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8 April, 2012

Whatever Kim Kardashian wants, Kim Kardashian gets. Kim calculates every man move she makes from her first husband at twenty to an R&B artist and producer, all of her wealthy star athlete boyfriends such as football players Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, her sex tape rapper boyfriend Ray J, her second husband basketball player Kris Humphries, also a star athlete, and now Kanye West, one of the wealthiest rappers and renowned to be very well hung. Kanye confesses he has fallen for Kim and even wrote a rap song about his lust for her called “Theraflu”. Kim K and Kanye have been seen dating in NYC and getting intimate. Kanye has said the relationship is serious, which makes you wonder if he’s fallen head over heels. But could this be just another maneater move by Kim?

kim k kanye

The whole Kardashian clan thrives on publicity and is in the news almost every day. Kim’s paparazzi photo values are some of the highest in the tabloid biz. Many have compared Kim to Elizabeth Taylor and say she’s the Elizabeth Taylor of this generation, going only for men with money to further her career and personal wealth, not caring who she leaves behind to maintain her superstardom and fatten her coffers. Her worth is estimated to be in the thirty million dollar range and her empire covers boutique stores, perfume, her reality show, her sky high personal appearance and endorsement fees and more. Clearly, a businesswoman in addition to being a maneater. We’ll have to see if her relationship with Kanye lasts longer than her marriage of 72 days!!!

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