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Want to see the messiest gloryhole ever? Then watch this youtube gloryhole video clip. Seriously though, I am planning on a new mp3, yes, more ear porn for you erotic audiophiles. My newest mp3 will be about going to the gloryhole! Wouldn’t you like to be on my “gloryhole crew” getting that “hot stuff” for me. Yeah I’ll tell you what hot stuff you’ll be getting at the gloryhole, and it won’t be strip mining either! Well… you will be stripping, down to your panties and sucking cock at the gloryhole! If you haven’t already been to a gloryhole, this mp3 will be your gloryhole initiation, and if you have already been to the gloryhole, my mp3 will turn you into a gloryhole addict.

All of my mp3s are extremely popular. I get emails begging me to make more. Of course, being the manipulative bitchy Goddess that I am, I will be getting a kick out of making my ear porn recording forcing you cockwhores to your knees, not in front of me, but in front of superior cock you will be sucking for me. You will be sucking cock for me whether you’re a newbie cockwhore or you’ve already been broken in at a gloryhole booth. All of you gloryhole cocksuckers will be down on your knees, bobbing your heads up and down on cocks. Yes, you read that right, cocks, plural, more than one, one is not enough! Look for my gloryhole mp3 soon. The mp3 will be on my website, on Niteflirt and My Flirt Store.

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