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Sleeper Agent 1 and 2 are among my top selling Erotic Hypnosis mp3s. When I receive an email or chat query regarding which hypnosis file I recommend someone explore first, I recommend Sleeper Agent 1 followed by Sleeper Agent 2. Now I present Sleeper Agent 3! This new file in the Sleeper Agent series is 55 minutes long and features Brainwashing, Stupefication, Amnesia, Enslavement, multiple Triggers, a Hypno Game, Deep Trance, Half Trance, Financial Domination, Tributes, Amazon and Edging. My seductive voice along with light background music are sure to enchant you. What makes this audio experience so unique is that the actual experience will last much longer than the running time of the file itself. This is because you will be suspended in a half trance at the close of the recording and invited to interact with me virtually by visiting my blogs, my Twitter, anywhere you can interact with me online to stay focused on me and my power over you.

You will also send multiple Tributes and feel compelled to send an Amazon Gift Card. Yes, this file does focus on Findom. I know some of you don’t enjoy Findom Hypnosis, but it is very popular and of course, it ultimately benefits me, Miss Kay! I invest a lot of time and energy in creating my hypno files and I should be appropriately rewarded. You can experience the bliss of Sleeper Agent 3 by visiting my Hypnosis mp3 Store Hypnotic Mistress and buying this hypno file right now. You can also buy Sleeper Agent 1 and 2 to add the complete series to your collection if you haven’t already!

Sleeper Agent Keri Russell in The Americans

Miss Kay already knows you are planning to shop the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales. Any time you are spending money on gifts or deals for yourself or other women in your life, you should also be spending money on me, your Money Goddess! Whether you spend to send me Amazon eGift Cards, Sephora eGift Cards or Niteflirt Tributes, you will always lavish me with the buying power I crave and deserve. To start my Black Friday with a bang, I am planning to buy a new iPad with your cash.

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Use my Yahoo email address to send me eGift Cards: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

As an alternative, there is another way you can accord me with the funds my beauty and power merit. I know many of you find this time of year particularly stressful. The cure for your holiday stress is blissful relief in hypnotic trance or via erotic stimulation. Head to my store and buy all the sexy recordings and hypnosis files that entice you. You can immediately buy, download and listen to my sexy voice over and over again for maximum relief. Or if you are a member of Niteflirt, you can buy the exact same mp3s at my Niteflirt Goodies store.

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When movies are highly successful, it’s nearly a no brainer for Hollywood studio execs to roll out Part 2 and capitalize on the box office success of those films. And so is the case for Cock Chaser. It is one of my most successful non hypnosis mp3s ever. And so I have rolled out Part 2 for all of you horny Cock Chasers! You don’t necessarily have to listen to Chaser Part 1 to enjoy Part 2, but of course, if you haven’t listened to Part 1, you definitely should! Listening to my forced bi faggot audio recordings should make you become the ultimate Cock Chaser. My seductive voice and mind fuck skills will coerce you to translate your cock chasing fantasies into peak arousal for you secret or not-so-secret fags.

Even though Cock Chaser Part 2 doesn’t feature erotic hypnosis to impart its powerful messages, it uses hypnotic features to draw you in and lock you into your cock obsession. Once you are completely obsessed, there is no going back. You may have seen a term floating around online – ear porn. The Cock Chaser series is ear porn and will arouse your mind and make your dick hard at the same time. If Cock Chaser 2 is as successful as the original mp3, you can expect a trilogy! Cock is the final taboo for most men who have grown tired of vanilla porn and fantasies. Click on the Niteflirt Pay to View button to purchase and download this mp3 or buy it from my Hypnotic- Mistress.com or Kinkbomb store.


You may have heard about the body inflation fetish or inflatables fetish. There are many inflation fetishists who are into putting on special latex inflatable suits or using balloons inserted under a costume or outfit to give their body a pumped up look. For those who enjoy this addictive fetish, they may achieve a powerful orgasm from inflating these suits or even from using something as simple as inflatable butt plugs.

My newest mp3 explores the body inflation fetish. In this aural adventure, the grand finale is an intense orgasmic explosion for the listener. So… if you enjoy this fetish or are curious about it, click to buy my new mp3 now. This mp3 is not a hypno recording. I devised this particular listening experience for conscious minds {wink}. As you know I’m fascinated by unusual fetishes and have produced mp3 files, both erotic hypnosis and direct ear porn to further engage those who want to deepen their unique fetish experience.

With body inflation, people want to feel a flamboyant alteration to their physical selves with new sensations that stimulate their erotic needs. Or they want to embody a larger than life self for wish fulfillment or fantasy play. This fetish is not just pursued by men, there are also many women who enjoy body inflation. Online communities are devoted to this fetish and those who celebrate body inflation. Click now! Download to any device you have that can play an mp3 file such as your smart phone, computer, mp3 player or tablet.


If you need a quick Femdom fix, I just produced a non hypno mp3 on the female domination boxing fetish titled TKO. If any Call Miss Kay blog followers or Miss Kay audio aficionados remember, a few months ago, I produced a popular hypnosis recording on the agonophilia boxing fetish. After I released that recording, I had multiple requests to produce an agonophilia non-hypnosis mp3 and this is it!

Reinforce your desire to submit to me. Listening to an mp3 in a conscious state can act as the psychological reinforcement you subliminally need. You can also listen to this intense recording if you need to be put in your place as a literal “loser”. Feel your power draining while your arousal amplifies. Further, this recording includes elements of humiliation if you enjoy verbal humiliation. When I conceive my audio recordings, I love to weave kinky themes together in a provocative way. I’m a powerful Femdom boxer. In real life, boxing is my hobby and outlet for my physical domination needs. So, you can see, this is not just a fantasy to me, but a consummate passion.

I produce both hypnosis and non-hypnosis mp3 recordings for those who enjoy erotic hypnosis and those who enjoy ear porn. When you buy this TKO recording, you will own it forever and you can listen to it on any of your devices that play mp3’s. If you want a custom mp3 recorded for you incorporating your fetish or fantasy, be in touch with me via email for my rates: CallMissKay@yahoo.com … or call me on Niteflirt to discuss the details.