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Here is a confession written by one of my Agonophilia fetish phone sex callers… Enjoy!

i am a hopeless agonophiliac. no, wait, that doesn’t sound right. there’s nothing hopeless about it. i LOVE my fetish! and i love that i have found such a great Goddess to help me explore it and enjoy it.

agonophilia is the erotic love of boxing, fighting, and all the apparel and trappings that go with it. look it up online on the urban dictionary for a more complete definition, if you’re interested. but to put it simply, it’s a fetish where one’s sexual response has been, somehow, tied to the sport of boxing. or MMA. so the gloves are incredible powerful sexual cues and objects, as is the ring, the bell that rings between rounds, the apparel fighters wear for protection and for looking good. Even the mouthpieces can be red HOT! it’s a lovely, juicy, nasty fetish, and it’s suitable for all genders. man on man action, man on woman, woman on woman…..it’s all good and it’s all sexy. whatever floats your boat…..

agonophilia acknowledges that there is conflict in the ring. that there is domination and submission. one boxer will be beaten into submission. and how the victor claims his or her prize…..well, that’s where the fun begins! but to put it simply, there is nothing better than sex IN the ring after a tough and sexy bout! yes, it’s true. the best sex for agonophiles is RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. well, at least, that’s the case for THIS agonophile!

i’m so delighted to have found Miss Kay. she is, of course, a total knockout, and i was fantasizing about her in a very agonophiliac way when i came upon her listing in NF. wow, i thought, what an incredible babe! i wonder…….would she enjoy talking to me about sexy erotic boxing? i had to call and, in the end, i was ecstatic i did. because i discovered, on our first call, that Miss Kay has been taking…..boxing lessons! wow, what a discovery and what a stroke of good fortune. how amazing and how incredibly HOT! and i wanted to write this to let my fellow agonophiliacs out there know……if you want a totally sexy boxing babe to talk to, Miss Kay is your champ! she knows the lingo of the gym and of the ring, and that is so helpful and SOOOO sexy for those of us who are as into as we are. to find a babe like Miss Kay–i mean, just imagine her in a robe and in her gloves, getting into the ring for a bout–who loves to box and loves to talk with people who have the fighting fetish….well, it’s an agonophiliac’s dream cum true. to imagine Miss Kay in the ring, throwing punches, moving around, bouncing, smacking her gloves together…….fantastic! literally! fantastic as in fantasy cum true! listen closely….the bell is about to ring…..time for more phone fun with the sexiest boxin’ babe on the internet. let’s all beg her to take some pics in the ring with her gloves on! cum on, Miss Kay, throw your adoring agonophiles a bone. she is the Queen of the Ring……the buxom boxin’ babe Miss Kay! i love you, Miss Kay, and i’ll get in the ring and mix it up with any man you say! all for your pleasure, my awesome boxing Goddess!

11 September, 2014


I didn’t know anything about Agonophilia until I recently started taking boxing lessons and doing boxing fitness.   Don’t worry, minions, I use protective headgear to protect my beauty.  I have always been a strong, dominant female and something about the sport of boxing has always attracted me to its raw power.   I have no shortage of trainers and sparring partners who admire my stunning looks, my amazing body and my tactical approach to the sport.  Last month during a sparring session, I delivered a blow slightly below the belt (not deliberate, he walked into an undercut punch) to my male sparring partner. Not only did he groan and grab his pathetic package, I sensed he had cum in his boxing shorts!   He was mortified when I smirked at him and he hastily ducked out of the ring.  It was then that I realized there had to be something deeper beneath what had just transpired.  I began researching this phenomenon on the internet and found the Agonophilia fetish and even more specifically, Agonophilia Boxing.

Do you fetishize fight sports such as boxing and MMA?  Do you fetishize the protective gear?  Do you enjoy watching fights and find that you are sexually aroused?  Have you ever had an orgasm fantasizing about a woman fighting you in the ring and beating you up?  Then we need to connect for a Niteflirt or Sinful Call phone sex session where we can explore your fetish and fantasy.  I can even incorporate erotic hypnosis to intensify your Agonophiliac orgasm.

Have you watched the reality tv show Mob Wives? Well I love that show because it’s so over the top and the mob wives are such catty and evil bitches. I’ve had men in different mobs approach me, meaning Italian, Russian, Armenian, who wanted me as their sexy playtoy or to wine, dine and woo me. Men with mob money want wives who are beautiful and bitchy. I haven’t found the perfect husband yet, but believe me, being a mob wife would not be out of the question, if I could live the life of riches and luxury I covet. Perhaps you want to be dominated by one of the mob wives, because you know she would just crush you, trample you, walk all over you, make you serve her as her wimpy chauffeur or houseboy or pool boy. If you want to role play being my Mob Wife wimpy servant that I use and abuse, kick in the balls or even cut off your balls, then you know you’ve found the evil Mob Wife Diva Domme of your dreams.

I might even make you suck my Mobster husband’s huge cock while he tells you what a pussyboy you are and that you are just a suck puppet for him to use, too. He can dick whip you till you are dizzy then tell you to beg to suck his superior cock. While I laugh, of course. Or you can serve me and the Mob Wives while we have a pool party and laugh at how pathetic you are. Call me now for the ultimate Femdom role play experience on Niteflirt.

Private humiliation pffft!  Any slave can be shamed or humiliated by his Femdom Mistress in her dungeon or play space.  Shame and humiliation are absolute thrills, but let Miss Kay tell you about shame and humiliation that is even more wicked and thrilling.  Perhaps you haven’t experienced it yet, but you fantasize about what it would be like if Miss Kay humiliated you.  In public!  Yes, you, a man or a sissy slut, humiliated by a bitchy Mistress right in public.  Imagine the shame and humiliation when everyone can see what cruel and embarrassing things Miss Kay does to you while she laughs.

No, Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation would not be Femdom and slave playtime safely tucked away in a park where no one could see you on a leash, forced to crawl on all fours while Miss Kay ballbusted you with her shiny black patent leather stiletto heels.  Stop being such a wimp and wussy boy.   Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation is being out there, visible and vulnerable, where people can see you get smacked, spit on, ballbusted, yelled at and humiliated by your Mistress.  Or if you’re a sissy – you might be forced to go shopping for slutty sissy panties, bras and stockings dressed up like a sissy Barbie Doll while your Mistress and the saleswomen in the lingerie store laugh at your forced sissy shopping spree.  This will be the thrill ride of your life, you will experience more intense shame and humiliation than ever before when Miss Kay humiliates you in public.

Not only can Miss Kay do this to you in a fantasy phone sex call, Miss Kay can force you out in public on your cell phone and make you do this for real!  Call now! 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582

Do you crave a real Ballbusting Mistress one who loves to kick and stomp on your pathetic manhood? I am Miss Kay and yes small dick man, I am that woman. I love  nothing more then to torment and torture your manhood so when you call me you better be ready so hang on to those balls they are about to get busted.

Ballbusting phone sex is one of the many phone sex fetishes out there that extremely popular among my phone sex slave bois. I love to use a mix of CBT and heavy ball busting with some humiliation mixed in for good measure. Before you call have a check list of the following items



Cloth Pins

Nylon thigh highs

A woman’s pump/or boot

Menthol  Rub


Now if you  are ready for the Miss Kay treatment then go to your nearest phone and call, the number is at the top and bottom of this post so even you can find it.  Miss Kay *were balls are busted daily**1-800-TO-FLIRT-0302-4556** CallMissKay.com  Vote All My Links On the Site every 3 Hours…