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22 October, 2011
Jail House Chastity Device

There is no doubt that all sissies, cuckies and compulsive prick pullers should be put in chastity. But in the newest mp3 audio file in my ear porn collection, I also explore why Chastity is also a form of cock control and devotion. I seductively implore and demand you surrender your cock to me and let me lock it up in a cock cage. This new mp3 engages you in erotic Chastity. Listen and have your Chastity device ready to use or fantasize about how I will control your cock and orgasms by keeping your cock locked.

After you listen to my new Chastity mp3, you will be compelled to call me live on Niteflirt to explore your chaste desires in a phone sex session. You may also be compelled to call me to explore Chastity Hypnosis where I hypnotize you not to touch your cock unless I give you permission. I will have complete control over your erotic being. You will surrender to me that deeply if you give yourself to me during an erotic hypnosis session.

This Chastity mp3 is an audio file you will download once you click the button and buy it. You will own this mp3 file and you will be able to play it whenever you want. This is not a Niteflirt phone recording you will have to pay per minute to listen to. I have many erotic mp3 files here in my collection, indulge in my Chastity mp3 file now and check out my others to fulfill your erotic listening needs.

Sometimes when boys think about forced feminization and the idea of being forced gay/bi they think to themselves “the only cock I want to touch is mine” but in the back of their mind, in the secret little place behind all of the other nasty thoughts and submissive desires there’s a tiny little voice that says, “nothing would show me how weak I am like that would”.

I would never dream of saying everyone wants to feel “that” weak and helpless, and I’m not saying that the Vegas Vixen Series (its a series by the way) is just for boys that want to push their limits, but what I am saying is I know what you;re thinking and I know what you want. The Vegas Vixen series is all about GLAMOR my future lovely ladies, glamor and sex.  And you can trust that with a name like Vegas Vixen, you’ll be bound leave your inhibitions to doing some exhibition of your own once you’re ready.

If you’re wondering why I chose Vegas, its because Vegas is wonderful!  Everything is just a little bit sexier, a little bit freer, and a whole lot more fun.  Where else would you want to go to let go of your day to day life and just escape into the wild irrepressible and irresistible woman you’ve always wanted to be?

In part 2, “Ladies Night” you’ll be getting all dressed up for your big night out, but first you really need to come to terms with just why you love the idea of being such a seductive and sexy woman.  Even if you aren’t new to forced fem and gay/bi you just might be surprised about the secret that I’ve know about you all along.

I wanted to take some time to talk about Vegas Vixen. This is maybe the most hardcore file I’ve released when it comes to forced femme and forced gay/bi content. I wouldn’t want any of you to buy this file without knowing what it is all about.

If you have ever wanted to experience being forced out of your regular boundaries, or that you are a little curious about going gay, this is the file for you. Some of you may enjoy the fantasy of being forced, and some of you might just want an mp3 about dressing up like a woman and sucking cock, but I’m sure if you’re reading this then you are at least curious about what it’s like.

If you are curious, or if you just love forced femme and forced gay/bi I really want you to take a chance and experience this opportunity. I know some forced files can have a very heavy humiliation element, and I know that might be keeping some of you from getting to experience what you want, but I promise that you will find Vegas Vixen One a very inclusive and empowering experience.

Did I mention it’s going to have sequels? After all, getting to be the woman you want isn’t going to happen overnight.

27 September, 2011


My new Small Penis Humiliation mp3 is completely cruel humiliation for all of you small penis losers. If you think you can take a massive dose of super strength humiliation, then you need to click, buy and download this Small Penis Humiliation mp3 now.  Is it making your little dick twitch to have such a hot Goddess, yours truly, Miss Kay, make fun of worthless widdle weewees?  Look at my perfect body and bodacious double DD’s, you can never have me or these luscious melons, but you can have my wicked wrath!  Served up in an SPH mp3.  Say no to listening to one-time-only pay per minute phone recordings that you don’t own, you will own this mp3 if you buy it.  You can download and play it on your computer, smart phone or iPod.  You can and should humiliate yourself over and over by listening to me brutally berate pickle dicks and laugh about how pathetic pickle peenie puppets are!   While you stroke yours, of course.  I know you small penis losers can’t resist jacking off to the slightest breeze, let alone to my hot nasty voice as I put you down right where you belong.

