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You aren’t feeling like much of a man are you? When you look at yourself naked you see useless ‘nads and a pathetic penis. You’re a poor excuse for a male! Can’t you feel the shame?!? Well, I have the solution for that and it isn’t whipping you into shape, because that won’t do anything to make you more well-equipped and manly. Actually, bitchboy, I have three solutions. When you call me, I’ll decide what solution is best for you. I may decide to take away your useless winky, dinky balls or all three! And then of course, I’ll own you as my eunuch slave or robotic Ken doll, programmed to do whatever I say.

I know you can’t wait to hear what fate I have in store for you. After I find out just how much of a loser you are and how you can no longer go on living a lie as a man… Maybe then you can properly worship me, your Goddess, rather than jerking off all the time. While you may beg me to put you in chastity, I will! But it will be permanent chastity! It’s time to cut off your balls, believe it when I say I will castrate you. You might still be able to get your peen erect, but you will never have an orgasm again! Or I might decide to emasculate you and cut off your penis! You’ll still have your balls and what little testosterone they spew, but you’ll never be able to jerk again! And the most evil choice is that I could also turn you into my completely sexless Ken doll , without any male anatomy, and then I will reprogram you to be my enslaved bitch.

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