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polished toes

Piggies must love and worship my sexy feet, each toe, each little piggie, so beautiful and slender. So soft from moisturizer and foot massages and pedicures. Pedicures that you should be paying for piggies, to keep my perfect piggies looking beautiful and exquisite! You should fantasize about Miss Kay foot worship now. How I love having my toes sucked on while you look up into my eyes, your tongue licking the arches of my resplendent feet… And don’t you think my feet would look so much superior in a brand new pair of high heels? Or with alluring toe rings? Yes, of course they will! So my little money piggies, send me an e-gift card for Zappos.com and prove that you worship the very feet you desire to be enslaved by. (Please send the Zappos.com e-gift card to CallMissKay@yahoo.com and enter my name, Kay Sparks, on the e-gift card online form.)

I bet you would spend an entire week’s pay just to kiss my feet and heels. Or have my soft soles press up against your face. I am nothing short of a Goddess, and you will even kiss the ground I walk on, where my feet or heels have stepped. This Goddess loves her trendy pedicures and she thinks her pet piggie banks should pay for this little luxury. Should I slide my toes back into your wallet, while they hypnotize you, pulling out twenty after twenty, and the grande finale? Pulling out your Amex card. You will be toe-tally intoxicated. Come on pay piggies, make Goddess Kay approve of your foot piggie place in my world and send me those e-gift cards and pedicure tributes.

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