I even let a few of my girlfriends listen to this small penis humiliation mp3 before unleashing it on you losers and they literally were ROFL about how mean I was. Think you can take it?  Click now and buy my Small Penis Humiliation mp3.  What are you waiting for?  Your dick to grow?  Ha!


Calling all Cuckolds!  Actually, you will be calling your new Cuckold
Goddess Miss Kay live on Niteflirt  after you listen to my
new Cuckolding mp3.  My Cuckolding mp3 explores in exact detail how you
would serve me and
my stud lovers as a submissive cuckold bitchboi.  If you have a small
penis, this
mp3 is also for you as I dish out some nasty small penis humiliation
with a
cuckold twist.  I don’t just fantasize about having cuckolds, I turn men
into cuckolds.  I get a hot sexual rush from being a Cuckold Goddess.
Cuckolding will be your sexual destiny too, if you aren’t fuck-worthy.
Click now to listen to my complete Cuckold Goddess philosophy and
lifestyle in my
Cuckolding mp3.

Once you download my Cuckolding mp3, you can listen to it anytime you
want on your PC, smart phone or personal mp3 listening device such as an
iPod.  Any of my mp3s are yours to own forever, unlike erotic and
audio recordings on phone sex sites which you have to pay per minute to
listen to, and which you obviously can’t download.  So if you need a
wicked dose of cuckolding from a dominant Goddess to keep you in your
pathetic place as a cuckold bitchboi, buy my Cuckolding mp3 now!  You
might just regret it as you leave your  unmanliness behind forever and
become my
cucky!  And if you desire a Cuckolding session with your Cuckold
Goddess Miss Kay, look for me live on Niteflirt   Get
clickity cucky and buy my Cuckolding mp3 now!

This is a non hypno MP3

24 September, 2011

Do you like taking risks? Do you get a thrill from the fear of the unknown? Do you have a fetish for being controlled by a beautiful, dominant Goddess? Be careful what you wish for! My Mind Control audio file is one of my most insidious mp3 recordings yet. In this mp3 I will introduce you to my diabolical form of mind control. But I must warn you, once you are under my control, I will manipulate you like putty in my hands, pull your strings as if I’m playing with a puppet and if it amuses me, I might even use you till you are completely used up. Power and control are my sexual thrills. I think you can tell by looking at my photos that I toy with men, because I can. I enjoy getting into a man’s head, both of them.

The best part of my Mind Control mp3 is that once you buy it, you will own it and can replay it, put it on a loop or fall asleep while listening to it for subliminal penetration, it’s yours! And if you want me to control you live, I’m available on Niteflirt for remote mind control sessions by phone. I can also do tailor custom Mind Control mp3s, these are not inexpensive. Email me at callmisskay@yahoo.com for more details. But for now, you must click and buy the Mind Control audio file and begin your journey into my wicked web.

24 September, 2011

Symptoms:  Compulsive masturbation, porn addiction, staring at pictures and videos of hot chicks or porn stars on the internet for hours, staring at hot girls in real life and putting them in your spank bank for later, over-enjoyment of masturbation to the point where you’d rather masturbate to your fetish or fantasy than have sex with your girlfriend, wife or even a hooker.

Treatment:  Chastity.  You will go cold turkey on masturbating!  That’s right jerkers, I will lock up your dick and keep it locked up in a chastity device until I decide you deserve a release.   Sometimes I will just make you milk your prostate with a dildo or prostate milker, relieve the pent up pressure and wait till I decide you’ve done enough for me, groveled, begged, proved that you have earned your pathetic orgasm.  Why do I say your orgasm is pathetic?  Think about it, it only lasts about 10 seconds!  All that time, all those hours you’ve spent getting aroused, masturbating, for what, a 10 second spurt!

