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Men know that there is nothing like a strong powerful woman, such as
myself. There is something elusive and fatally attractive about me; I
have always known this and have used it to my advantage in more than one
situation . I have an affinity for money pigs,
especially the ones that know their place beneath the feet of a dominate woman
such as myself. I want to watch as you squirm pathetically beneath the
heels of my brand new diamond studded stiletto’s.

I know how to use my body in a way that will make you weaker than you
have ever known and you will have no other choice but to do exactly
whatever I desire. You will make sure that other women covet my
lifestyle and assure me that they will never achieve the same status as
Miss Kay. I will use and abuse you like no other woman has ever dared
to, simply because I know what a pathetic money slave that you
inherently desire to be. You will be nothing more than a worthless
pay piggy slave to your greedy Money Mistress Kay.

You will grovel at my feet as you wine and dine not only me, but the
countless lovers that I allow to satisfy me sexually. As a worthless
money pig, you will pay heavily for the opportunity to even watch as
one of my lovers ravishes me in just the way that you have always
dreamed. You will feel your cock growing rock hard as you worship me
and shower me with every last dime that you have during our intense and
erotic financial domination phone sex session.

I know some of you might have never tried financial domination before, and I know some of you just don’t understand it at all.
Before I talk about how this recording got written, I want to explain what I think financial domination is.
Money is power, and to some people “that” is the power they want to surrender.
Tribute is just surrendering, so are gifts.
I love it when all of you boys surrender to me.  And I love knowing just what to give you to make your knees buckle and your will melt.
I love making you surrender just as much as you love to surrender.

So on to Financial Aid…

Financial Aid is about me helping you with your money.
I’ve always thought about the power and the stress that money brings.  I know that for some people, they love the idea of being told that they need to tribute and I’m sure after you listen to me, you’ll feel that way too, but wouldn’t it be nice to be understood.
Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to someone that knows just what you;re going through?
I mean it when I say that this is a little bit of therapy.
This is a file designed to help you get what you want
This is what you need to ease all of your stress and all of your worries.
I promise that my technique will carry you away, and you’ll feel so comfortable with me that it will be easy to let go and open yourself up to me.
I know how powerful being understood is so powerful , and I want you to know that I will hypnotize you and I will guide you.

There is a second price point on this file for those of you who want to show me how much you value and appreciate everything that I do for you.  This is for you special boys that want to give me everything, and I hope you buy the version that is just right for you.