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Men have always been helplessly fascinated by me.  This fascination has fed my power.   Power and beauty have shaped me into the supreme Femdom that I am.   Living in California, and being drop-dead gorgeous, I am continually approached by men in perceived positions of corporate power who either offer me work in the entertainment industry or who want to be my Sugar Daddy.  I just laugh at their offers and instead, I turn these men into my groveling submissives.  I find their needs, their weaknesses, their fetishes and I use all of these to control them. 

Most of my submissives have confessed to me that I am the ultimate Mistress, beyond imagination, beyond their wildest fantasies or dreams.  Try as hard they might, they can never get me out of their minds.  My secret?  I practice mind control, I have reprogrammed men to discover pleasure in their submission, in servitude and in worshipping me.  Men who just jerk their pathetic cocks to porn, desperate for something more, know when they have found what they have been unequivocally searching for.   A Goddess.   Above mere men.  Welcome to my world.  

Fetish Phone Sex | Giantess Fantasy | Vore| Hypnosis | Financial Domination | Mind Fucking

In my world, no fetish is too freakish.  In my world you will confess your most wicked fetishes or fantasies.  I am a gentle or destructive Giantess, depending on my mood.  I practice Vore (voraphilia), yes, I would consume you!   I am a bewitching hypnotist and have perfected the art of Breast Hypnosis

I am also exceptionally skilled in Financial Domination.  Financial Domination is not just a phone sex game as is far too common now on the internet.   If you session with me, you will find out just what will happen to your money.  Rather, my money!  You will become so aroused and so weak knowing that a beautiful and devious Femdom could drain you dry, wallet rape you, penetrate the depth of you mind, twisting and manipulating you.  I won’t just take from you, I will make you beg me to accept your gifts.  You will be mind fucked and fucked and fucked over.  I show no mercy

Cuckold Phone Sex | Small Cock Humiliation | Sissy Training | Strap-on Play

In my world, you will become what I want:  a subbie, cuck, sissy, money or fetish slave or whatever else I desire.  I have a lust for huge cocks and humiliate men who are underhung.  Small cock humiliation is one of my kicks and I turn small cock losers into my cuckolds.  I set all the rules in a cuckold relationship, and if you are into cuckolding, you will follow those rules if you want to be my good little cucky boy.  This will include fluffing, serving me and my studs and having a cumslut’s passion for creampies.   I also train little sissies and turn them into Barbies, ruffle princesses, brainwashed bimbos.   Whether it’s a fantasy phone sex call or real transformation into a complete femme, you will become my sissy girl.  I also like to wield my strap-ons and have a collection of different sizes and colors to play with when I take control and show you who owns your holes.  Especially if you’re a sissy who needs to be broken in before you’re pimped out or if you need to just be shown “who’s the boss” and bend over and take it.        

Cock Control Phone Sex | Ballbusting | Slavery | Role Play

In my world, your cock is my toy, I own your cock, I control it.  Chastity, pain, edging and pleasure are mine to inflict or indulge.   You don’t deserve to have control over your cock anyway, you are way to compulsive about playing with your cock.  It’s time to surrender control and see how I will change your focus.  Your focus will become all about me, not about you.   

Ballbusting is another “kick” of mine, pun intended.  I love busting a slut’s nuts, and seeing him bobble like a bowling pin before he tumbles to the floor, screaming in pain.  Want to see if you can take it?  Be ready for extreme Ballbusting Phone Sex.  Play my Magazine Game here on my Blog if you want a taste of how sadistic I can be when it comes to CBT.

If you desire pure servitude and enslavement instead, I know how to mold you into the perfect, obedient submissive.  I will subtly tease out those hidden desires and show you how to be a true subbie.  Worshipping a Goddess isn’t just about obeying commands with an automatic, “Yes, Mistress”, it’s about being fully invested as my sub, with your mind, body and soul.  I will enslave you, I will own you.  You will be mine.

Craving an interactive role play?  Phone sex role plays are creative ways to explore our fetishes, fantasies and desires.  I am a skillful role player and invite you to call me to see what you’ve been missing!

My website is a portal, a glimpse, a doorway into my world.  How else would you have found me?   Now you must call me for the full Miss Kay experience…

Now kneel and bow to your Mistress.

Miss Kay’s* Where Good Boys Go Bad– 1-800-TO-FLIRT » EXT. 03024582