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I just choked on my latte after seeing some of the pathetic little needle dicks you sluts have been showing me on email and cam.  I mean, seriously, my girlfriends have bigger clits than you have pricks!  Does your wife even feel that little thimble when you’re fucking her?  You must use tweezers to jack yourself off!  Here’s what’s going to happen next time I end up wasting my Starbucks after viewing your tiny, pathetic little worms. I am gong to send you a penis pic of a REAL man, while you diddle your little dicklettes begging me to let you squirt.  You probably jizz what, a droplet out of that teenie little weenie?!  You couldn’t impregnate a fucking mouse with that thing.  Sigh.  Just what is a Queen to do?  You call, you pay, and then you offer up a dick so small I would need a magnifying glass to find it.  Don’t let me get started on your balls! Or should I say marbles?!  .


One of the most pathetic things I witnessed lately was a six-foot tall, married ex-football player, who reluctantly exposed his little  parts to me.  I literally laughed until I cried, pointing at it in disbelief.  It pointed right back at me, all three inches of it.  This little clit looked so ridiculous attached to such a big guy, and his balls must have been undescended or something.  I thought I was going to suffocate, I laughed so hard.  When I finally told him to jerk it for me, it looked even more hilarious watching his tiny little nub disappear into those big hands-it looked like a little mouse hiding in its hole.  Then, there was the model stud with the big muscles who was so lacking downstairs, I wondered if he had accidentally shaved it off along with the rest of his hair.  His woman asks him to strap one on over his pathetic thimble, ‘cause she can’t feel a thing.  Sad, just sad.


Since I really don’t know what else to do, I am going to offer you tiny-dick panty boys a challenge.  The Dicklette Challenge will run the whole month of December.   Send me photos of your little clits and I’ll post the smallest one, just to humiliate you further.  My girlfriends and I just love to point and laugh at your pathetic little stubs.  So, go.  Take some humiliating photos of your teenie weenies and make them good.  Dress them up in panties, tie a little bow around them, I don’t care.  Just make it as humiliating as you can.  One more thing it costs to be on my site so the small penis tax is 100.00 paid by amazon gift card that will keep on for 2 week

Here is the first small dicklette who paid his small penis tax: dicklette small penis boy pissed me off so I took down his pics stay tuned for my loser list addition it will now cost him double  to have his pics placed back up on my blog…


Loser small penis boy sent me another 100.00 small penis tax so here  is another pic of his itty bitty


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