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Recently, a well known hypnotist in the UK, Colin Adamson, proved that hypnosis can plant real sexual memories in the brains of hypnosis subjects. Adamson proved this in public using random university student hypno subjects and successfully planted memories of sexual encounters in the minds of his subjects, memories so real that the subjects thought the sexual encounters had actually happened when they were awakened from the hypnosis session. In the field of erotic hypnosis, memory implantation has been performed by many “tists”, but proof positive hadn’t been publicized in major media outlets which reach millions of readers until now. The story about Colin Adamson was first reported in the UK in The Telegraph and was later picked up and expanded on by a journalist at Huffington Post.

Hypnosis is ever evolving. And more interest in hypnosis will arise if hypnosis receives more publicity. There are still people who think hypnosis is a practice of charlatans and tricksters. Too bad they don’t understand the true power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is an accepted form of psychotherapy used to treat many different disorders and addictions. Erotic hypnosis can be used to achieve greater arousal and erotic experiences. Erotic hypnosis can be used for sexual reprogramming and sexual identity training such as sissy training. Call me on Niteflirt for erotic hypnosis, sexual reprogramming and sexual identity training. I, Miss Kay, may choose to implant sexual memories as an element of your erotic hypno session to enhance your hypnosis experience.

I know if you’re reading the Inraptured forum, you’ve probably heard
of conversational hypnosis.  But what you may not know about this
form of hypnosis is how successful it is with sissy training and other
sexual lifestyle and life change enhancements.  You can dress up to
look girlie whenever you’re “in the mood”, but true sissification and
feminization is from within you.  That is where a hypnotist can guide
you, to become the girl you were meant to be, to think like a girl,
act like a girl, talk like a girl, be a real girlie girl.
Where conversational hypnosis is superior to traditional hypnosis in
this aspect is that you don’t realize you are being guided, yet your
subconscious mind is reacting to my verbal suggestions. Many sissies
binge on their sissy items including outfits, wigs, makeup, then purge
out of guilt.  Wouldn’t you rather feel sissy bliss, than girlie guilt?
Conversational hypnosis overcomes resistance and works on sissies who
need to have a better understanding of the sissy psyche and how they
should embrace their sissy selves, instead of engaging in a continual
cycle of indulgence then rejection.
Conversational hypnosis is subtle and will make you feel as though you
are engaged in a scintillating convo with your Erotic Hypnodomme, but
your subconscious mind is being stimulated without your conscious
awareness.  You won’t receive a traditional induction, deepeners or
trigger words, but you may experience a state of trance, using
conversational hypnosis techniques that have been developed and perfected
over decades by hypnotherapists and hypnotists alike.
Conversational hypnosis was the precursor to NLP and is also used by
many top motivational speakers and gurus, think Tony Robbins.  People
in various occupations use conversational hypnosis on a regular basis.
Did you ever buy something you didn’t really want or need?  We all
splurge, it’s human nature.  But I know the clever salesgirl at the
lingerie store “talked you into” buying a lot of sexy things, didn’t
she?  You felt like you were “led on” by her.  You felt “weak”, too weak
to resist, didn’t you?  Chances are she was using the power of
conversational hypnosis and you obeyed her suggestions without realizing.
I have used conversational hypnosis in my transformational phone sessions
and will share a few email snippets with you from my beloved sissies:
“Miss Kay took me from pantyboy to complete sissy girl.  The best part is
I don’t know how it happened.  I can’t wait to get home from work
every day and be my real self!”
“Miss Kay makes me feel so girlie and feminine, sexy and pretty.  I am
in no way passable, so I avoid looking at myself in the mirror even
in wig and makeup, but I feel like a girl on the inside and I now love
my girlie self thanks to my Goddess Miss Kay.”
“I can rarely dress up because I live in a small city apartment with my
wife, but Miss Kay has turned me into her sissy and she did it so
effortlessly. I put on my wife’s bras and panties whenever my wife is
out. Miss Kay is also deepening my lust for men!”
Call me on Niteflirt or visit my website Femdom-erotic-hypnosis.com to
find out how to set up a time to speak with me.


17 September, 2012

My birthday is coming up on October 13th and I’m going to tell you how you can blow out my candles on my cake by buying me prezzies for my birthday, clicking on my Tributes buttons, buying my mp3 audio files or calling me on Niteflirt before my birthday and leaving me a $$$ tip after our phone sex call. I want this to be my best birthday ever, even better than my birthday last year, when I made all of my slaves and subbies send me to Waikiki, Hawaii for a wild birthday vacation. I didn’t have to spend a dime! My entire vacation was paid for including airfare, hotel room, fine dining, clubbing and sexy things to wear. So this year I am expecting lots of eGiftCards from my online eGiftCard “Click & Shop” mini-mall where you can click to send me eGiftCards to my favorite stores. You can also buy my erotic hypnosis recordings or play some of my wicked games that I have devised from my Games page.

