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17 December, 2013


It’s time to spoil me for Xmas. I demand all of my loyal slaves and subbies to Tribute me on Niteflirt, send me an eGiftCard to Amazon or buy some prezzies from my Amazon Wish List. If you forget about me on the ultimate gift-giving holiday, I will most likely block you on Niteflirt, until I see an Amazon Gift Certificate in my email inbox at callmisskay@yahoo.com or see that special items from my Wish List have been purchased by you to make up for being a miserly Scrooge instead of a generous St. Nick. You need to prove just how special I am to you as your Femdom. Spending money and buying gifts proves that you might possibly be worthy of my time and attention.

Goddesses as beautiful as I am have a right to be greedy and demanding especially at Xmas. And if you think I don’t know that when you buy something from my Wish List or Tribute me or send me an Amazon eGiftCard that you aren’t getting aroused by spending money on me, think again. I know how you get hard instantaneously at the mere thought of spending money on me or calling me on Niteflirt. And it should doubly arouse you to lavish me with cash or bling at Christmastime. Stop reading my blog and click to Tribute me or click over to my Amazon Wish List now. Let’s see who my spendiest slave or subbie will be this Xmas season!

Miss Kay Tribute

It’s only days away, 33 days to be exact, till Miss Kay takes off for Waikiki. Miss Kay’s birthday and Hawaii trip are coming up in October (October 13th) and all of you need to make this the hottest trip and best birthday for Miss Kay ever! So far, a few of Miss Kay’s special sissies and devoted slaves have gifted Miss Kay with some spendy eGift Cards including two Nordstrom’s eGift Cards, a Zappos eGift Card, a Macy’s eGift Card and a Victoria’s Secret eGift Card — which wasn’t even on Miss Kay’s list, but the sissy wanted to make sure Miss Kay had some new hot Victoria’s Secret lingerie for her birthday vacation.

Miss Kay admirers, all you have to do is click on one of the eGift Card links on the Say Aloha to Your Money list below and enter Miss Kay’s email address:


and make your eGift Card purchase. Buying an eGift Card is totally discreet and the only info that appears on your credit card statement is a purchase from the store or website name. Miss Kay absolutely needs Travelocity eGift Cards and Amex eGift Cards for her airfare and hotel, so get clicky now!

Miss Kay’s Say Aloha to Your Money eGift Card List!

Travelocity eGift Cards
American Express eGift Cards

Charlie Sheen is on a very extravagant and flashy money slave binge.  He doesn’t hand over the cash to his Mistresses discreetly.  He likes to make a big splash spoiling his Mistresses with his television show and movie star cash.  And Miss Kay thinks he should he should get even splashier!   Miss Kay would like to take Charlie Sheen on the Financial Domination ride of his life.  Recently, rich money piggie Charlie gave porn starlet cutie Capri Anderson $12,000, petite porn star Kacey Jordan $30,000, and he gifted his two current Goddesses, model Natalie Kenly and porn star Rachel Oberlin, a/k/a Bree Olsen, with sleek and sexy Mercedes SL  63 AMG roadsters (valued at $66,000 each).  Plus his gorgeous Goddesses are paid nice big fat Goddess tributes just to grace him with their stunning presence!    This is the life for Miss Kay!  But, bitchy Miss Kay would like to take Mr. Moneypig for more than all of these amateur porn stars and models combined.  Financial Domme Miss Kay has far more wallet raping experience with wimpy, spendy money piggies.   With Miss Kay’s bewitching beauty, big hypnotic breasts and Amazonian power, Charlie Sheen would be immediately vanquished, hypnotized and would be at Miss Kay’s feet, writing checks for huge sums of money, handing her his black American Express Card with half million dollar credit line and buying Miss Kay whatever expensive sports car her wicked heart desires.   Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you or your wallet!   Any man can become Miss Kay’s money slave…

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