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Financial domination should excite a submissive at the subliminal level. Being a money slave should be an omnipresent fetish, not just a passing fancy. In my newest financial domination erotic hypnosis file, Money Minion, I mind crush men into becoming totally bound to me financially. This isn’t just a fantasy, this is your new reality as a hypnotized money piggie. Your mind will be zeroed out and then you will take a deep plunge into trance where I transform you into my obedient minion. If you fear your life will be irrevocably changed after listening to my hypno mp3, it will! I use a very subversive induction and deepener with a whisper track to compel you to do my bidding. Your mind will become so aroused, you will be helpless not to obey.

I don’t believe in casual financial domination, meaning that you call me or tribute me when the mood strikes you to play. My file will reorient your mind so that you will be driven to tribute, driven to serve. Of course, you will be helpless, because I will have penetrated your brain and warped your mind to meet my desires. You will no longer serve other financial dommes as your entire focus will be on me and keeping me esconced in the lifestyle I deserve. I have always detested the fickle money piglet, flitting around from domme to domme. So, part of the reason why I crafted this file, was to eliminate this pathetic serial behavior. Now, you must buy this file, download and listen. I will await my first tribute from you immediately thereafter.


I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. My eventual plan is to marry a wealthy man in the classic definition of being a beautiful and scheming fortune hunter, and with my seductive beauty, there is no doubt I will make this happen. I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. . Small Tributes are an insult to me, an elite Financial Domme. Click my Tribute buttons on my website and on my Niteflirt listings. Prove you are worthy of being in my hand-picked harem of money slaves. Only those deemed worthy will be privileged to call themselves my fortune hunter pay pigs. It is a duty to serve under me. Open those wallets money piggies, because money doesn’t send itself. Fall short of serving me financially and you will be summarily dismissed. As a fortune hunter, I have a strong and ruthless hunting instinct. Like a hunter honing in on her prey, I smell money and money is the lust that drives me to hunt. Now, it’s time to play one of my Money Games or buy one of my Financial Domination mp3 audio files, if you have not served me before, or even if you have, buy another and another. You can never spend enough or give enough to me, Miss Kay, Fortune Hunter. If you see that I am available live, then click to call me on Niteflirt for live financial domination sessions, raise the rate calls and erotic hypnosis findom calls.

17 September, 2012

My birthday is coming up on October 13th and I’m going to tell you how you can blow out my candles on my cake by buying me prezzies for my birthday, clicking on my Tributes buttons, buying my mp3 audio files or calling me on Niteflirt before my birthday and leaving me a $$$ tip after our phone sex call. I want this to be my best birthday ever, even better than my birthday last year, when I made all of my slaves and subbies send me to Waikiki, Hawaii for a wild birthday vacation. I didn’t have to spend a dime! My entire vacation was paid for including airfare, hotel room, fine dining, clubbing and sexy things to wear. So this year I am expecting lots of eGiftCards from my online eGiftCard “Click & Shop” mini-mall where you can click to send me eGiftCards to my favorite stores. You can also buy my erotic hypnosis recordings or play some of my wicked games that I have devised from my Games page.

Since you can’t come to my birthday party, the only thing you can do is be my birthday bitch. I want to brag to all of my girlfriends what my birthday bitches got me: Cash, eGiftCards, Tips, Tributes. I want them to be impressed and well, jealous! Since you can’t spend my birthday with me, you can spend it on me. Besides… my personal Libra horoscope says that this will be an amazing year for me and I can’t wait to start it on October 13th.


24 June, 2012

You’ve heard of Gay for Pay in porn I’m sure… It’s when straight porn actors do gay sex scenes only for the money. Well now, I, Miss Kay, have a new game called Pay for Gay and it involves gay sex and money! You will be doing gay sex and paying me! Every time you go to the gloryhole or sexstore to suck cock, you will be sending me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more for the privilege of sucking cock for your supreme Goddess. Do you think you get to suck cock and have gay sex for free?? No!! And every time you run an ad or answer an ad on Craigslist or Backpage or any other men for men or gay sex ads, you will send me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more to my email address: callmisskay@yahoo.com. It’s a privilege to have a Goddess presiding over your gay sexcapades, and having gay sex with other men isn’t free, you fags, so pay up like good little cocksuckers should.

