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In my newest MP3 ear porn,you will be playing my Financial Domination Game. The Game seems very simple, but sometimes the simplest of Games are the most complex, because you don’t realize you’ve been drawn into a game and seduced into complete money slavery from which there is no escape! In this MP3, I don’t use hypno techniques per se, instead I use suggestive techniques which are very powerful and compelling. If financial domination or complete ruination are your fetishes or fantasies you want to bring to realities, then you don’t want to miss listening to my MP3 ear porn and playing my Financial Domination Game.

Have you been looking to be enslaved and owned financially by a beautiful Femdom? In this FinDom MP3 Game, I’m going to be completely upfront, I will take over your finances, I will own you. Ha! I bet you started to get hard just thinking about being my pathetic moneypig. Now is the time to click the button and start your journey to financial enslavement or total financial ruination. Once you pay for your MP3 via Niteflirt, you will automatically receive the link to download the MP3 ear porn file. You will own this MP3 and you can listen to it over and over, to reinforce your enslavement, to trance out on my voice. You can also call me live on Niteflirt to deepen your submission to a superior Goddess or click one of my tribute buttons to show me that you are indeed my moneypiggie.

camaro 2ss

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Miss Kay needs a hot new ride for 2011 and beyond! Specifically, a new Chevy Camaro 2ss. I haven’t picked my color yet, sometimes I like red, then I like blue. Should I get the racing stripes? The salesman was very excited while we were going for a zippy test drive in a new black Camaro, since I wore the shortest of skirts and a cleavage popping skimpy top. Can you picture me cruising around in a new Camaro? Well stop picturing and start making it a reality, moneyslave bitches! Click on my Miss Kay’s CAMARO DRIVE tribute button, in fact click on it over and over. Click till I have all the cash I need for my new Camaro! Click the Camaro above for $50 Tribute or use one of the CAMARO DRIVE tribute buttons below to donate more car pay piggies!


I keep playing my favorite Camaro songs on my iPod. But I can’t wait to play them while I’m driving in my new Camaro. Songs like Camaro by Kings of Leon, they rock! My next favorite Camaro cruising song? Go Lil Camaro Go by The Ramones ! If there was a Camaro hottie contest, you know I would win hands down or rather, windows down in my new Camaro 2ss. Where should I take my Camaro on its first drive, besides the beach? I know, Vegas! I’d love to drive it 90 mph all the way to Sin City, Las Vegas. You know I could just talk my way out of any speeding tickets or hypnotize the patrolmen with my huge DD breasts. So click my CAMARO DRIVE tribute button now.


Charlie Sheen is on a very extravagant and flashy money slave binge.  He doesn’t hand over the cash to his Mistresses discreetly.  He likes to make a big splash spoiling his Mistresses with his television show and movie star cash.  And Miss Kay thinks he should he should get even splashier!   Miss Kay would like to take Charlie Sheen on the Financial Domination ride of his life.  Recently, rich money piggie Charlie gave porn starlet cutie Capri Anderson $12,000, petite porn star Kacey Jordan $30,000, and he gifted his two current Goddesses, model Natalie Kenly and porn star Rachel Oberlin, a/k/a Bree Olsen, with sleek and sexy Mercedes SL  63 AMG roadsters (valued at $66,000 each).  Plus his gorgeous Goddesses are paid nice big fat Goddess tributes just to grace him with their stunning presence!    This is the life for Miss Kay!  But, bitchy Miss Kay would like to take Mr. Moneypig for more than all of these amateur porn stars and models combined.  Financial Domme Miss Kay has far more wallet raping experience with wimpy, spendy money piggies.   With Miss Kay’s bewitching beauty, big hypnotic breasts and Amazonian power, Charlie Sheen would be immediately vanquished, hypnotized and would be at Miss Kay’s feet, writing checks for huge sums of money, handing her his black American Express Card with half million dollar credit line and buying Miss Kay whatever expensive sports car her wicked heart desires.   Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you or your wallet!   Any man can become Miss Kay’s money slave…

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

Many of my Niteflirt callers and admirers have been begging me for a Stroke and Pay Game for a while now.  Since there are so many of Stroke and Pay games already on Niteflirt, I decided to design a PTV game far more deliciously compelling and clever:

Stroke for Broke.  If you’re into Financial Domination with detailed JOI :: jerk-off instructions :: then you will love my Stroke for Broke game.   While this isn’t a video game, my game features creative and sexy interactivity which I know you’ll relish.  It’s the next best thing to me being there and playing with you!   And while I can’t reveal the game secrets, I will be there {wink}.  At each level of my game, you will need to make a critical decision.  This isn’t just a simple wap wap wap Stroke and Pay game.   You will find out, when you play my game, what makes my game innovative and different from other Pay to View games on Niteflirt.

Since I’m not available to control you live 24/7, this game is the perfect indulgence for you anytime you need me.   And let’s face it, sometimes you have the privacy to stroke, but not to call me!  So my game is perfect for times like that!  You can also play it multiple times with different outcomes.  Intrigued?   Are financial domination and cock control fetishes you love to indulge?  Do you enjoy when a dominant woman takes control over you and your orgasm?  Do you crave an inventive and wicked wallet rape?   Then you’ve found the button you need to click to satisfy your craving.  Click my Stroke for Broke Game button now and begin your adventure with me!

It should excite and arouse you to spend money on me.  While it may be money you’ve earned or available credit granted to you on your credit card, it’s really mine, and you know, without any doubt or hesitation that I deserve it!   While you may have another fetish on which you spend money to indulge, it’s time to distill that fetish to the bottom line:  giving money to me, a dominant Goddess, is what really arouses you.

So now it’s time to pull out your credit card and open up your Niteflirt account page.  Add more money to your account to spend on me.  It should excite you to see this money in your account, which in a few clicks, will be mine!  Click to call me if I’m available for call sessions and confess your craving for financial domination or even more insidious, financial ruination.  If I’m not available, click on one of my tribute buttons or visit my Wish List here on my site. 

As you know from reading my blog or if you’ve ever served me in any way, I am very knowledgeable about fetishes of all kinds, from the more common fetishes to the more unusual and complex fetishes.   Those of you who truly wish to explore or who are aroused by financial domination as a fetish and not just a fantasy, will be thrilled to serve me financially.  I have also devised an intriguing Financial Domination Game: Stroke for Broke! I know you can’t wait to play!


1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)-0377-9484 *Vote every link on my site*

I want to thank money pet j for his early Christmas gift, the early money bird always gets  my attention. For all those money subbies that are not familiar with my amazon gift list go check it out….It has what I want at least for right now…I am working on mp3’s writing script’s looking forward to recording them. I will also offer custom recordings so you can live out your fantasy listing to me giving you directions and guidance. I will also be adding additional gift card options such amex , visa and master card. This way I can have gift cards that are usable every were. Since I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and panama in the near future.I love blue oceans and sandy white beach’s.
Miss Kay
1-800-TO-FLIRT 0377-9484