Since you can’t come to my birthday party, the only thing you can do is be my birthday bitch. I want to brag to all of my girlfriends what my birthday bitches got me: Cash, eGiftCards, Tips, Tributes. I want them to be impressed and well, jealous! Since you can’t spend my birthday with me, you can spend it on me. Besides… my personal Libra horoscope says that this will be an amazing year for me and I can’t wait to start it on October 13th.


5 September, 2012

mind games

Special announcement from Miss Kay! I am going back to school in January of next year to finish a degree in Psychology and I am very excited. I can’t wait to start my Psych classes. I will use all knowledge from my classes to delve deeper into the psyches of my hypno slaves and make you erotic hypnosis lovers experience an unparalleled journey deeper into hypnosis. I will utilize everything I learn from my courses to develop even more complex hypnosis audio files and to incorporate Jungian and other principles of psychology to hypnotize you during live Niteflirt erotic hypno phone sessions. I will penetrate your mind and deepen your fetishes, fantasies and desires. “Knowledge is power” is not just a cliche. You will feel the effects of my power and you will feel more powerless, completely taken.

I will make all new hypno seekers on Niteflirt and mp3 hypno file buyers become my mind slaves and you will enjoy pure bliss as I take your mind and deconstruct you and reprogram you through hypnosis. You will do as I command, answer any question I have truthfully and reveal all your deep, dark secrets. And with the power and knowledge I will gain from my psych studies, I will make you mine and mine only. So, my announcement may also be a warning. Most of you trance puppets crave going deeper and deeper. Be careful what you wish for. Your descent will begin soon. Your very mind, body and soul will be mine.

Greeting little cash piggies and money slaves. It’s time for a lesson in financial reprogramming. I know you have little spending habits that if all were added up by the end of the month, well, that money should be going to ME instead. You don’t really didn’t need the coffee from Starbucks every morning did you, that money should have gone to Miss Kay! How dare you spend MY money on your compulsive little spending habits. Did you forget your only habit and duty is making ME happy? So from now on, absolutely no more spending money on nasty little habits, impulse purchases, splurges, no more money leaks down the financial drain. I’m the only one permitted to drain your money, actually, MY money. No Ventis at Starbucks, no chips and dip while you watch sports, in fact no upgraded cable tv sports packages like NFL Ticket, no porn site memberships, no using the car wash when you can wash your own car, I know the hundreds of dollars you spend on such stupid things! Turn your attention to something far more valuable, me, Ms. Kay, and spend MY money where it is deserved. Because if and when I learn that you burned MY money on some ridiculous thing like manly sports for you weak wimps or internet porn for your jerk off addicts, you will feel MY wrath!

Miss Kay

You will feel far more satisfaction giving money to your Money Goddess and in keeping ME pleased, living the life of luxury I deserve while you live a more spartan lifestyle of sacrifice and duty as my pay piggies! You should be buying my MP3s, calling me on Niteflirt, clicking my Tribute buttons, buying my PTV games and sending me eGiftCards!

Kim Kardashian sex tape rumors are swirling again and this time the rumors are focused on a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape. The Kim and Kanye sex tape rumors are not that a sex tape exists… yet… instead the rumor mill has it that Kanye wants to make a sex tape with Kim. This would not be a sleazy sex tape, Kanye conceptualizes that it would be an art sex film. Kanye has not been linked to a sex tape before and he’s not interested in making a sex tape for money or fame, since he has achieved both without having to take the sex tape train to fame. The sex tape he envisions, apparently, would be a private sex tape for him and for Kim to enjoy of their hot sex together. But what usually happens is these celebrity sex tapes get lifted or hacked from smart phones, laptops, etc., and get sold to a company like Vivid Entertainment, known for their sex tape portfolio. So celebrities like Kim and Kanye will always have an inherent risk in making their own sex tape.


Kim Kardashian is known as a Size Queen who only goes for men who are well hung, and primarily, black bulls. The Ultimate Size Queen leaves behind a long list of black and biracial lovers and ex-husband(s) including Damon Thomas – R&B singer and producer, Reggie Bush – football player, Ray J – rapper, Miles Austin – football player, Kris Humphries – basketball player. Kim is a Size Queen and a man eater, moving from large cock to large cock to satisfy her Size Queen lust.

