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Kim Kardashian sex tape rumors are swirling again and this time the rumors are focused on a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape. The Kim and Kanye sex tape rumors are not that a sex tape exists… yet… instead the rumor mill has it that Kanye wants to make a sex tape with Kim. This would not be a sleazy sex tape, Kanye conceptualizes that it would be an art sex film. Kanye has not been linked to a sex tape before and he’s not interested in making a sex tape for money or fame, since he has achieved both without having to take the sex tape train to fame. The sex tape he envisions, apparently, would be a private sex tape for him and for Kim to enjoy of their hot sex together. But what usually happens is these celebrity sex tapes get lifted or hacked from smart phones, laptops, etc., and get sold to a company like Vivid Entertainment, known for their sex tape portfolio. So celebrities like Kim and Kanye will always have an inherent risk in making their own sex tape.


Kim Kardashian is known as a Size Queen who only goes for men who are well hung, and primarily, black bulls. The Ultimate Size Queen leaves behind a long list of black and biracial lovers and ex-husband(s) including Damon Thomas – R&B singer and producer, Reggie Bush – football player, Ray J – rapper, Miles Austin – football player, Kris Humphries – basketball player. Kim is a Size Queen and a man eater, moving from large cock to large cock to satisfy her Size Queen lust.

Many celebrity bloggers feel that Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to make another sex tape. Been there, done that with Ray J! And she too has achieved her fame and fortune, her estimated worth is $30 million. So she hardly needs to make a sex tape for the money or the fame at this point. But she is like a tiger chasing her tail and as she chases fame, fame chases her. Maybe she would make another sex tape and if she broke up with her black bull Kanye, she would release it. Call me on Niteflirt and let’s talk about black bulls fucking hot white Size Queens in porn and on sex tapes.

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