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10 March, 2014


With the success of my first Money Minions hypnosis file which left so many of my devoted minions begging for even more, I decided to make Money Minions into a compelling Financial Domination hypnosis trilogy. Each hypno file in the Money Minions series will progressively build on the previous Findom mp3, although the mesmerizing audio files can be listened to individually as well. This blog post debuts Money Minions 2 – a Femdom Erotic Hypnosis mp3 recording that will be pure ear candy for little pay piggies. Money Minions 2 is wicked and intense and features an incredible financial mindfucking that will leave you human ATMs melted down like molten metal. This file will feed your mind control Findomme fetish and will focus your financial servitude on me and me only as your exclusive Money Domme.

Money Minions 2 explores hardcore blackmail and ultimate ruination if you do not obey my absolute Money Domme demands. Make no mistake before you listen to this hypno mp3, I am a greedy bitch and I will take everything that I deserve. You will listen to Money Minions 2 and you will realize that you must make sacrifices to please me and that there will be consequences otherwise. I know Money Minions 2 will leave you breathless for more financial domination hypnosis. Money Minions 3 will be produced shortly in my home recording studio and will be even more brutal than Money Minions 2. However, you must listen to Money Minions 2 for the hypnotic financial reprogramming and reconditioning that you crave right now. This file is 50:00 mins long with binaural beats and a whisper track … $49.99


I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. My eventual plan is to marry a wealthy man in the classic definition of being a beautiful and scheming fortune hunter, and with my seductive beauty, there is no doubt I will make this happen. I, Miss Kay, am a fortune hunter and will stop at nothing to secure my fortune. . Small Tributes are an insult to me, an elite Financial Domme. Click my Tribute buttons on my website and on my Niteflirt listings. Prove you are worthy of being in my hand-picked harem of money slaves. Only those deemed worthy will be privileged to call themselves my fortune hunter pay pigs. It is a duty to serve under me. Open those wallets money piggies, because money doesn’t send itself. Fall short of serving me financially and you will be summarily dismissed. As a fortune hunter, I have a strong and ruthless hunting instinct. Like a hunter honing in on her prey, I smell money and money is the lust that drives me to hunt. Now, it’s time to play one of my Money Games or buy one of my Financial Domination mp3 audio files, if you have not served me before, or even if you have, buy another and another. You can never spend enough or give enough to me, Miss Kay, Fortune Hunter. If you see that I am available live, then click to call me on Niteflirt for live financial domination sessions, raise the rate calls and erotic hypnosis findom calls.

30 January, 2013


After I listened to my own newest custom erotic hypnosis audio file “Lesbian Femme” where I transform a work colleague into a forced fem lesbian, I literally couldn’t sit in my pro home studio another minute. The file is so erotic, I got very aroused when I was recording it. Once I finished recording the audio portion of the file, I couldn’t even begin post-production with the music track at that moment. I had to rush back to my bedroom, put on the exact sexy outfit I had depicted myself wearing in the audio file (including stockings) “Lesbian Femme” fantasy running like a film through my head.

Do you know how sometimes a particular fantasy just grabs you? Do you have a fantasy that you want to experience just like a film where I make it so real inside your head? I can turn your fantasy into a totally erotic experience in a custom hypnosis file. Please inquire about pricing with me via email contact or call me on Niteflirt. Custom exclusive files are more expensive than custom. I can record a file that is for you and only you and never to be sold to anyone else, please inquire for pricing for custom exclusive if you have a particular need, such as me addressing you by name in the file to deepen your personalized erotic hypnosis experience.

For now, you must buy and listen to “Lesbian Femme” and see how intensely it arouses you if you are into Forced Fem, stockings fetish and lesbian strapon play.

Whether you are new to this whole world of femdom erotic hypnosis, or you have been around the block a few times, you have come to the right place. I like to dominate men, body and soul, and I use their mind as an entrance in to their world and bring them over to my world. I can’t claim General Petraeus as one of my subs, but I understand men like him and the women in his life that recently came to the surface. These attractive women didn’t just use their looks to manipulate him; good looking women are everywhere and the General has had his chance with a lot of them, but they lacked the power of persuasion and control.

I’m not talking about that goofy looking style of hypnosis and mind control that you’ve seen on science fiction movies… but trust me, these women had enough control of Petraeus to make him think he wouldn’t get caught first of all, but also get access to secret information and other perks that come from knowing someone in such a position as him. And they made him want to give all of that to them without force or any typical form of coercion. Call me on nite flirt and let me play with your mind and get all of your secrets.

Men know that there is nothing like a strong powerful woman, such as
myself. There is something elusive and fatally attractive about me; I
have always known this and have used it to my advantage in more than one
situation . I have an affinity for money pigs,
especially the ones that know their place beneath the feet of a dominate woman
such as myself. I want to watch as you squirm pathetically beneath the
heels of my brand new diamond studded stiletto’s.

I know how to use my body in a way that will make you weaker than you
have ever known and you will have no other choice but to do exactly
whatever I desire. You will make sure that other women covet my
lifestyle and assure me that they will never achieve the same status as
Miss Kay. I will use and abuse you like no other woman has ever dared
to, simply because I know what a pathetic money slave that you
inherently desire to be. You will be nothing more than a worthless
pay piggy slave to your greedy Money Mistress Kay.

You will grovel at my feet as you wine and dine not only me, but the
countless lovers that I allow to satisfy me sexually. As a worthless
money pig, you will pay heavily for the opportunity to even watch as
one of my lovers ravishes me in just the way that you have always
dreamed. You will feel your cock growing rock hard as you worship me
and shower me with every last dime that you have during our intense and
erotic financial domination phone sex session.

