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5 February, 2012

It’s time to empty your head (both of them – wink wink) and empty your wallet. You will feel so weak in my presence, so weak under my hypnotic, seductive powers that I will empty your brain of all your burdens. Imagine the peacefulness as I drain all the stress, wipe away all the worries, remove all the thoughts racing through your mind, and leave you in a relaxed state of bliss and emptiness. Imagine the blissful feeling of being relieved of your other burden, your money. Yes, your money is stress, worry, hassle and a heavy burden to bear. You will find that you will achieve a deeper state of bliss if you allow me to empty your head and empty your wallet. Let’s explore Empty Head Empty Wallet in a little detail…

Empty Head Empty Wallet

As a plus, you will find that my Empty Head Empty Wallet hypno or mind control will arouse you and compel you. You will call me to seek me out for financial domination mind control and hypnosis to give till you are empty, blissed out and completely drained. Don’t fear emptiness, embrace it for its beauty and serenity. You will call me on Niteflirt and I will take over your head and wallet. It will be painless, you will be anesthetized by my hypnotic induction and I will relieve you of all your fears, worries and troubles while I also take away the burden of your money. I will lighten your load, pun intended, and empty your head and empty your wallet. Call now!

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