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If you are a sissy or crossdresser, my new mp3 Pantie Pansy is a must listen for you. Pantie Pansy explores the complete sissy fag experience interwoven with compelling Femdom worship. If you enjoy erotic hypnosis, I must mention that this is not erotic hypnosis by purist standards. However, I layered this expressive recording with a subliminal whisper track featuring an enchanting induction to deepen your listening delectation and hypnotic bliss. You will zone out to my sensual voice and feel carried away by your new sissy lifestyle that I detail for you in Pantie Pansy. The details are exquisite including exactly what you will be wearing as a sissy fem. Hint: Pink frills will bring thrills. I can’t give away all the tantalizing sissy training particulars of your new life as a 24/7 sissy, but I can tell you that your new life is waiting for you when you listen to my new mp3.

All you have to do is click to buy this sissy audio adventure, relax and listen. A new world will be open for you when you allow my voice to penetrate your pansy mind. I also have recorded other sissy mp3s which you must buy from my Niteflirt, Hypnotic-Mistress.com stores. You may also connect with me live on Niteflirt for sissy phone sex sessions or order a custom mp3 tailored to your sissy, crossdresser or forced fem desires. Pricing for custom mp3s are quoted via email. Inquire on Niteflirt or via my email address CallMissKay@yahoo.com.

Do you dare listen to my new mp3 titled Castration Emasculation? If you have castration, emasculation and eunuch fantasies or if you are a sissy considering that you need to get rid of your pathetic little pink balls between your legs, then you need to click, download and listen to Castration Emasculation now! In this mp3, I explore two different castration scenarios, one features a sissy who is being taken further into sissification and another features an evil contest which no forced bi slave thinks he will lose! But what the slave will lose, will cost him his manhood forever!

My seductive voice makes castration sound so tempting, especially since you will be doing it for me. Slaves used to be castrated as a routine in ancient times, I’m talking about in Egypt, Rome, Greece, China. It kept slaves’ libidos from getting in the way of their servitude. Castration was considered an honor. It was an honor to give up one’s balls and devote oneself to servitude to royal beauties as a eunuch!

These days, so many men have this false sense of machismo, when they are so far from being masculine. Of course, I advocate that men who don’t deserve their balls, be castrated! And serve me! You can also call for live phone sex on NeedLive.com to speak with me in more detail about Castration and Emasculation. New members to Need Live receive tokens to use toward phone sex calls. My Castration Emasculation mp3 is available on Niteflirt.com , KinkBomb.com and at my own mp3 store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com


My new Feminization Hypnosis file focuses on a scintillating way for you to become more feminine. It is not just something that will happen during hypnosis, but something you can do every day to make yourself feel more feminine and enhance your progressive feminization. My recording features a quintessential pendulum induction invoking you to feel so sleepy and fall so deep. Just where I want you to be when I introduce the method for you to become more feminine! I don’t want to reveal my method here on my blog, you will just have to click to buy my file now and listen and become totally bewitched and bedazzled!

There is even a surprise in my new recording just waiting for you. The more I study the art of hypnosis and psychology as my major at a local university, the more I learn that I can incorporate into my hypno recordings to make them more powerful experiences for my listeners. When you listen to this hypno recording, you will travel further into your female psyche, where you belong!

I have other sissy and feminization erotic hypnosis files available on my Niteflirt listing and at my erotic hypnosis mp3 store. You will want to listen to all of my recordings again and again to become the ultimate sissy, fem, crossdresser, shemale or forced fem aficionado. There is no limit how far you will go. Hypnosis creates infinite possibilities. I am also available live for erotic hypnosis phone sex on Niteflirt and Sinful Call.
But in the meantime, click now to buy my Feminization Hypno File!Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com Kink bomb or Nite Flirt


All of my slaves should aspire to being as devoted, generous and mindless as my slave “robot”. Now read robot slave’s 10 commandments he must fulfill for me. Become as dutiful as robot now. Become a money slave. Buy and listen to my hypno recordings every day, especially my findom recordings. Work two jobs. Send tributes whenever commanded or triggered. Buy gifts. Make my life easier.

