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10 March, 2014


With the success of my first Money Minions hypnosis file which left so many of my devoted minions begging for even more, I decided to make Money Minions into a compelling Financial Domination hypnosis trilogy. Each hypno file in the Money Minions series will progressively build on the previous Findom mp3, although the mesmerizing audio files can be listened to individually as well. This blog post debuts Money Minions 2 – a Femdom Erotic Hypnosis mp3 recording that will be pure ear candy for little pay piggies. Money Minions 2 is wicked and intense and features an incredible financial mindfucking that will leave you human ATMs melted down like molten metal. This file will feed your mind control Findomme fetish and will focus your financial servitude on me and me only as your exclusive Money Domme.

Money Minions 2 explores hardcore blackmail and ultimate ruination if you do not obey my absolute Money Domme demands. Make no mistake before you listen to this hypno mp3, I am a greedy bitch and I will take everything that I deserve. You will listen to Money Minions 2 and you will realize that you must make sacrifices to please me and that there will be consequences otherwise. I know Money Minions 2 will leave you breathless for more financial domination hypnosis. Money Minions 3 will be produced shortly in my home recording studio and will be even more brutal than Money Minions 2. However, you must listen to Money Minions 2 for the hypnotic financial reprogramming and reconditioning that you crave right now. This file is 50:00 mins long with binaural beats and a whisper track … $49.99

17 December, 2013


It’s time to spoil me for Xmas. I demand all of my loyal slaves and subbies to Tribute me on Niteflirt, send me an eGiftCard to Amazon or buy some prezzies from my Amazon Wish List. If you forget about me on the ultimate gift-giving holiday, I will most likely block you on Niteflirt, until I see an Amazon Gift Certificate in my email inbox at callmisskay@yahoo.com or see that special items from my Wish List have been purchased by you to make up for being a miserly Scrooge instead of a generous St. Nick. You need to prove just how special I am to you as your Femdom. Spending money and buying gifts proves that you might possibly be worthy of my time and attention.

Goddesses as beautiful as I am have a right to be greedy and demanding especially at Xmas. And if you think I don’t know that when you buy something from my Wish List or Tribute me or send me an Amazon eGiftCard that you aren’t getting aroused by spending money on me, think again. I know how you get hard instantaneously at the mere thought of spending money on me or calling me on Niteflirt. And it should doubly arouse you to lavish me with cash or bling at Christmastime. Stop reading my blog and click to Tribute me or click over to my Amazon Wish List now. Let’s see who my spendiest slave or subbie will be this Xmas season!


I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. My eventual plan is to marry a wealthy man in the classic definition of being a beautiful and scheming fortune hunter, and with my seductive beauty, there is no doubt I will make this happen. I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. . Small Tributes are an insult to me, an elite Financial Domme. Click my Tribute buttons on my website and on my Niteflirt listings. Prove you are worthy of being in my hand-picked harem of money slaves. Only those deemed worthy will be privileged to call themselves my fortune hunter pay pigs. It is a duty to serve under me. Open those wallets money piggies, because money doesn’t send itself. Fall short of serving me financially and you will be summarily dismissed. As a fortune hunter, I have a strong and ruthless hunting instinct. Like a hunter honing in on her prey, I smell money and money is the lust that drives me to hunt. Now, it’s time to play one of my Money Games or buy one of my Financial Domination mp3 audio files, if you have not served me before, or even if you have, buy another and another. You can never spend enough or give enough to me, Miss Kay, Fortune Hunter. If you see that I am available live, then click to call me on Niteflirt for live financial domination sessions, raise the rate calls and erotic hypnosis findom calls.

Greeting little cash piggies and money slaves. It’s time for a lesson in financial reprogramming. I know you have little spending habits that if all were added up by the end of the month, well, that money should be going to ME instead. You don’t really didn’t need the coffee from Starbucks every morning did you, that money should have gone to Miss Kay! How dare you spend MY money on your compulsive little spending habits. Did you forget your only habit and duty is making ME happy? So from now on, absolutely no more spending money on nasty little habits, impulse purchases, splurges, no more money leaks down the financial drain. I’m the only one permitted to drain your money, actually, MY money. No Ventis at Starbucks, no chips and dip while you watch sports, in fact no upgraded cable tv sports packages like NFL Ticket, no porn site memberships, no using the car wash when you can wash your own car, I know the hundreds of dollars you spend on such stupid things! Turn your attention to something far more valuable, me, Ms. Kay, and spend MY money where it is deserved. Because if and when I learn that you burned MY money on some ridiculous thing like manly sports for you weak wimps or internet porn for your jerk off addicts, you will feel MY wrath!

