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24 June, 2012

You’ve heard of Gay for Pay in porn I’m sure… It’s when straight porn actors do gay sex scenes only for the money. Well now, I, Miss Kay, have a new game called Pay for Gay and it involves gay sex and money! You will be doing gay sex and paying me! Every time you go to the gloryhole or sexstore to suck cock, you will be sending me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more for the privilege of sucking cock for your supreme Goddess. Do you think you get to suck cock and have gay sex for free?? No!! And every time you run an ad or answer an ad on Craigslist or Backpage or any other men for men or gay sex ads, you will send me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more to my email address: callmisskay@yahoo.com. It’s a privilege to have a Goddess presiding over your gay sexcapades, and having gay sex with other men isn’t free, you fags, so pay up like good little cocksuckers should.

I know so many of you just go out and suck cock or even get fucked in your pussy asses, and you think you can just give it away for free? That’s not the way it works. You are being given the privilege of sucking cock and going gay for me, and the privilege comes with a price of $50 or more to me, Miss Kay. So if you want to go Pay for Gay, get out your credit card, pay your Amazon eGift Card privilege tax and call me on Niteflirt to tell me about your gay sexcapades.

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