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…And this truth was uttered by a most weak, seduced and broke slave who gave it all to Miss Kay…  Really little weaklings, do you think you deserve any of the money you have banked, invested or the money you make from your job or business?  You know the answer little slaveboys.  I, Miss Kay, deserve it.  And I will take it.   I use my powers of seduction, blackmail, breast hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, chastity enforcement, financial slavery and any other mind control or mind fuck powers I possess to take it all.  What did I get in 2011 from my little weak minions?  A new car, a birthday trip to Hawaii, thousands of dollars in gift certificates, gifts and of course, cash!

Money Slaver

If you haven’t already given me everything, to the last cent, it will happen to you soon.  I am weaving my web around you, perhaps I will be smothering you with my DD breasts till you can’t breathe and then you cry out for mercy and beg to give me all of your money.  Or perhaps I will hypnotize you into giving me everything, including signing over assets to me.   Don’t fear being broke or having nothing.  It will be out of total servitude to me that you will live like a pauper or bum.   And you will consider that a privilege.  I, Miss Kay, am only continuing the history of femdom royalty, femdoms who for thousands of years took everything from their slaves.  After all, slaves aren’t allowed to have possessions, slaves aren’t allowed to have money.  They must live in complete worship and devotion to their Goddess.  Call me on Niteflirt to begin your adventure to poverty!

My mind control skills are so powerful I can turn men into complete mind control sex robots. Robots who are programmed to do as I command. Robots who can form no thoughts of their own or make any actions unless commanded by their Goddess Miss Kay. You can become one of my mind control sex robots when you call me on Niteflirt and I use mind control hypnosis to transform you from a mere man into a machine, a mind control sex robot controlled by me. You will be given a robot name and you will answer on command. Everything you do will be programmed by me, you will work for me, you will show your servitude to me, and I will decide whether you will be given the privilege of getting any robot sex pleasure. Robot sex pleasure is when a robot is allowed to stimulate (stim) itself, but only if its owner permits it to stim itself. And then it will only be given such reward if it deserves the reward for doing what Goddess Miss Kay has ordered it to do for her.


Robotic mind control hypnosis is a complete abandonment of the male self into becoming a mechanical pet, owned and used by Goddess Miss Kay. You can become a sex robot sissy or robot French maid too, think of the Jetsons cartoon robot maid. You can be dressed as a sex robot French maid and forced to serve me as my personal French maid, ordered to do as I command. You should call me on Niteflirt to experience this ultimate form of mind control where I turn you into a mind control sex robot.

12 December, 2011


You crave the ultimate control and giving up that control to a manipulative, powerful, dominant woman. The ultimate control is blackmail. And I, Miss Kay, am the ultimate at blackmail. You will not just be playing blackmail games or playing out your blackmail fetish scenario. The bottom line is you will be blackmailed, hardcore and without mercy. I don’t care if you lose your job, family, friends, all your money, everything! In fact, destroying you is a cruel and delicious idea.

Warning: This isn’t just blackmail phone sex where you get to jerk off to your blackmail fantasy to intensify your orgasm and hang up. This is hardcore blackmail where I will get all the information I need from you and then… Let the Blackmail Begin. I will get names, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, photos and secrets. You will relinquish the information I need because out of your weakness, you truly want to be my blackmail bitch. And secretly, you want to be fucked over or else you wouldn’t go to the edge. And the edge is a very dangerous place to be, especially because I am there with you. And I could just push you over the edge and fuck you over.

The idea of fucking you over makes my pussy wet, it’s the only way you can turn me on, don’t even dream about fucking me, you’re not worthy, moneypig. But blackmailing you, getting your money and having complete control over you is my ultimate thrill. Email me on Niteflirt and I will send back a pay-to-view email response about how we will begin our blackmail relationship. Or call me on Niteflirt to begin your descent into the ultimate hardcore blackmail.