Many celebrity bloggers feel that Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to make another sex tape. Been there, done that with Ray J! And she too has achieved her fame and fortune, her estimated worth is $30 million. So she hardly needs to make a sex tape for the money or the fame at this point. But she is like a tiger chasing her tail and as she chases fame, fame chases her. Maybe she would make another sex tape and if she broke up with her black bull Kanye, she would release it. Call me on Niteflirt and let’s talk about black bulls fucking hot white Size Queens in porn and on sex tapes.

polished toes

Piggies must love and worship my sexy feet, each toe, each little piggie, so beautiful and slender. So soft from moisturizer and foot massages and pedicures. Pedicures that you should be paying for piggies, to keep my perfect piggies looking beautiful and exquisite! You should fantasize about Miss Kay foot worship now. How I love having my toes sucked on while you look up into my eyes, your tongue licking the arches of my resplendent feet… And don’t you think my feet would look so much superior in a brand new pair of high heels? Or with alluring toe rings? Yes, of course they will! So my little money piggies, send me an e-gift card for Zappos.com and prove that you worship the very feet you desire to be enslaved by. (Please send the Zappos.com e-gift card to CallMissKay@yahoo.com and enter my name, Kay Sparks, on the e-gift card online form.)

I bet you would spend an entire week’s pay just to kiss my feet and heels. Or have my soft soles press up against your face. I am nothing short of a Goddess, and you will even kiss the ground I walk on, where my feet or heels have stepped. This Goddess loves her trendy pedicures and she thinks her pet piggie banks should pay for this little luxury. Should I slide my toes back into your wallet, while they hypnotize you, pulling out twenty after twenty, and the grande finale? Pulling out your Amex card. You will be toe-tally intoxicated. Come on pay piggies, make Goddess Kay approve of your foot piggie place in my world and send me those e-gift cards and pedicure tributes.

2 August, 2012

The power of music is well known, music engages the mind. Music has been proven to change brain wave patterns. In addition to my hypnotic voice and hypno ear porn, I use the power and beauty of music to get into your mind and enhance your hypnosis experience. The music I use in my hypno files will leave you in a deep world as my words and the embedded music tracks will penetrate your mind for a more fulfilling hypno journey. Music is a very subtle, yet powerful element in hypnosis. With the music I select for each hypno track I am even more able to control you and send you into your alpha brain wave state with my soothing voice and make you do whatever I want you to do or feel whatever I want you to feel. Just take a deep breath and relax. Listen to those calming hypno music tones and my erotic voice…

Now that I have my own high end in-home recording studio, I can professionally produce dual track recordings with a music track layered underneath my lovely voice track. I have a vast music library to choose my music from and I specially select each piece of music to coordinate with each hypno track. Buy one of my hypno audio files now, get comfortable and open your mind. With your mind subconsciously tuned in to the music track and my voice enchanting you, you will be even more receptive to my hypno.

16 July, 2012

Alert! Don’t even think about ripping me off claiming you didn’t get your erotic hypnosis audio file. This only brands you as a thief, liar, con artist or all three. When you buy one of my PTV audio files, you can easily and immediately download and listen to the file you’ve purchased. All you have to do before you buy any of my erotic hypnosis files is make sure that you can download the file type onto your computer or whatever device you own. If you have purchased and downloaded these types of audio files before, there should be no problem for you to do so. I now have a legal disclaimer embedded in all of my file descriptions before you buy any of my files, so that if you decide you are going to play the foolish game that you didn’t get the file or that it didn’t download, I am protected from your pathetic rip-off attempt. My files are high quality as I have a home studio dedicated to making professionally produced hypno audio files. I put a lot of time, thought and energy into creating my erotic hypno mp3s. My mp3s are for those who appreciate my talent in erotic hypnosis.

Final warning! If you pursue any type of “refund rip-off” with me, I will defend my position with my credit card processing company, whether it is Niteflirt or CCBill. You will not receive a refund. Think about it! All you are doing if you try to play a rip-off game is show how pathetic and broke and what a loser you are.

my studio

As a Hypnodomme, I receive a lot of inquiries from my fans about how I produce my audio files, so here are the delicious details about my home recording studio. I have a room in my house designed especially to tap into my intuitive powers of hypnosis to generate my hypno files and record them. I have professional high end equipment and software on a dedicated computer for recording, mixing (if I mix a two track recording with music, as an example) and editing my hypno audio files as well as soundproofing to keep my hypno files beautifully clear.

Before I begin, I light several candles in my hypno recording studio to invoke the mood as well as enhance my powers. Then I sit close to the mic and let the magic begin. As the words flow from my lips, they are given life as if they were waiting for my voice to give them the very power and essence they need. As for my scripts, I create them from many ideas I have gathered such as from Niteflirt phone sessions, tv shows, movies, articles I have read and anywhere I can find something useful for my profession. Sometimes I induce my own trance like state around a specific theme and the scripts instantly enter my mind. Being a Hypnodomme brings pleasure to me and is very fulfilling which is why I have a special place in my home just to pursue and record my hypnosis audio files