I know so many of you just go out and suck cock or even get fucked in your pussy asses, and you think you can just give it away for free? That’s not the way it works. You are being given the privilege of sucking cock and going gay for me, and the privilege comes with a price of $50 or more to me, Miss Kay. So if you want to go Pay for Gay, get out your credit card, pay your Amazon eGift Card privilege tax and call me on Niteflirt to tell me about your gay sexcapades.

I know that all you money slaves want to do is keep Miss Kay happy. With that in mind, I do have a confession to make. I have a bit of a fetish – not for little prick dicks like yours. I like my men full and hard, not that you piggies could relate to that. My fetish is for handbags – pretty little purses where I can hold all my toys. The smell of the soft leather, brand new and off the shelf just gets me wet! You want to make me wet, don’t you? Of course you do, my little money pigs. Well, the only way that you’re ever going to be able to get me dripping is by buying me handbags.
Looking down and seeing that purse being held in my hands always reminds me of the naughty piggies who purchased them for me. The easiest way for my slaves to get me to even spend a second of my time thinking about them is by getting me Amazon gift cards. No way that I would trust a filthy pig like you to pick out my bags. I make the final decisions, and you supply the cash that will buy me the purse. In fact, I’ve already picked out a few on my Amazon Wish List that you can purchase for me. You see, I make it quite easy to please me. The rest is up to you.
What would please me the most, though, would be if you purchased the gift cards for Miss Kay. That way I can pick the perfect bag that will always make me think of you. The more expensive the bag, the happier you’ll make me, and the more time you’ll be on my mind. So be a good little prissy pig and click the link below.

Men know that there is nothing like a strong powerful woman, such as
myself. There is something elusive and fatally attractive about me; I
have always known this and have used it to my advantage in more than one
situation . I have an affinity for money pigs,
especially the ones that know their place beneath the feet of a dominate woman
such as myself. I want to watch as you squirm pathetically beneath the
heels of my brand new diamond studded stiletto’s.

I know how to use my body in a way that will make you weaker than you
have ever known and you will have no other choice but to do exactly
whatever I desire. You will make sure that other women covet my
lifestyle and assure me that they will never achieve the same status as
Miss Kay. I will use and abuse you like no other woman has ever dared
to, simply because I know what a pathetic money slave that you
inherently desire to be. You will be nothing more than a worthless
pay piggy slave to your greedy Money Mistress Kay.

You will grovel at my feet as you wine and dine not only me, but the
countless lovers that I allow to satisfy me sexually. As a worthless
money pig, you will pay heavily for the opportunity to even watch as
one of my lovers ravishes me in just the way that you have always
dreamed. You will feel your cock growing rock hard as you worship me
and shower me with every last dime that you have during our intense and
erotic financial domination phone sex session.

5 February, 2012

It’s time to empty your head (both of them – wink wink) and empty your wallet. You will feel so weak in my presence, so weak under my hypnotic, seductive powers that I will empty your brain of all your burdens. Imagine the peacefulness as I drain all the stress, wipe away all the worries, remove all the thoughts racing through your mind, and leave you in a relaxed state of bliss and emptiness. Imagine the blissful feeling of being relieved of your other burden, your money. Yes, your money is stress, worry, hassle and a heavy burden to bear. You will find that you will achieve a deeper state of bliss if you allow me to empty your head and empty your wallet. Let’s explore Empty Head Empty Wallet in a little detail…

Empty Head Empty Wallet

As a plus, you will find that my Empty Head Empty Wallet hypno or mind control will arouse you and compel you. You will call me to seek me out for financial domination mind control and hypnosis to give till you are empty, blissed out and completely drained. Don’t fear emptiness, embrace it for its beauty and serenity. You will call me on Niteflirt and I will take over your head and wallet. It will be painless, you will be anesthetized by my hypnotic induction and I will relieve you of all your fears, worries and troubles while I also take away the burden of your money. I will lighten your load, pun intended, and empty your head and empty your wallet. Call now!