Consider yourself privileged that I am even making this offer to all of you sissies and slaveboys. Any of you can be a part of my new deviant Art Gallery here on my blog. Send me a photo of yourself whether you are a prissy sissy, slave, cucky, underhung wimp, fetish freak, gloryhole gagger or money piglet. I will post your photo in my deviant Art Gallery, for a price! Do you think art gets hung up in galleries for free? And if you change your mind about having your pathetic photo in my Art Gallery, you will also have to pay me to take it down! But if you enjoy public humiliation and knowing that you will now be a part of my deviant art collection that my girlfriends can also look at and laugh at, then email me your picture now and include your Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

Miss Kay Art Gallery

I know most of you will start getting excited about sending me your photo and knowing that you will be part of my deviant and kinky collection of slaves and sissies here on my blog. Check back to see more photos of other sissies and slaves as they are added to my Art Gallery! No photos will be put up without a Tribute, so don’t bother sending a photo without the proper Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

27 November, 2011


I know most of you money piggies have 401K’s that you contribute to on a weekly or biweekly basis for your future retirement. And the company you work for makes a matching contribution to your 401K. Well now you will be making a matching contribution to my 401Kay! Remember, you may earn money from your work, but your Goddess Miss Kay deserves it more than you do. And now, money pets, you also must plan for the future of your Goddess, by making 401Kay contributions weekly or biweekly.

Click on my 401Kay contribution button and begin investing in Miss Kay’s future. You will be required to contribute as often as you are paid, remember there are rules governing 401K’s and these same rules apply to my 401Kay! You will not miss a 401Kay contribution! Miss Kay deserves your complete devotion and servitude and that includes a financial commitment to contribute toward Miss Kay’s future with as much investment, if not more, as you place in yours.

So, money slaves, click the 401Kay button now and invest in Miss Kay’s financial security. A Goddess deserves to have everything taken care of in life now and for the future. Be a good little piggy bank and put “bank” in Miss Kay’s 401Kay today!

26 November, 2011
Miss Kay Rules

Miss Kay thought it would be wise to list her Rules on her blog so that sissies and slaves would know exactly what Miss Kay’s Rules are.  Break the Rules?  You will be punished.  Break them repeatedly?  You will be blocked and banished.

1.  Miss Kay is a Supreme Goddess.  You will always treat her as a Deity.

2.  You will address Miss Kay as Goddess, Miss or Mistress, but never just as “Kay”.

3.  You will put Miss Kay above all.  Above any women in your life, above other Goddesses.  Miss Kay is the Supreme Goddess.

4.   You will tribute or send Gift Cards to Miss Kay on important holidays.  You will tribute or send Gift Cards when requested (example:  trip to Hawaii) for which Miss Kay will post on her blog.

5.   You will buy all of Miss Kay’s hypnotic erotic ear porn mp3’s and when a new mp3 is introduced, you will add it to your collection.

6.   You will call your Phone Sex Mistress, Miss Kay, on Niteflirt often and you will tip after your call.

7.   When you call Miss Kay for phone sex hypnosis, you will allow sufficient time for an in-depth hypnosis call.   Anything less would be disrespectful of Miss Kay.

8.     Do not waste Miss Kay’s time with cut&paste mass emails about your fantasy or fetish.  Miss Kay will only respond with a Payment Request to read and respond.

9.    You should never end your call with Miss Kay by “click” hanging up and not thanking Miss Kay or bidding a proper good-bye  to the Supreme Goddess.  How disrespectful if you do…

10.    You will become Miss Kay’s slave and fill out her Slave Contract.  Devote yourself to your Supreme Goddess!

22 October, 2011
Jail House Chastity Device

There is no doubt that all sissies, cuckies and compulsive prick pullers should be put in chastity. But in the newest mp3 audio file in my ear porn collection, I also explore why Chastity is also a form of cock control and devotion. I seductively implore and demand you surrender your cock to me and let me lock it up in a cock cage. This new mp3 engages you in erotic Chastity. Listen and have your Chastity device ready to use or fantasize about how I will control your cock and orgasms by keeping your cock locked.

