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Pantyboys beware, did you think you could just dabble in wearing pink satin panties to feel girlie and masturbate when you do a phone sex call with Miss Kay?  You’ve been warned!   Because, I will make you become a total sissy for me, even if it takes hardcore forced feminization.  I don’t care if you’re married or have a girlfriend, you will be feminized and sissified!  24/7 if I decide to turn you into my sissy bitch!   And don’t think it will just stop with wearing sissy lingerie, girlie clothes, wigs and make-up.  I will make you do sissy shopping and other assignments in public.  You may even be pimped out or have to suck cock for me for free just to amuse me and follow my Femdom whims.  I want to be sure you get my message!  Being my sissy is much more than just phone sex calls to Miss Kay!  I am a zealous forced fem Goddess and you exist to serve me as a sissy or fem.

Sissy Girl

I will also mold you into whatever type of sissy I feel like, because I can!  You know how some women have doll collections?  Well Miss Kay has a sissy collection, and I might make you become my Barbie, bimbo or ballerina or whatever sissy doll I decide!   I might even make you become a tranny girl and take it even further including hormones and body modifications.  So don’t call me for sissy phone sex on Niteflirt, call me to be sissified or forced feminized!

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