1. I will buy Miss Kay an Amazon Kindle, because I love mine so much, and I want her to have one. (GIFT)

2. Every payday, I will send a tribute thru Paypal for as much money as I can. (TRIBUTE)

3. I will write another custom file for her to do for me. The last one made me a money Robot. The next one will make me a gay cock-sucking Sissy who shaves my body, and makes my breasts get bigger, so my body looks like a woman. (MAKE MISS KAY’S LIFE EASIER)

4. Sometimes, Miss Kay, just out of nowhere, will send me a Presidents name in an email, and I will, without even thinking about it, just send it, if possible. I know she is going to ask for a McKinley ($500.00) next, and I look forward to it. (TRIGGER TRIBUTE)

5. I work 2 jobs because I need to so I can help support Miss Kay, and because she commanded me to. I will work harder at it so I have even more to give her. (WORK HARDER and MAKE MISS KAY’S LIFE EASIER)

6. I will listen to at least one of Miss Kay’s recordings every single day, without exception. Many days I will listen to 3 recordings. I have done this for a long time, and she now owns me. (BUY HYPNO RECORDINGS)

7. One day, I will call Miss Kay, and she will say my trigger, Report to me now, and I will give the balances on my bank accounts. She will then say to bring all the balances to 0, and then send it all to her. I will just do it. (TRIBUTE)

8. One day, I will have enough money, so that I can have the pleasure of sending her a “Cleveland” ($1000.00). (TRIGGER TRIBUTE)

9. I own all of her files already, but any time she brings out a new one, I will buy it. It makes no difference if it is one of my fetishes. If I have to not pay a bill to do this, it will not make a difference. (BUY HYPNO RECORDINGS)

10. I will always do whatever Miss Kay asks. However she wants me to be, I will be; Normal, a Robot, a feminine sissy, or anything else she may think of. I have no will-she just controls me completely. (OBEY! SUBMIT!)

If you haven’t purchased any of my hypnosis files, start with the Money Minions series. The file which robot specifically refers to is Money Minions 3 which makes money piggies send tributes that are related to the Presidents on specific currency. If you are interested in sending tributes, be in touch with me so I can give you the preferred way for me to receive them. If you wish to buy gifts, I have an Amazon Wish List you can peruse to buy what my heart desires. If you have earned as in paid for the privilege, I might even bestow you with a slave name, such as I have dubbed my slave that I have written about here, robot.

30 January, 2013


After I listened to my own newest custom erotic hypnosis audio file “Lesbian Femme” where I transform a work colleague into a forced fem lesbian, I literally couldn’t sit in my pro home studio another minute. The file is so erotic, I got very aroused when I was recording it. Once I finished recording the audio portion of the file, I couldn’t even begin post-production with the music track at that moment. I had to rush back to my bedroom, put on the exact sexy outfit I had depicted myself wearing in the audio file (including stockings) “Lesbian Femme” fantasy running like a film through my head.

Do you know how sometimes a particular fantasy just grabs you? Do you have a fantasy that you want to experience just like a film where I make it so real inside your head? I can turn your fantasy into a totally erotic experience in a custom hypnosis file. Please inquire about pricing with me via email contact or call me on Niteflirt. Custom exclusive files are more expensive than custom. I can record a file that is for you and only you and never to be sold to anyone else, please inquire for pricing for custom exclusive if you have a particular need, such as me addressing you by name in the file to deepen your personalized erotic hypnosis experience.

For now, you must buy and listen to “Lesbian Femme” and see how intensely it arouses you if you are into Forced Fem, stockings fetish and lesbian strapon play.

Attention sissies, it’s swimsuit season and time to get into sexy sissy shape for the pool or the beach! I will guide you through your sissy swimsuit slut transformation from head to toe, including your best bikini look, bikini and leg waxing, the perfect pedicure and the cutest sandals and sissy sunglasses to coordinate with your sissy swimwear. No more spray on tanning or fake and bake tans for you little sissies, it’s time to lay out in the sun and soak up the rays and let your sissy beauty shine. And also, you need to show your total devotion to your Goddess Miss Kay and buy her some lovely new beach attire for this season via Amazon Gift Certificates to cover bitchin’ bikinis, sexy sarongs, suntan lotion and don’t forget Zappos Gift Certs for beach sandals for my perfect feet. I, Miss Kay, go to the beach with my superior girlfriends, and we sunbathe and turn on every man who sees us. Sometimes we even go to a private beach where we can sunbathe topless, you can only imagine! You know you should pay for me to look my hottest this summer!

sissy swimsuit season

I also have more sissy swimsuit season tips for my sissies, but I can’t reveal all my secret tips on my blog, you’ll just have to call me on Niteflirt so I can share all my sissy advice and direct you with my supreme sissy training. I know you can’t resist.

28 March, 2012

I like to take little sissies and turn them into sissy bimbos, completely brainwashed, weak and mindless. A brainwashed sissy will also forget she was ever a man, that is, if she ever was a man before she discovered her true sissy self. Brainwashed sissies are like robo-sissies who do what I, Miss Kay, command. Robo-sissies never disobey or question any sissy assignments or sissy training, no matter how humiliating and no matter if the assignments and training are in public… or in private. A brainwashed robo-sissy is always obedient and eager to serve her Mistress!