After you listen to my new Chastity mp3, you will be compelled to call me live on Niteflirt to explore your chaste desires in a phone sex session. You may also be compelled to call me to explore Chastity Hypnosis where I hypnotize you not to touch your cock unless I give you permission. I will have complete control over your erotic being. You will surrender to me that deeply if you give yourself to me during an erotic hypnosis session.

This Chastity mp3 is an audio file you will download once you click the button and buy it. You will own this mp3 file and you will be able to play it whenever you want. This is not a Niteflirt phone recording you will have to pay per minute to listen to. I have many erotic mp3 files here in my collection, indulge in my Chastity mp3 file now and check out my others to fulfill your erotic listening needs.

Sometimes when boys think about forced feminization and the idea of being forced gay/bi they think to themselves “the only cock I want to touch is mine” but in the back of their mind, in the secret little place behind all of the other nasty thoughts and submissive desires there’s a tiny little voice that says, “nothing would show me how weak I am like that would”.

I would never dream of saying everyone wants to feel “that” weak and helpless, and I’m not saying that the Vegas Vixen Series (its a series by the way) is just for boys that want to push their limits, but what I am saying is I know what you;re thinking and I know what you want. The Vegas Vixen series is all about GLAMOR my future lovely ladies, glamor and sex.  And you can trust that with a name like Vegas Vixen, you’ll be bound leave your inhibitions to doing some exhibition of your own once you’re ready.

If you’re wondering why I chose Vegas, its because Vegas is wonderful!  Everything is just a little bit sexier, a little bit freer, and a whole lot more fun.  Where else would you want to go to let go of your day to day life and just escape into the wild irrepressible and irresistible woman you’ve always wanted to be?

In part 2, “Ladies Night” you’ll be getting all dressed up for your big night out, but first you really need to come to terms with just why you love the idea of being such a seductive and sexy woman.  Even if you aren’t new to forced fem and gay/bi you just might be surprised about the secret that I’ve know about you all along.

I wanted to take some time to talk about Vegas Vixen. This is maybe the most hardcore file I’ve released when it comes to forced femme and forced gay/bi content. I wouldn’t want any of you to buy this file without knowing what it is all about.

If you have ever wanted to experience being forced out of your regular boundaries, or that you are a little curious about going gay, this is the file for you. Some of you may enjoy the fantasy of being forced, and some of you might just want an mp3 about dressing up like a woman and sucking cock, but I’m sure if you’re reading this then you are at least curious about what it’s like.

If you are curious, or if you just love forced femme and forced gay/bi I really want you to take a chance and experience this opportunity. I know some forced files can have a very heavy humiliation element, and I know that might be keeping some of you from getting to experience what you want, but I promise that you will find Vegas Vixen One a very inclusive and empowering experience.

Did I mention it’s going to have sequels? After all, getting to be the woman you want isn’t going to happen overnight.

27 September, 2011


My new Small Penis Humiliation mp3 is completely cruel humiliation for all of you small penis losers. If you think you can take a massive dose of super strength humiliation, then you need to click, buy and download this Small Penis Humiliation mp3 now.  Is it making your little dick twitch to have such a hot Goddess, yours truly, Miss Kay, make fun of worthless widdle weewees?  Look at my perfect body and bodacious double DD’s, you can never have me or these luscious melons, but you can have my wicked wrath!  Served up in an SPH mp3.  Say no to listening to one-time-only pay per minute phone recordings that you don’t own, you will own this mp3 if you buy it.  You can download and play it on your computer, smart phone or iPod.  You can and should humiliate yourself over and over by listening to me brutally berate pickle dicks and laugh about how pathetic pickle peenie puppets are!   While you stroke yours, of course.  I know you small penis losers can’t resist jacking off to the slightest breeze, let alone to my hot nasty voice as I put you down right where you belong.

I even let a few of my girlfriends listen to this small penis humiliation mp3 before unleashing it on you losers and they literally were ROFL about how mean I was. Think you can take it?  Click now and buy my Small Penis Humiliation mp3.  What are you waiting for?  Your dick to grow?  Ha!