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21 February, 2012

I have the perfect plan for you to get addicted or rather “addickted” to dick! You will become a glory hole addict for me and go to the glory hole every day and suck dick! Cock and cum will take the place of one of your three meals a day, so you will be on Miss Kay’s pure protein diet. You will begin to salivate just like one of Pavlov’s experiments whenever you start thinking about cock and then you won’t be able to satisfy your craving till you have a cock in your mouth and you’re sucking it and waiting for those balls to blow your pure protein creamy shake down your throat. Admit it, you know how much cock turns you on. If you don’t call me on Niteflirt, then call me now be ordered to the glory hole to suck cock. You may already call me on Niteflirt to jerk to your glory hole experiences and now I can make you even more addicted to the glory hole. Bring your knee pads if you don’t want your bitch knees to get sore sucking cock after cock after cock.


You shouldn’t deny your cocksucking impulses to be a bi bitchling or total faggot for me. It’s a total privilege for you to serve me this way. Remember every cock you will suck, you will suck for me, your Goddess, Miss Kay. Get to the glory hole or adult bookstore or xxx sex store now and gobble some cock!

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