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Miss Kay Sissy Training, Fetish and Fantasy Phone Sex on Niteflirt

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You have probably heard the sayings, “You’re not good enough” or “She’s out of your league.” And for you, it’s true. To a hot, beautiful, sexy woman like me, you’d be virtually invisible. I’m too perfect for you. I’m unattainable. You might try to get my attention in some way, but the only way you can realistically get my attention is with cash in your wallet to buy me what I want. Beautiful women want men with looks, power, money, a big cock, bedroom performance, Alpha personality. And we know we can get men like that. My new recording, “You’re Not Good Enough” goes into total detail about why you aren’t good enough for women as hot and sexy as I am. For your entire life you have felt this way. Perhaps you have tried to overcompensate for your insecurities by attaining some level of career success, but women can see right through you.

My recording will put you in your place and remind you of your failings. You already know what they are specifically, so I will just reinforce all of your feelings of inadequacy. This will ultimately arouse you, because you know that negative attention and humiliation from a beautiful woman is all you deserve. And after you listen to this mp3, you will want to buy more of my mp3s and humiliate yourself deeper while spending money on me. Buy “You’re Not Good Enough” and listen now. My mp3s are available on Niteflirt , Kinkbomb http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/your-not-good-enough/183065 and at my mp3 store, Hypnotic-Mistress.com.

This summer I have been intent on re-releasing some of my best, early erotic hypnosis mp3s. From a sound production standpoint, this means I have been re-recording the main audio track, choosing an appropriate music track and layering any effects or whisper tracks that I feel will complement the hypnotic adventure. I began producing erotic hypnosis mp3s in 2011. Four years of recording time in addition to my “decked out” professional home studio have given me the experience and tools to become one of the elite erotic hypnosis audio artists.

My newest re-release is titled “Free and Easy” and no, it’s not free! I chose the title to allude to the feeling of complete relaxation my voice will induce. Many hypnosis aficionados crave reaching a relaxed state via hypnotic induction and deepening. Pure bliss awaits you when you listen to “Free and Easy”. When I was sitting down to write this hypno file, I remember I wanted to accomplish something different. And the result was a hypnosis experience that combined relaxation with arousal and Femdom mind control. However, the file reaches beyond its theme. “Free and Easy” can be listened to over and over for even more dynamic influence over your mind. Buy “Free and Easy”, listen to it again and again and you will experience what I intended. It is not one of those files you will listen to just once or twice, it is meant to be listened to over and over. Buy it right now at Niteflirt, Kinkbomb or in my hypnosis mp3 store Hypnotic-Mistress.com.


Do you want to experience being cuckolded by your hot wife while she flaunts that she is having sex with her hung black lover right in your face? Do you want to surrender yourself to cuckoldry for reasons which include that you have a small penis and that you can’t satisfy your wife sexually? My newest recording is a non-hypnosis mp3 which explores both BBC and cuckolding. It’s a very sexy audio experience which gives you an inside glimpse of what your marriage would be like if you were being cucked. I know many submissive men dream of this type of relationship as their ideal. I’ve been in multiple cuckold relationships and also find BBC irresistible. Click to buy this ear porn now and let my seductive voice take you through how a marriage will change for the better once you accept you are a cucky.

You will feel the thrill and humiliation of being a cuckhold. If, after listening to this file, you need to experience even more cuckolding and BBC fantasies, I have produced other files, both hypno and non-hypno for your aural pleasure that touch on these same themes including BBCs and small penis humiliation. And you may already know, but in case you don’t, I do cuckold and BBC themed hypnosis phone sex and fetish phone sex live. Looking for a sexy custom mp3 recording produced just for you? Be in touch for my rates for custom mp3s which I record in my professional home studio. Contact me at CallMissKay@yahoo.com Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or at my KinkBomb store







I just choked on my latte after seeing some of the pathetic little needle dicks you sluts have been showing me on email and cam.  I mean, seriously, my girlfriends have bigger clits than you have pricks!  Does your wife even feel that little thimble when you’re fucking her?  You must use tweezers to jack yourself off!  Here’s what’s going to happen next time I end up wasting my Starbucks after viewing your tiny, pathetic little worms. I am gong to send you a penis pic of a REAL man, while you diddle your little dicklettes begging me to let you squirt.  You probably jizz what, a droplet out of that teenie little weenie?!  You couldn’t impregnate a fucking mouse with that thing.  Sigh.  Just what is a Queen to do?  You call, you pay, and then you offer up a dick so small I would need a magnifying glass to find it.  Don’t let me get started on your balls! Or should I say marbles?!  .


