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When some boys are naughty, they want to get caught and to be punished by Miss Kay, but others are naughty and definitely don’t want to get caught for their illicit endeavors. Did billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen, including current CNN anchor Piers Morgan, think that the illicit acts they were committing were above the law? Murdoch’s corporate wire-tapping endeavors could take down his empire. Newscorp is now in jeopardy as Murdoch’s dirty deeds are being blasted in the media and in investigative hearings. Piers Morgan, pompous prime time host of Piers Morgan Tonight, may have committed wiretapping fraud, by using password phone hacks to access sensitive voicemail messages. Where Morgan totally failed is that he detailed this in his book, The Insider. Morgan specifically wrote about how he entered four digit phone passwords to listen to messages. While Morgan has tried to circumvent direct questions regarding what he wrote in his book and to “spin” what he wrote into something innocent, the public and media do not believe his lame explanations to deflect focus from his written admission that he engaged in wiretapping or phone hacking in order to fulfill stories while he worked at Newscorp’s News of the World and The Daily Mirror tabloids.

Murdoch has taken a pie in the face and endured other public humiliation. Which in my opinion he deserves. Perhaps you’ve been very naughty too and need to be given some public humiliation assignments to punish you? Or perhaps you need to confess your dirty deeds? Call Miss Kay and tell me how bad you’ve been!

Let’s play Miss Kay’s Magazine Game bitches!  It’s kind of like the popular Drinking Game I’m sure most of you have heard about.  In the Drinking Game, if game players see something they agree on before the game starts, example:  taking a drink every time they see Horatio Caine wearing his sunglasses on CSI Miami, they have to take a drink, bottoms up! 

Yeah and your bottom’s going to be up in the Magazine Game too!  Here’s how to play Miss Kay’s Magazine Game…  First, you have to buy a women’s magazine like Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire or Elle at a newsstand, drugstore or supermarket.  That’s just the beginning of your pain and humiliation when you have to buy a woman’s magazine in public!  Then make sure you have something to paddle your ass and whack your balls with, like a paddle, riding crop, hair brush, fly swatter, high heel, spatula, large wooden spoon…

Now here’s where the fun starts in Miss Kay’s Magazine Game.  You have to start paging thru the magazine and every time you see a girl in a photo in an advertisement or article, you have to whack your balls or paddle your ass.  Alternate between whacking and paddling.   Or if you’re only into ball pain, then just spank those balls, or if you’re only into spankings, then spank that ass!  Hard!  Remember Miss Kay doesn’t like pain wimps, Miss Kay likes pain sluts! 

Pain is the real game here isn’t it!  And the mystery of not knowing when you turn the page, if you’re going to find a pretty girl in an ad, or an ad for perfume with only the perfume bottle, but no pretty model.  Will you feel relief when you get a reprieve from the pain?  Well it’s only momentary, because as soon as you turn the next page, what do you think you are going to see?  That’s right, so get ready so whack your balls or spank your ass!

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

Tell me your secret, shameful desires and I will give you just what you deserve…
Some things I would LOVE to do to you:
* Bind/tie you up helpless
* Spank you senseless
* Tease and torment your delicate male parts
* Trample the living daylights out of you
* Ravage you with a strap-on
* Blow smoke in your face
* Verbally abuse and humiliate you to tears
I know you fantasize about me taking full control of you, tormenting you day and night with thoughts of servitude to me. You will call and I will train you to be the best little cuckold slave toy in the world…Do you think you can handle living out all of your sick twisted fantasies….. Lets see if you have what it takes to please me….Miss Kay your new owner

1-800-TO-FLIRT 0377-9484

All sissy Boys Report to Miss Kay At Once…..
I love to use you.
I thrive on teasing you, tormenting you and finding your weaknesses.
Do you wear panties, have a tiny little dick, love to play dress up,
love to play with big black bulls ?? Come on, you know who you are…. Is your sissy clitty tingling at that thought…I bet it is…
Your sissy clitty makes you so easy to control!
I know all of your weakness’s and I know how to exploit them…I want to own you completely, and if you perform up to MY standards sissy I will allow you to tattoo MY name on your ass……Because Miss Kay knows how to emasculate a sissy whore like you.


I have thought about the sissies over the years that I have trained and when they were disobedient I would have to think of creative ways of punishing them. Here are a few of my favorites…
1} I have made a sissy go to his local adult book store and pay the manager on duty, hand over his pants and strip down to his panties then he would be placed in a booth with a glory hole. Sissy would have to service 3 men and be serviced by 3 men. All of this would be witnessed by the manager. How do I know this was done, well I would have the managers number and would be in close contact with him while all this was going on. I always get a good laugh out of this one.
2} This punishment is more radical but just as fun, for the sissy that loves to be outed and seen , I had a sissy that was a chronic pantie thief so to make sure that all the ladies in the neighborhood were safe I had him dress up in a baby bonnet and rumba panties with white lace socks and maryjane’s and carry a large sign marching up and down the street saying that he was a panty thief and he apologizes.A friend of his took a pic and emailed it to me so I could share in that special moment.
3} I had a sissy that did not do his sissy chores as asked he was sent over to a homeless shelter to assist in any way that he could use his sissy maid skills. I explained to the shelter manager that sissy maid was misbehaving and had to atone for this sin by doing some charitable deed that I deemed fit. I made sure sissy maid was dressed in the new french maid’s outfit that we purchased together over the Internet and had the staff take lots of pics of the event.Needless to say all involved with this good deed were very amused.  Miss Kay Sissy Trainer