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Sleeper Agent 1 and 2 are among my top selling Erotic Hypnosis mp3s. When I receive an email or chat query regarding which hypnosis file I recommend someone explore first, I recommend Sleeper Agent 1 followed by Sleeper Agent 2. Now I present Sleeper Agent 3! This new file in the Sleeper Agent series is 55 minutes long and features Brainwashing, Stupefication, Amnesia, Enslavement, multiple Triggers, a Hypno Game, Deep Trance, Half Trance, Financial Domination, Tributes, Amazon and Edging. My seductive voice along with light background music are sure to enchant you. What makes this audio experience so unique is that the actual experience will last much longer than the running time of the file itself. This is because you will be suspended in a half trance at the close of the recording and invited to interact with me virtually by visiting my blogs, my Twitter, anywhere you can interact with me online to stay focused on me and my power over you.

You will also send multiple Tributes and feel compelled to send an Amazon Gift Card. Yes, this file does focus on Findom. I know some of you don’t enjoy Findom Hypnosis, but it is very popular and of course, it ultimately benefits me, Miss Kay! I invest a lot of time and energy in creating my hypno files and I should be appropriately rewarded. You can experience the bliss of Sleeper Agent 3 by visiting my Hypnosis mp3 Store Hypnotic Mistress and buying this hypno file right now. You can also buy Sleeper Agent 1 and 2 to add the complete series to your collection if you haven’t already!

Sleeper Agent Keri Russell in The Americans

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