As a supreme Goddess, I have been ruling over men both in person and in the virtual world.  When Second Life universe first launched, I knew the possibilities were endless for a virtual world where beautiful women would take control of men and also take control of their virtual currency.  Do you have an adventurous character on Second Life?  Do you rush home from work to leave the drudgery of reality behind to play in your exciting fantasy realm on Second Life?  Let me take control of your virtual fantasy and guide you into my perfect realm. 

The possibilities are endless here, too.  Just tell me your fantasy and I, Miss Kay, will make it come true.  As you know, a fulfilled fantasy is very intense. That’s the beauty of what phone sex with me, Miss Kay, can satisfy for you.  I’m here in my realm waiting for your phone sex call and to take control of you, tempt you, guide you to a powerful orgasm.  And yes, I will take your virtual currency through Niteflirt. 

I can also enhance your orgasm and virtual world experience with a custom mp3 recorded just for you.  My custom mp3 rates are available by request, email me at CallMissKay@yahoo.com.  I also have pre-recorded mp3s or as I like to call my mp3s, ear porn, for your listening pleasure.  So if you want an intense aural experience whenever you’re in the mood, phone sex with me or listening to one of my mp3s will make you virtually mine.


Girls can get a little crazy and carried away at bachelorette parties and Nicole Richie’s bachelorette party was no exception, especially for quintessential party girl, Christina Aguilera. I’ve been to quite a few bachelorette parties myself and I think girls can get far nastier and wilder than the guys. Guys seem to follow a bachelor party formula of going to a strip club or to Vegas, but girls get a little bit more, well, let’s say “creative”. If you’ve ever wondered what Xtina looks like sucking cock, now you can, because there are naughty pics of Xtina or should we say XXXtina mimicking oral sex on a chocolate covered banana and even better, mimicking giving a hot blow job to a man at the party (possible one of two male strippers who were hired to make an appearance at the bachelorette shebang). Photos of the bachelorette party may soon appear online as a mysterious Frenchman is offering the photos for sale and allowing potential buyers the opportunity to view them before buying. Surely one of the celebrity websites or magazines will pay the Frenchman’s price!

There was also a rumor floating around that these photos were going to be deliberately put up for sale, and one assumption was as revenge from her cuckolded ex-husband Jordan Bratman, who was still living in the house he and Christina bought, though they were legally separated, while Christina had her new boyfriend and fucktoy, Matt Rutler, move in. The other rumor floating around was that her husband, a record company executive, handed them off to her record label, because he felt humiliated for being cuckolded, yes, but he thought they would damage her reputation. Instead, her record label saw an opportunity to make Christina appear even naughtier and nastier than some of her pop star competition and that this would push record sales of her next album. Her last album’s sales were not up to par.

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

Hey there, little man.  And when I say little, I do mean little!  You’re small enough for me to pick up in the palm of my hand.  See?  Isn’t that amazing how small and compact you are.

Do you like when I pick you up like that?  I bet you do.  I know it must make you feel all tiny and helpless.  I like stroking your  body with my long fingers.  It’s cute how you jump and squeal when I run the tip of my index finger up and down your body from head to toe.

It’s kind of fun to just touch you all over like that.  Do you like when I wrap my whole hand around you and envelope you with my fist?  I think it’s pretty fantastic that I can hold a grown man like you this way.  The noises you make when I give you a bit of a squeeze are nice, too.

I also like to bring you up to my luscious pink lips, just like this.  I want to give you a little kiss.  Mmm, why don’t you kiss me back, sweetie?  Oh, that’s so nice, isn’t it?  How about I just slide my tongue out from between my lips and have a little taste of you?

Oh, you taste wonderful.  I’m going to lick you slowly all over your body.  It’s like having my very own little man lollipop.  I think you like when I swirl my tongue all over you, don’t you?

Now I’m going to slip you between my lips and into my mouth.  Yes, I’ll push you in nice and slow, feet-first.  Feel my lips envelope your feet and legs first, then your thighs.  Oh, now you’re in all the way up to your waist!  I’m going to keep pushing until my lips are wrapped around your chest.  Then, I’m just going to suck you in the rest of the way like I’d suck in a spaghetti noodle!

You just taste so good that I can’t help but swallow you….

If you have a fetish for vore, then call Miss Kay for a  voraphilia phone sex fantasy.


All sissy Boys Report to Miss Kay At Once…..
I love to use you.
I thrive on teasing you, tormenting you and finding your weaknesses.
Do you wear panties, have a tiny little dick, love to play dress up,
love to play with big black bulls ?? Come on, you know who you are…. Is your sissy clitty tingling at that thought…I bet it is…
Your sissy clitty makes you so easy to control!
I know all of your weakness’s and I know how to exploit them…I want to own you completely, and if you perform up to MY standards sissy I will allow you to tattoo MY name on your ass……Because Miss Kay knows how to emasculate a sissy whore like you.

Tell me all of your dirty  little secrets….I promise I won’t tell anyone….Do you Need someone
to talk to? Whats on your mind sissy boy? Do you need direction and help with all of your fetishes, then you have come to the right place..Perhaps perverted  fantasies run thru your head… like the one were are at a glory hole being used and abused.
Don’t be nervous just give me a call I a very open minded and love to talk about everything I don’t care how sick and twisted it is.

You’ll feel much better after you’ve told
me everything. Don’t worry, you’re not going to shock me.

Call to confess……I’ll bet you have TONS of secrets,
and you’ll feel much better once you’ve shared them with me. I’m
waiting here, I’m ready to hear your confessions so call now ……….