One of the most pathetic things I witnessed lately was a six-foot tall, married ex-football player, who reluctantly exposed his little  parts to me.  I literally laughed until I cried, pointing at it in disbelief.  It pointed right back at me, all three inches of it.  This little clit looked so ridiculous attached to such a big guy, and his balls must have been undescended or something.  I thought I was going to suffocate, I laughed so hard.  When I finally told him to jerk it for me, it looked even more hilarious watching his tiny little nub disappear into those big hands-it looked like a little mouse hiding in its hole.  Then, there was the model stud with the big muscles who was so lacking downstairs, I wondered if he had accidentally shaved it off along with the rest of his hair.  His woman asks him to strap one on over his pathetic thimble, ‘cause she can’t feel a thing.  Sad, just sad.


Since I really don’t know what else to do, I am going to offer you tiny-dick panty boys a challenge.  The Dicklette Challenge will run the whole month of December.   Send me photos of your little clits and I’ll post the smallest one, just to humiliate you further.  My girlfriends and I just love to point and laugh at your pathetic little stubs.  So, go.  Take some humiliating photos of your teenie weenies and make them good.  Dress them up in panties, tie a little bow around them, I don’t care.  Just make it as humiliating as you can.  One more thing it costs to be on my site so the small penis tax is 100.00 paid by amazon gift card that will keep on for 2 week

Here is the first small dicklette who paid his small penis tax: dicklette small penis boy pissed me off so I took down his pics stay tuned for my loser list addition it will now cost him double  to have his pics placed back up on my blog…


Loser small penis boy sent me another 100.00 small penis tax so here  is another pic of his itty bitty


Do you dare listen to my new mp3 titled Castration Emasculation? If you have castration, emasculation and eunuch fantasies or if you are a sissy considering that you need to get rid of your pathetic little pink balls between your legs, then you need to click, download and listen to Castration Emasculation now! In this mp3, I explore two different castration scenarios, one features a sissy who is being taken further into sissification and another features an evil contest which no forced bi slave thinks he will lose! But what the slave will lose, will cost him his manhood forever!

My seductive voice makes castration sound so tempting, especially since you will be doing it for me. Slaves used to be castrated as a routine in ancient times, I’m talking about in Egypt, Rome, Greece, China. It kept slaves’ libidos from getting in the way of their servitude. Castration was considered an honor. It was an honor to give up one’s balls and devote oneself to servitude to royal beauties as a eunuch!

These days, so many men have this false sense of machismo, when they are so far from being masculine. Of course, I advocate that men who don’t deserve their balls, be castrated! And serve me! You can also call for live phone sex on NeedLive.com to speak with me in more detail about Castration and Emasculation. New members to Need Live receive tokens to use toward phone sex calls. My Castration Emasculation mp3 is available on Niteflirt.com , KinkBomb.com and at my own mp3 store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com


If you are into ABDL, I have the hottest new Adult Baby Diaper Lover mp3 for your listening pleasure. In this mp3 fetish recording, I play your kinky Femdom babysitter who takes complete control of you. I know most abbies love acting out and being bad, and if that’s you, find out what punishments are in store for your ass, literally, including an OTK bare bottom spanking! This is an erotic mp3 that doesn’t feature hypnosis, but as you may already know, my mp3’s often integrate persuasive elements to captivate your mind and heighten your arousal. My sexy voice is also very captivating and will make this an evocative aural experience for you. And, of course, for this particular mp3, I use a lot of baby talk!

If you are a DL, listen to this with your diaper on! I can’t tell you why, but you will find out when you download and listen to my Adult Baby Diaper Lover fetish mp3. Click to buy, download and listen to my ABDL audio now. I’m offering this audio adventure on Kinkbomb.com and my mp3 store. If you wish to call me for live ABDL phone sex or ABDL erotic hypnosis, I’m available on Need Live – an anything goes phone sex and cam site. You will get a free sign on bonus of tokens to make calls when you join Need Live. Click to get your free tokens and connect with me live for Adult Baby Diaper Lover phone sex or ABDL hypno.This file is exclusive to my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or at my Kinkbomb store http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/cry-baby-callmisskay.com/173653

When movies are highly successful, it’s nearly a no brainer for Hollywood studio execs to roll out Part 2 and capitalize on the box office success of those films. And so is the case for Cock Chaser. It is one of my most successful non hypnosis mp3s ever. And so I have rolled out Part 2 for all of you horny Cock Chasers! You don’t necessarily have to listen to Chaser Part 1 to enjoy Part 2, but of course, if you haven’t listened to Part 1, you definitely should! Listening to my forced bi faggot audio recordings should make you become the ultimate Cock Chaser. My seductive voice and mind fuck skills will coerce you to translate your cock chasing fantasies into peak arousal for you secret or not-so-secret fags.