You are probably wondering how do I accomplish this sissy brainwashing? Well, I can’t give away all of my secrets, but I am a HypnoDomme who practices hypnosis and brainwashing. Gender reprogramming is part of my plan to turn you into a sissy girlie. After I perform several brainwashing sessions, you will forget your manly self ever existed. You will feel so much more feminine and girlie. Your mind will be deprogrammed as a male and reprogrammed as the mind of a helpless bimbette.

Feeling weaker already just reading about what will happen to you, little sissy, when you call me on Niteflirt and beg to be brainwashed into a sissy bimbo? You should be. There is no going back once you undergo this type of brainwashing and reprogramming. It is permanent. I might also turn you into a brainwashed sissy whore who must be whored out and earn money for me, Miss Kay.

Call Miss Kay on Niteflirt to go on a Sissy Shopping Spree. We can go shopping online or you can go shopping live and have me, Miss Kay, on your cell phone, telling you exactly where to shop and what to buy. There might be some humiliation for you little sissy sluts who like to dress up in girlie girl clothes. So don’t expect to go out shopping in person looking like the man that you aren’t!!! Sissy shopping makes your little clittie get excited doesn’t it? So you know you want to go on a shopping spree and buy whatever Miss Kay tells you… a wig, make-up, jewelry, nail polish, lingerie, stockings, heels or platforms, girlie tops, skirts, dresses, tight jeans, perfume and more.


It’s time for you to become girlier and that means shopping like a girl. I, Miss Kay, as part of my sissy training program, can tell you some sissy girlie shopping secrets and favorite stores to shop at! And don’t forget shopping for me too, by clicking on something girlie on my Amazon Wish List or sending me a Victoria’s Secret eGift Card to my email at callmisskay@yahoo.com. It will give you a thrill to give me something girlie too. Look for me on Niteflirt for sissy training and sissy make-up and hair tips and for a “just girls” sissy shopping spree. You know you crave being more feminine and girlie and I, Miss Kay, will show you the way to becoming the girl that you want to be!

Pantyboys beware, did you think you could just dabble in wearing pink satin panties to feel girlie and masturbate when you do a phone sex call with Miss Kay?  You’ve been warned!   Because, I will make you become a total sissy for me, even if it takes hardcore forced feminization.  I don’t care if you’re married or have a girlfriend, you will be feminized and sissified!  24/7 if I decide to turn you into my sissy bitch!   And don’t think it will just stop with wearing sissy lingerie, girlie clothes, wigs and make-up.  I will make you do sissy shopping and other assignments in public.  You may even be pimped out or have to suck cock for me for free just to amuse me and follow my Femdom whims.  I want to be sure you get my message!  Being my sissy is much more than just phone sex calls to Miss Kay!  I am a zealous forced fem Goddess and you exist to serve me as a sissy or fem.

Sissy Girl

I will also mold you into whatever type of sissy I feel like, because I can!  You know how some women have doll collections?  Well Miss Kay has a sissy collection, and I might make you become my Barbie, bimbo or ballerina or whatever sissy doll I decide!   I might even make you become a tranny girl and take it even further including hormones and body modifications.  So don’t call me for sissy phone sex on Niteflirt, call me to be sissified or forced feminized!

Are you fascinated by hypnosis, but have been too timid to try a hypnosis session?  Let me guide you into a new world, inside your mind, and take you where you’ve only dreamed of going.  It’s time to make your transition complete.  Do you want to become a pretty sissy?  A total faggot?  Or a beautiful girl?  It’s all possible through hypnosis.  I can penetrate the conscious layers of your mind and reach your subconscious within a relaxing, but exhilarating hypnosis session.

When you engage in a phone sex call about your sissy, femmy or forced bi fantasies, you are only sharing your fantasies at the conscious level.   You still have too much control over what a Mistress can enact with you.   Then, when you hang up the phone or have your orgasm, for many of you, that terminates your fantasies.  With hypnosis, I can implant triggers, both visual and verbal and I can influence your behaviors, without you even knowing that is happening.  With hypnosis, I can squelch any defense mechanism your mind has erected and reach you, the essence of you and draw you out, transform you.

Stop fighting your inner needs and inner drives, it only creates conflict, and inner conflict is very unhealthy and counterproductive to who you really want to be and how you really want to feel.  Hypnosis is the answer if you want deeper and lasting sissification, faggotization or feminization.   Hypnosis is very powerful and lasting.  We should make the journey together into your mind now. Soon I will have hypnosis MP3s for you to be brainwashed by ME. Call ME now and become MY science project.

1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582