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14 September, 2011

Are trampling, high heels / stockings worship and foot play kinky fetishes you indulge in? Do you fantasize about a ravishing Giantess squashing cities and towns like in the movie: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? I have perfect Size 7 feet for you to worship or fear. I can be a sensual, seductive foot Goddess or mete out sadistic pain and destruction with my feet. I have two foot slaves who I do private sessions with. For slave “pincushion” I literally walk all over him, stepping on his body with my spikiest heels or leather boots, leaving stiletto impressions and turning him into a human pincushion! If he’s a good pincushion, his reward is that he can sniff and lick my feet and suck on my heels. Sometimes I make him shine my shoes and boots, with his tongue! If he’s not a good foot slave, I kick him out the door, yes, literally! My other foot slave, tootsie roll, loves it when I stomp on his cock and balls. He reports that his balls are pretty useless now and I might as well completely pancake and destroy them with a flying leap onto his testicles to put them out of their misery. Turning him into a eunuch would be amusing. Can you tell I like having power over men with my feet?

I’ve been planning to do a Trampling and Foot CBT mp3 as the newest in my mp3 collection. It will be brutal, because as you know if you’ve listening to some of my other mp3s, I’m merciless when it comes to Femdom. In the meantime, call me on Niteflirt if you want to explore your foot fetish, trampling or Giantess fetishes!



I am a Size Queen Goddess with devastating Double D’s.   I stand 5’6” before I even put my heels on.  I tower over most mere men.  That’s why little men regard me as the Giantess of their dreams and fears.   In 6 inch platform heels, I stare down at them from my Amazonian 6’ 2” height.  I cannot be satisfied sexually by men with small peepees.   To me, small cocks are pathetic and useless little toys.  Why would I want to be fucked by a small cock? 

I only desire huge cocks, at least 8 inches, in fact, 8 inches just meets my minimum cock size.  I prefer cocks from 9” – 14”.  Yes, I have fuck studs and black bulls with porn star sized cocks who know how to please a bitchy and sexually demanding Size Queen Goddess like me.   But I also have a few cuckolds.  Every Size Queen should have cuckolds to use and force to be sexually humiliated for having inadequate small cocks that should never be allowed to penetrate a woman ever again. 

Cuckolds should be forced to wear panties while tied to a chair and watch me take on one of my well hung fuck studs.  Then they should be untied and beg to clean up the superior Alpha male cum that my lovers shoot inside of me.  That is the only access to my sweet spot that cuckolds should ever have,is with their tongues.   I also force my cuckolds to fluff my lovers and suck their well hung manhood, so they know exactly what it’s like to have a huge one in their mouth.  I sometimes even humiliate them by making them stand next to one of my studs and hold their tiny peepee next to my stud’s mega-cock.  This is the ultimate small cock humiliation!

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