in the lifestyle I deserve. I have always detested the fickle money piglet, flitting around from domme to domme. So, part of the reason why I crafted this file, was to eliminate this pathetic serial behavior. Now, you must buy this file, download and listen. I will await my first tribute from you immediately thereafter.

Recently, a well known hypnotist in the UK, Colin Adamson, proved that hypnosis can plant real sexual memories in the brains of hypnosis subjects. Adamson proved this in public using random university student hypno subjects and successfully planted memories of sexual encounters in the minds of his subjects, memories so real that the subjects thought the sexual encounters had actually happened when they were awakened from the hypnosis session. In the field of erotic hypnosis, memory implantation has been performed by many “tists”, but proof positive hadn’t been publicized in major media outlets which reach millions of readers until now. The story about Colin Adamson was first reported in the UK in The Telegraph and was later picked up and expanded on by a journalist at Huffington Post.

Hypnosis is ever evolving. And more interest in hypnosis will arise if hypnosis receives more publicity. There are still people who think hypnosis is a practice of charlatans and tricksters. Too bad they don’t understand the true power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is an accepted form of psychotherapy used to treat many different disorders and addictions. Erotic hypnosis can be used to achieve greater arousal and erotic experiences. Erotic hypnosis can be used for sexual reprogramming and sexual identity training such as sissy training. Call me on Niteflirt for erotic hypnosis, sexual reprogramming and sexual identity training. I, Miss Kay, may choose to implant sexual memories as an element of your erotic hypno session to enhance your hypnosis experience.

5 September, 2012

mind games

Special announcement from Miss Kay! I am going back to school in January of next year to finish a degree in Psychology and I am very excited. I can’t wait to start my Psych classes. I will use all knowledge from my classes to delve deeper into the psyches of my hypno slaves and make you erotic hypnosis lovers experience an unparalleled journey deeper into hypnosis. I will utilize everything I learn from my courses to develop even more complex hypnosis audio files and to incorporate Jungian and other principles of psychology to hypnotize you during live Niteflirt erotic hypno phone sessions. I will penetrate your mind and deepen your fetishes, fantasies and desires. “Knowledge is power” is not just a cliche. You will feel the effects of my power and you will feel more powerless, completely taken.

I will make all new hypno seekers on Niteflirt and mp3 hypno file buyers become my mind slaves and you will enjoy pure bliss as I take your mind and deconstruct you and reprogram you through hypnosis. You will do as I command, answer any question I have truthfully and reveal all your deep, dark secrets. And with the power and knowledge I will gain from my psych studies, I will make you mine and mine only. So, my announcement may also be a warning. Most of you trance puppets crave going deeper and deeper. Be careful what you wish for. Your descent will begin soon. Your very mind, body and soul will be mine.

2 August, 2012

The power of music is well known, music engages the mind. Music has been proven to change brain wave patterns. In addition to my hypnotic voice and hypno ear porn, I use the power and beauty of music to get into your mind and enhance your hypnosis experience. The music I use in my hypno files will leave you in a deep world as my words and the embedded music tracks will penetrate your mind for a more fulfilling hypno journey. Music is a very subtle, yet powerful element in hypnosis. With the music I select for each hypno track I am even more able to control you and send you into your alpha brain wave state with my soothing voice and make you do whatever I want you to do or feel whatever I want you to feel. Just take a deep breath and relax. Listen to those calming hypno music tones and my erotic voice…

Now that I have my own high end in-home recording studio, I can professionally produce dual track recordings with a music track layered underneath my lovely voice track. I have a vast music library to choose my music from and I specially select each piece of music to coordinate with each hypno track. Buy one of my hypno audio files now, get comfortable and open your mind. With your mind subconsciously tuned in to the music track and my voice enchanting you, you will be even more receptive to my hypno.

It’s so deliciously evil and erotic, you should be aroused at the temptation of listening to my newest hypnosis audio file. Blackmail and Ruination are explored at the deepest level of your subconscious mind, where you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or if all of this is really happening to you. If you enjoy blackmail, ruination or financial domination, my newest erotic hypnosis audio file is a must-listen. Some of my devoted fans already begged and paid a sizable tribute to listen to my new blackmail hypno mp3 before I debuted it here on my site. They have been totally entranced, just like you will be, from the moment I take you under my spell, and don’t release you till I’ve taken exactly what I want from you.

If you enjoy live hypnosis, I also do live erotic hypnosis calls on Niteflirt. And not just hypnosis, but real blackmail where you will be totally ruined, no mercy, no going back. The risk is yours. The reward is mine! If you have never called me or listened to any of my audio files, you should click to buy my blackmail hypnosis mp3 now. This could be the beginning of everything you have ever feared and desired, coming true. I also have a full collection erotic hypnosis mp3 files for you to listen to. And once you buy these audio files, you can download them to your computer or mp3 player or smart phone, so you can listen to them over and over.

5 February, 2012

It’s time to empty your head (both of them – wink wink) and empty your wallet. You will feel so weak in my presence, so weak under my hypnotic, seductive powers that I will empty your brain of all your burdens. Imagine the peacefulness as I drain all the stress, wipe away all the worries, remove all the thoughts racing through your mind, and leave you in a relaxed state of bliss and emptiness. Imagine the blissful feeling of being relieved of your other burden, your money. Yes, your money is stress, worry, hassle and a heavy burden to bear. You will find that you will achieve a deeper state of bliss if you allow me to empty your head and empty your wallet. Let’s explore Empty Head Empty Wallet in a little detail…

Empty Head Empty Wallet

As a plus, you will find that my Empty Head Empty Wallet hypno or mind control will arouse you and compel you. You will call me to seek me out for financial domination mind control and hypnosis to give till you are empty, blissed out and completely drained. Don’t fear emptiness, embrace it for its beauty and serenity. You will call me on Niteflirt and I will take over your head and wallet. It will be painless, you will be anesthetized by my hypnotic induction and I will relieve you of all your fears, worries and troubles while I also take away the burden of your money. I will lighten your load, pun intended, and empty your head and empty your wallet. Call now!

5 February, 2012

You are not in control of your cock or puny prick any more.  I am.  I, Miss Kay, own your jerk off joystick and you will only be allowed to cum if and when I command.  And if you don’t, you will be denied.  It’s CoC training time.  You will learn to cum on command for me as one of my Cum on Commandos.   You may also enter into the compelling world of erotic hypnosis with me where I will hypnotize you to cum on command, to cum to a trigger word or a countdown, whatever I choose.  Imagine hearing my seductive countdown:  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  Cum Now!!

>Cum on Command

But I know a secret or two about you, you crave not being in control.   You’ve been jerking your cock or tiny pricklet for years and cumming whenever you want.  No more!   I am more powerful, I am a bitch Goddess and I crave complete cum on command cock control.   You will call me on Niteflirt and beg to be one of my Cum on Command jerk slaves.  Or you will engage in an erotic hypno session where I will rule your subconscious mind and introduce you my Cum on Command cock control hypnosis power.

I may even make you pay for the privilege of being one of my Cum on Commandos.  If you don’t cum, oh well, denial is your reward hahaha.  You will learn to Cum on Command or else be denied an orgasmic release.  You see, Cum on Cummand is a form of chastity and cock control.