Even though Cock Chaser Part 2 doesn’t feature erotic hypnosis to impart its powerful messages, it uses hypnotic features to draw you in and lock you into your cock obsession. Once you are completely obsessed, there is no going back. You may have seen a term floating around online – ear porn. The Cock Chaser series is ear porn and will arouse your mind and make your dick hard at the same time. If Cock Chaser 2 is as successful as the original mp3, you can expect a trilogy! Cock is the final taboo for most men who have grown tired of vanilla porn and fantasies. Click on the Niteflirt Pay to View button to purchase and download this mp3 or buy it from my Hypnotic- Mistress.com or Kinkbomb store.

Do you like it nasty? If you do, this adult Toilet Training 101 mp3 will be the nasty new recording that you can’t get enough of. In my kinky mp3 track, I discuss total servitude to me and how you will be trained to be my personal toilet slave. If you follow the toilet terms online, this includes full toilet, including golden and brown. You will feel aroused by your deliciously dirty scat fetish and simultaneously feel the humiliation and degradation of doing what most slaves won’t ever dream of. You will also worship my ass and asshole. Even reading this blog post should excite you and compel you to click to buy my shocking mp3.

Toilet training is not a subject I will talk about for live phone calls. However, I’ve produced this recording for you to purchase exclusively in my Kinkbomb audio clips store and in my own mp3 store at Hypnotic Mistress. Note that this recording does not incorporate erotic hypnosis, but it is very subversive and will twist your mind and perverse desires.

In order to serve a Mistress to ultimate extreme, you must do whatever you are told to do, without question, without fail. I consider toilet service to be what I would demand of an obedient slave who is trained to serve me in such an intimate manner. There is a reason why these effluent elements are called champagne and caviar. Anything that comes from my perfect body is a sublime gourmet delight. Buy my mp3 now!


You may have heard about the body inflation fetish or inflatables fetish. There are many inflation fetishists who are into putting on special latex inflatable suits or using balloons inserted under a costume or outfit to give their body a pumped up look. For those who enjoy this addictive fetish, they may achieve a powerful orgasm from inflating these suits or even from using something as simple as inflatable butt plugs.

My newest mp3 explores the body inflation fetish. In this aural adventure, the grand finale is an intense orgasmic explosion for the listener. So… if you enjoy this fetish or are curious about it, click to buy my new mp3 now. This mp3 is not a hypno recording. I devised this particular listening experience for conscious minds {wink}. As you know I’m fascinated by unusual fetishes and have produced mp3 files, both erotic hypnosis and direct ear porn to further engage those who want to deepen their unique fetish experience.

With body inflation, people want to feel a flamboyant alteration to their physical selves with new sensations that stimulate their erotic needs. Or they want to embody a larger than life self for wish fulfillment or fantasy play. This fetish is not just pursued by men, there are also many women who enjoy body inflation. Online communities are devoted to this fetish and those who celebrate body inflation. Click now! Download to any device you have that can play an mp3 file such as your smart phone, computer, mp3 player or tablet.



If you feel strong bi-curious desires that you haven’t yet satisfied or if you want to feel more drawn to cocks than ever before, you need to buy and listen to my newest erotic hypnosis mp3 entitled CockTastic! You don’t have to watch forced bi porn videos or do anything that takes a lot of effort. Your deepest desires will be intensified by my subliminal mind control suggestions. In fact, your mind and your life will be irrevocably changed after listening to this hypnosis file. So, be prepared to become the bi bitch who craves cocks and only cocks. I am a very skilled erotic hypnotist who will urge you in the direction your homoerotic leanings already want to go. Perhaps your conscious inhibitions and self-defense mechanisms were holding you back from satisfying your bisexual curiosities. I will take care of that. Your conscious mind and barriers will cave under the influence of my seductive voice. Ultimately, you will give in to cocks.

If you love this ear porn after you listen to it, I have more forced bi, BBC, cock lust and other files at Hypnotic-Mistress.com. I produce both hypnosis and non-hypnosis for you to buy and listen to, to condition your sexual mind even more. You won’t be able to resist cocks or resist buying more of my ear porn mp3 recordings. Both are so addictive! And if you want to connect with me for live bi-curious or forced bi hypno sessions, I am available on Niteflirt and Needlive.com. Purchase this file on http:hypnotic-mistress.com Nite flirt or on KinkBomb.com http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/cock-tastic-by-miss-kay/161133