Miss Kay

You will feel far more satisfaction giving money to your Money Goddess and in keeping ME pleased, living the life of luxury I deserve while you live a more spartan lifestyle of sacrifice and duty as my pay piggies! You should be buying my MP3s, calling me on Niteflirt, clicking my Tribute buttons, buying my PTV games and sending me eGiftCards!

It’s so deliciously evil and erotic, you should be aroused at the temptation of listening to my newest hypnosis audio file. Blackmail and Ruination are explored at the deepest level of your subconscious mind, where you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or if all of this is really happening to you. If you enjoy blackmail, ruination or financial domination, my newest erotic hypnosis audio file is a must-listen. Some of my devoted fans already begged and paid a sizable tribute to listen to my new blackmail hypno mp3 before I debuted it here on my site. They have been totally entranced, just like you will be, from the moment I take you under my spell, and don’t release you till I’ve taken exactly what I want from you.

If you enjoy live hypnosis, I also do live erotic hypnosis calls on Niteflirt. And not just hypnosis, but real blackmail where you will be totally ruined, no mercy, no going back. The risk is yours. The reward is mine! If you have never called me or listened to any of my audio files, you should click to buy my blackmail hypnosis mp3 now. This could be the beginning of everything you have ever feared and desired, coming true. I also have a full collection erotic hypnosis mp3 files for you to listen to. And once you buy these audio files, you can download them to your computer or mp3 player or smart phone, so you can listen to them over and over.

I know that all you money slaves want to do is keep Miss Kay happy. With that in mind, I do have a confession to make. I have a bit of a fetish – not for little prick dicks like yours. I like my men full and hard, not that you piggies could relate to that. My fetish is for handbags – pretty little purses where I can hold all my toys. The smell of the soft leather, brand new and off the shelf just gets me wet! You want to make me wet, don’t you? Of course you do, my little money pigs. Well, the only way that you’re ever going to be able to get me dripping is by buying me handbags.
Looking down and seeing that purse being held in my hands always reminds me of the naughty piggies who purchased them for me. The easiest way for my slaves to get me to even spend a second of my time thinking about them is by getting me Amazon gift cards. No way that I would trust a filthy pig like you to pick out my bags. I make the final decisions, and you supply the cash that will buy me the purse. In fact, I’ve already picked out a few on my Amazon Wish List that you can purchase for me. You see, I make it quite easy to please me. The rest is up to you.
What would please me the most, though, would be if you purchased the gift cards for Miss Kay. That way I can pick the perfect bag that will always make me think of you. The more expensive the bag, the happier you’ll make me, and the more time you’ll be on my mind. So be a good little prissy pig and click the link below.

Men know that there is nothing like a strong powerful woman, such as
myself. There is something elusive and fatally attractive about me; I
have always known this and have used it to my advantage in more than one
situation . I have an affinity for money pigs,
especially the ones that know their place beneath the feet of a dominate woman
such as myself. I want to watch as you squirm pathetically beneath the
heels of my brand new diamond studded stiletto’s.

I know how to use my body in a way that will make you weaker than you
have ever known and you will have no other choice but to do exactly
whatever I desire. You will make sure that other women covet my
lifestyle and assure me that they will never achieve the same status as
Miss Kay. I will use and abuse you like no other woman has ever dared
to, simply because I know what a pathetic money slave that you
inherently desire to be. You will be nothing more than a worthless
pay piggy slave to your greedy Money Mistress Kay.

You will grovel at my feet as you wine and dine not only me, but the
countless lovers that I allow to satisfy me sexually. As a worthless
money pig, you will pay heavily for the opportunity to even watch as
one of my lovers ravishes me in just the way that you have always
dreamed. You will feel your cock growing rock hard as you worship me
and shower me with every last dime that you have during our intense and
erotic financial domination phone sex session.

