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I know most of you have gotten used to my style. Most of the time my style is fun and sexy, a little seductive, a little campy sometimes, and always satisfying. After Confession, I realized that there are some of you that want to feel me take a greater hold inside of you. I know some of you long for a sense of emotional control and manipulation, wanting me to be your Goddess and not just your favorite hypno-domme.

Possession is not for my casual listeners, and is not for anyone that doesn’t want to feel me take a greater hold of your mind. There is a great deal of emotional manipulation here, and you may not like the techniques I use to take away control. I take a very strong hand with you in this file. and while my induction might be direct, it is very soft and very overwhelming.
Still, that is nothing compared to what makes Possession truly special.
You will cum in this file, and you will cum very early. I know that for some of you, my files can be a wonderful and sexy guided masturbation experience where you fall into a soft light trance and follow along until I let you cum. If you listen to Possession, you might be surprised at what happens after you orgasm, and you might find yourself listening to me in a very different way.

There will be lasting effects if you listen to Possession, and unless you want to belong to me, you might want to listen to something else. Of course, I know you’re curious, and I know you think you might be able to resist me. I think you should try…

Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

-Love Miss Kay.

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