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My mind control skills are so powerful I can turn men into complete mind control sex robots. Robots who are programmed to do as I command. Robots who can form no thoughts of their own or make any actions unless commanded by their Goddess Miss Kay. You can become one of my mind control sex robots when you call me on Niteflirt and I use mind control hypnosis to transform you from a mere man into a machine, a mind control sex robot controlled by me. You will be given a robot name and you will answer on command. Everything you do will be programmed by me, you will work for me, you will show your servitude to me, and I will decide whether you will be given the privilege of getting any robot sex pleasure. Robot sex pleasure is when a robot is allowed to stimulate (stim) itself, but only if its owner permits it to stim itself. And then it will only be given such reward if it deserves the reward for doing what Goddess Miss Kay has ordered it to do for her.


Robotic mind control hypnosis is a complete abandonment of the male self into becoming a mechanical pet, owned and used by Goddess Miss Kay. You can become a sex robot sissy or robot French maid too, think of the Jetsons cartoon robot maid. You can be dressed as a sex robot French maid and forced to serve me as my personal French maid, ordered to do as I command. You should call me on Niteflirt to experience this ultimate form of mind control where I turn you into a mind control sex robot.

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