Miss Kay Tribute

It’s only days away, 33 days to be exact, till Miss Kay takes off for Waikiki. Miss Kay’s birthday and Hawaii trip are coming up in October (October 13th) and all of you need to make this the hottest trip and best birthday for Miss Kay ever! So far, a few of Miss Kay’s special sissies and devoted slaves have gifted Miss Kay with some spendy eGift Cards including two Nordstrom’s eGift Cards, a Zappos eGift Card, a Macy’s eGift Card and a Victoria’s Secret eGift Card — which wasn’t even on Miss Kay’s list, but the sissy wanted to make sure Miss Kay had some new hot Victoria’s Secret lingerie for her birthday vacation.

Miss Kay admirers, all you have to do is click on one of the eGift Card links on the Say Aloha to Your Money list below and enter Miss Kay’s email address:


and make your eGift Card purchase. Buying an eGift Card is totally discreet and the only info that appears on your credit card statement is a purchase from the store or website name. Miss Kay absolutely needs Travelocity eGift Cards and Amex eGift Cards for her airfare and hotel, so get clicky now!

Miss Kay’s Say Aloha to Your Money eGift Card List!

Travelocity eGift Cards
American Express eGift Cards

14 August, 2011

Christmas in July may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on for those who worship and adore me, Miss Kay. This recent Christmas in July was the merriest ever, so many gifties disappeared from my special Amazon Wish List and reappeared at my front door. For August and beyond, how can you stay in the spirit of giving to your Goddess? I’ll tell you exactly how you can keep on giving. Three words: Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon Gift Cards are perfect, since I can apply them to my Amazon account and save up for a mega purchase like new furniture. New furniture is definitely on my mind, but I haven’t decided which specific pieces yet as I’m consulting with one of my girlfriends who is an interior designer. Amazon sells furniture and just about everything you can think of that a Goddess needs. Make it happen. Show your adoration by clicking on the Amazon Gift Card below and sending an Amazon Gift Card to me via email. Let me reassure you, Amazon Gift Cards are completely anonymous, they are sent directly from Amazon.com email and all I will see is the name you choose to reveal as the sender of the card. Yes, you can use your slave name or money piggie nickname to send an Amazon Gift Card and you can also write me a personalized message as well. I know some of you need absolute discretion and Amazon.com purchases are not a red flag to the wife or girlfriend who might be snooping over your credit card statement. So click now and be sure to enter my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Amazon.com Gift Card

It’s Christmas in July for Miss Kay and you will either be playing Santa by helping me celebrate this sizzling hot weather holiday with some cool prezzies from my Amazon Wish List! …Or if you’re a little piggy bank slave, then you will get clicky and send me triple digit Tributes. …Or if you’re a Financial Domination slut, then you will be playing one or all of my Financial Domination Games and drain your wallet for me!

Christmas in July is about the spirit of giving to Miss Kay, because you know I deserve everything I want! I’ve expanded by Amazon Wish List tor this holiday month and nothing will excite me more than to see items on my Wish List showing as “Purchased” and knowing that in a few days thereafter, the UPS truck will be pulling up with my special gifts from you. And also, you know it will excite
you to give presents or money to your Goddess.

In ancient times, worshipful admirers bestowed gifts to their favorite Goddess at her temple, so you will be carrying on in the historical tradition of worshiping a powerful, supreme Goddess and gifting her as she demands. Often, cataclysmic events were blamed on angry Goddesses who had not been shown enough Tribute! So make this the best Xmas in July for Miss Kay, ever…Don’t disappoint me as I know other Flirts are raking in the prezzies and Tributes.

So click on my Amazon Wish List button and buy some gifts to show your devotion or click on one of my Tribute Buttons or play one of my Financial Domination Games now!

Buy my Christmas in July mp3 to find out exactly how to please me for this summer holiday as well as to stroke to my Gift and Tribute instructions. If giving gifts or tributes of money excites you, this mp3 will especially appeal to you. Or if you are intrigued by Goddess or Femdom mind control, this mp3 is a must as I take complete control and give you a mantra that you make you helpless and force you to follow my command!