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Jail House Chastity Device




I know how compulsive you chastity slaves are, even when you lock up your own cock in a chastity device.  If you still have the key, what’s the point?  It’s just play chastity, not real chastity.  You can merely unlock your horny little cock anytime you want and tug away.   I will be putting a stop to all this compulsive masturbation behavior, stroker boys.  I will be your keyholder and keep the keys.   I will decide when you deserve to have them mailed back to you so you can have a little “release” time.  Keyholding is not a free service.  I charge $200 per month as my fee to be your keyholder.  If you need special mailing service such as Fed Ex Overnite or international mailing for the keys to be dispatched back to you, there will be fees in addition for my time and expense.

 Orgasms are a privilege you will earn.  The longer you are in chastity, the more submissive and obedient you will become.  I will hold the power and control over your cock as I will hold the keys.  You will know true chastity the minute you mail your keys to me and pay your fee and realize that you are no longer in control of your own cock!  I don’t care if you have an emergency such as a doctor’s visit or unexpected business travel.  You will only be allowed to unlock if you have earned a release.  You can just go with your cock locked!
5 February, 2012

You are not in control of your cock or puny prick any more.  I am.  I, Miss Kay, own your jerk off joystick and you will only be allowed to cum if and when I command.  And if you don’t, you will be denied.  It’s CoC training time.  You will learn to cum on command for me as one of my Cum on Commandos.   You may also enter into the compelling world of erotic hypnosis with me where I will hypnotize you to cum on command, to cum to a trigger word or a countdown, whatever I choose.  Imagine hearing my seductive countdown:  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  Cum Now!!

>Cum on Command

But I know a secret or two about you, you crave not being in control.   You’ve been jerking your cock or tiny pricklet for years and cumming whenever you want.  No more!   I am more powerful, I am a bitch Goddess and I crave complete cum on command cock control.   You will call me on Niteflirt and beg to be one of my Cum on Command jerk slaves.  Or you will engage in an erotic hypno session where I will rule your subconscious mind and introduce you my Cum on Command cock control hypnosis power.

I may even make you pay for the privilege of being one of my Cum on Commandos.  If you don’t cum, oh well, denial is your reward hahaha.  You will learn to Cum on Command or else be denied an orgasmic release.  You see, Cum on Cummand is a form of chastity and cock control.








22 October, 2011
Jail House Chastity Device

There is no doubt that all sissies, cuckies and compulsive prick pullers should be put in chastity. But in the newest mp3 audio file in my ear porn collection, I also explore why Chastity is also a form of cock control and devotion. I seductively implore and demand you surrender your cock to me and let me lock it up in a cock cage. This new mp3 engages you in erotic Chastity. Listen and have your Chastity device ready to use or fantasize about how I will control your cock and orgasms by keeping your cock locked.

After you listen to my new Chastity mp3, you will be compelled to call me live on Niteflirt to explore your chaste desires in a phone sex session. You may also be compelled to call me to explore Chastity Hypnosis where I hypnotize you not to touch your cock unless I give you permission. I will have complete control over your erotic being. You will surrender to me that deeply if you give yourself to me during an erotic hypnosis session.

This Chastity mp3 is an audio file you will download once you click the button and buy it. You will own this mp3 file and you will be able to play it whenever you want. This is not a Niteflirt phone recording you will have to pay per minute to listen to. I have many erotic mp3 files here in my collection, indulge in my Chastity mp3 file now and check out my others to fulfill your erotic listening needs.

24 September, 2011

Symptoms:  Compulsive masturbation, porn addiction, staring at pictures and videos of hot chicks or porn stars on the internet for hours, staring at hot girls in real life and putting them in your spank bank for later, over-enjoyment of masturbation to the point where you’d rather masturbate to your fetish or fantasy than have sex with your girlfriend, wife or even a hooker.

Treatment:  Chastity.  You will go cold turkey on masturbating!  That’s right jerkers, I will lock up your dick and keep it locked up in a chastity device until I decide you deserve a release.   Sometimes I will just make you milk your prostate with a dildo or prostate milker, relieve the pent up pressure and wait till I decide you’ve done enough for me, groveled, begged, proved that you have earned your pathetic orgasm.  Why do I say your orgasm is pathetic?  Think about it, it only lasts about 10 seconds!  All that time, all those hours you’ve spent getting aroused, masturbating, for what, a 10 second spurt!

Locked up by Miss Kay!
Program:  You will be be serving me, Miss Kay, and putting your formerly compulsive sexual energy to work by calling me on Niteflirt and doing paid assignments for me.  I didn’t say Chastity would be easy, quitting an addiction never is, but you will feel like a new world has opened up to you.  A world of freedom from your masturbation and porn addiction!  A world where you will devote yourself to your Goddess, Miss Kay!