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Here’s how I, Miss Kay, spent my exciting summer! I took a lavish vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico with a few of my sexy girlfriends where we enjoyed the sun, swimming, boating, jet skiing, dining, spa time and of course, the most important endeavor of all, shopping! I also traveled around California on shorter trips in my Camaro convertible with one of my girlfriends who lives the life of luxury like I do. Sometimes you don’t appreciate your own state, its natural beauty, until you focus on it! And natural beauty includes all the designer boutiques that we shopped at! I took a break from recording new erotic hypnosis files, but plan to get back into my recording studio really soon. The next big event in my life is my birthday which is coming up in a matter of weeks! Make my birthday an amazing blowout of Gift Cards and Tributes! I can’t wait to go shopping for my birthday… And blow out all the candles on my cake!

Miss Kay Birthday Blowout

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Use my email address to send me eGift Cards: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

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Miss Kay Hawaii Vacation

Happy Birthday to Miss Kay! Miss Kay’s birthday is October 13th, but Miss Kay needs to book her flight and hotels very soon for her planned birthday vacation adventure to wild Waikiki with her girlfriends. Picture Miss Kay right here in Hawaii (see the photo!). You should be putting Miss Kay in the picture by tributing her with Travelocity eGift Cards, American Express eGift Cards to cover her airfare, hotels, meals, night life partying. Miss Kay follows her horoscope and her Libra star sign forecast is telling her to be adventurous and to travel to an exotic location. How can Miss Kay refuse the destiny the stars are telling her to fulfill? Miss Kay has always been into astrology and her horoscope has never been wrong. So make this birthday travel adventure to Hawaii for Miss Kay and her girlfriends more memorable than any birthday ever.

Miss Kay also needs some sexy new bikinis and beach sandals to be the hottest bitch on the beach, so click to send her eGift Cards to Macy’s and Zappo’s. Miss Kay would also love to go out in style to Waikiki night clubs wearing the lowest cut mini-dresses to show off her Double D’s and gorgeous legs. Click to send Miss Kay a Nordstrom’s eGift Card. Sending an eGift Card to Miss Kay is easy. Just click on any (or all!) of the links and buy an eGift Card to send to Miss Kay at CallMissKay@yahoo.com — Sending an eGift Card is completely anonymous and discreet. Say Happy Birthday to Miss Kay now, you know Miss Kay deserves this dream vacation and you should make it possible!