Locked up by Miss Kay!
Program:  You will be be serving me, Miss Kay, and putting your formerly compulsive sexual energy to work by calling me on Niteflirt and doing paid assignments for me.  I didn’t say Chastity would be easy, quitting an addiction never is, but you will feel like a new world has opened up to you.  A world of freedom from your masturbation and porn addiction!  A world where you will devote yourself to your Goddess, Miss Kay!

14 September, 2011

Are trampling, high heels / stockings worship and foot play kinky fetishes you indulge in? Do you fantasize about a ravishing Giantess squashing cities and towns like in the movie: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? I have perfect Size 7 feet for you to worship or fear. I can be a sensual, seductive foot Goddess or mete out sadistic pain and destruction with my feet. I have two foot slaves who I do private sessions with. For slave “pincushion” I literally walk all over him, stepping on his body with my spikiest heels or leather boots, leaving stiletto impressions and turning him into a human pincushion! If he’s a good pincushion, his reward is that he can sniff and lick my feet and suck on my heels. Sometimes I make him shine my shoes and boots, with his tongue! If he’s not a good foot slave, I kick him out the door, yes, literally! My other foot slave, tootsie roll, loves it when I stomp on his cock and balls. He reports that his balls are pretty useless now and I might as well completely pancake and destroy them with a flying leap onto his testicles to put them out of their misery. Turning him into a eunuch would be amusing. Can you tell I like having power over men with my feet?

I’ve been planning to do a Trampling and Foot CBT mp3 as the newest in my mp3 collection. It will be brutal, because as you know if you’ve listening to some of my other mp3s, I’m merciless when it comes to Femdom. In the meantime, call me on Niteflirt if you want to explore your foot fetish, trampling or Giantess fetishes!


When I sat down to write Imagination I couldn’t stop thinking of the Twilight Zone, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Elvira. I know a lot of you boys probably love both of those things, and I do too. The Elvira character is the kind of fun, sexy, sassy, and powerful woman that inspired me to want to chain you to a wall and…well that would be telling you a little too much now wouldn’t it!

Now where does the Twilight Zone fit in with all this? I wish I could say there’s a secret mysterious story that will unfold as you listen, but there isn’t. I promise “Nothing” in this file will come out of nowhere and surprise you. There’s “Nothing” in Imagination that will surprise you and overwhelm you. And you certainly won’t be shocked at all about what happens as you find yourself falling asleep watching TV when a mysterious spiral starts to spin as your new favorite show begins. No, there’s “Nothing” not a single thing in Imagination that will overwhelm you at all. I promise!

…and if you’re wondering why I’ve named this file “Imagination”, it’s because this file is all about how I can use your imagination to seduce and enslave you. Even though this file is fun and sexy (especially if you liked Witching Hour) it is a great way to let yourself practice your visualization and your ability to simply let go.

Out of all of my files to this point, I believe that this might be the easiest introduction to hypnosis that I am offering. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but you will orgasm while you listen, and if you have a hard time with letting go you will find that this is going to be a great experience.

Miss Kay Tribute

It’s only days away, 33 days to be exact, till Miss Kay takes off for Waikiki. Miss Kay’s birthday and Hawaii trip are coming up in October (October 13th) and all of you need to make this the hottest trip and best birthday for Miss Kay ever! So far, a few of Miss Kay’s special sissies and devoted slaves have gifted Miss Kay with some spendy eGift Cards including two Nordstrom’s eGift Cards, a Zappos eGift Card, a Macy’s eGift Card and a Victoria’s Secret eGift Card — which wasn’t even on Miss Kay’s list, but the sissy wanted to make sure Miss Kay had some new hot Victoria’s Secret lingerie for her birthday vacation.

Miss Kay admirers, all you have to do is click on one of the eGift Card links on the Say Aloha to Your Money list below and enter Miss Kay’s email address:


and make your eGift Card purchase. Buying an eGift Card is totally discreet and the only info that appears on your credit card statement is a purchase from the store or website name. Miss Kay absolutely needs Travelocity eGift Cards and Amex eGift Cards for her airfare and hotel, so get clicky now!

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