27 November, 2011


I know most of you money piggies have 401K’s that you contribute to on a weekly or biweekly basis for your future retirement. And the company you work for makes a matching contribution to your 401K. Well now you will be making a matching contribution to my 401Kay! Remember, you may earn money from your work, but your Goddess Miss Kay deserves it more than you do. And now, money pets, you also must plan for the future of your Goddess, by making 401Kay contributions weekly or biweekly.

Click on my 401Kay contribution button and begin investing in Miss Kay’s future. You will be required to contribute as often as you are paid, remember there are rules governing 401K’s and these same rules apply to my 401Kay! You will not miss a 401Kay contribution! Miss Kay deserves your complete devotion and servitude and that includes a financial commitment to contribute toward Miss Kay’s future with as much investment, if not more, as you place in yours.

So, money slaves, click the 401Kay button now and invest in Miss Kay’s financial security. A Goddess deserves to have everything taken care of in life now and for the future. Be a good little piggy bank and put “bank” in Miss Kay’s 401Kay today!

26 November, 2011
Miss Kay Rules

Miss Kay thought it would be wise to list her Rules on her blog so that sissies and slaves would know exactly what Miss Kay’s Rules are.  Break the Rules?  You will be punished.  Break them repeatedly?  You will be blocked and banished.

1.  Miss Kay is a Supreme Goddess.  You will always treat her as a Deity.

2.  You will address Miss Kay as Goddess, Miss or Mistress, but never just as “Kay”.

3.  You will put Miss Kay above all.  Above any women in your life, above other Goddesses.  Miss Kay is the Supreme Goddess.

4.   You will tribute or send Gift Cards to Miss Kay on important holidays.  You will tribute or send Gift Cards when requested (example:  trip to Hawaii) for which Miss Kay will post on her blog.

5.   You will buy all of Miss Kay’s hypnotic erotic ear porn mp3’s and when a new mp3 is introduced, you will add it to your collection.

6.   You will call your Phone Sex Mistress, Miss Kay, on Niteflirt often and you will tip after your call.

7.   When you call Miss Kay for phone sex hypnosis, you will allow sufficient time for an in-depth hypnosis call.   Anything less would be disrespectful of Miss Kay.

8.     Do not waste Miss Kay’s time with cut&paste mass emails about your fantasy or fetish.  Miss Kay will only respond with a Payment Request to read and respond.

9.    You should never end your call with Miss Kay by “click” hanging up and not thanking Miss Kay or bidding a proper good-bye  to the Supreme Goddess.  How disrespectful if you do…

10.    You will become Miss Kay’s slave and fill out her Slave Contract.  Devote yourself to your Supreme Goddess!

Miss Kay Hawaii Vacation

Happy Birthday to Miss Kay! Miss Kay’s birthday is October 13th, but Miss Kay needs to book her flight and hotels very soon for her planned birthday vacation adventure to wild Waikiki with her girlfriends. Picture Miss Kay right here in Hawaii (see the photo!). You should be putting Miss Kay in the picture by tributing her with Travelocity eGift Cards, American Express eGift Cards to cover her airfare, hotels, meals, night life partying. Miss Kay follows her horoscope and her Libra star sign forecast is telling her to be adventurous and to travel to an exotic location. How can Miss Kay refuse the destiny the stars are telling her to fulfill? Miss Kay has always been into astrology and her horoscope has never been wrong. So make this birthday travel adventure to Hawaii for Miss Kay and her girlfriends more memorable than any birthday ever.

Miss Kay also needs some sexy new bikinis and beach sandals to be the hottest bitch on the beach, so click to send her eGift Cards to Macy’s and Zappo’s. Miss Kay would also love to go out in style to Waikiki night clubs wearing the lowest cut mini-dresses to show off her Double D’s and gorgeous legs. Click to send Miss Kay a Nordstrom’s eGift Card. Sending an eGift Card to Miss Kay is easy. Just click on any (or all!) of the links and buy an eGift Card to send to Miss Kay at CallMissKay@yahoo.com — Sending an eGift Card is completely anonymous and discreet. Say Happy Birthday to Miss Kay now, you know Miss Kay deserves this dream vacation and you should make it possible!