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14 August, 2011

Christmas in July may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on for those who worship and adore me, Miss Kay. This recent Christmas in July was the merriest ever, so many gifties disappeared from my special Amazon Wish List and reappeared at my front door. For August and beyond, how can you stay in the spirit of giving to your Goddess? I’ll tell you exactly how you can keep on giving. Three words: Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon Gift Cards are perfect, since I can apply them to my Amazon account and save up for a mega purchase like new furniture. New furniture is definitely on my mind, but I haven’t decided which specific pieces yet as I’m consulting with one of my girlfriends who is an interior designer. Amazon sells furniture and just about everything you can think of that a Goddess needs. Make it happen. Show your adoration by clicking on the Amazon Gift Card below and sending an Amazon Gift Card to me via email. Let me reassure you, Amazon Gift Cards are completely anonymous, they are sent directly from Amazon.com email and all I will see is the name you choose to reveal as the sender of the card. Yes, you can use your slave name or money piggie nickname to send an Amazon Gift Card and you can also write me a personalized message as well. I know some of you need absolute discretion and Amazon.com purchases are not a red flag to the wife or girlfriend who might be snooping over your credit card statement. So click now and be sure to enter my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Amazon.com Gift Card

8 August, 2011

You’ve seen CFNM porn sites, but have you really experienced CFNM other than masturbating to CFNM porn videos and pics? Now you can experience it when you call me for CFNM phone sex. You can experience all the humiliation of being totally naked in front of me live while I control your cock and orgasm. I really get off on this type of cock and orgasm control domination play. Why? Because I get to keep my clothes on lol and because it’s exciting for me to turn you into my naked humiliated bitch. I know you really want to see my natural double DD’s, but in CFNM phone sex, I can tease you all I want, and keep my top on. You’re at my femdom mercy.

We can do a hot CFNM roleplay that you’ve been fantasizing about or I can just tell you exactly what’s happening in my CFNM scene and everything that I’m doing to your naked body. CFNM is reality porn. And live CFNM chat is reality phone sex. Reality phone sex is the new phone sex by the way, not fake moans and ooooh fuck me baby. That’s the phone sex of the past. So if you’ve been checking out the CFNM porn sites or you’ve been a big fan of CFNM, but you don’t know who to call to explore your CFNM desires with or you crave some CFNM interactivity to get off really good, then you need to call me live on Niteflirt or Talk Sugar!

Crystal Harris not only snagged Playboy’s Playmate of the Year award, but she also snagged Playboy’s founder, octogenarian Hugh Hefner.  A 61 year age difference didn’t seem to bother Crystal when she accepted Hugh’s marriage proposal and ‘blinding headlight’ engagement ring.  However, Crystal called off the engagement recently and spilled some juicy details about her sex life with Hefner on Howard Stern’s radio show, or rather her lack of a sex life with Hefner.  She told Howard Stern that Hefner couldn’t get it up.  And that Hefner couldn’t take Viagra any longer, because of one of the most dreaded side effects, no, not an erection lasting 4 hours or more, but blindness.  So his dick was shriveled and useless, yes, Crystal was talking about small penis humiliation live on Howard Stern!  Howard Stern even admits that he has a small dick.  But Howard accepts his fate and even self-humiliates himself about his own small dick live on air.  This didn’t stop a hot blond actress and model, Beth Ostrosky, from marrying Stern and his small penis, 18 years older than she is, and marrying his money of course. 

So what other details did Crystal Harris confess to Howard about Hefner?  She said they only had sex one time during their relationship and that it was a premature ejaculation disaster with Hef only lasting about 2 seconds!  The moral of the true life small penis humiliation and premature ejaculation stories?  Beautiful women will always get engaged to or even marry rich men, but then they may regret their decision when they decide that a boring sex life with an underhung or impotent man isn’t going to work out, despite how much money the man has.

When some boys are naughty, they want to get caught and to be punished by Miss Kay, but others are naughty and definitely don’t want to get caught for their illicit endeavors. Did billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen, including current CNN anchor Piers Morgan, think that the illicit acts they were committing were above the law? Murdoch’s corporate wire-tapping endeavors could take down his empire. Newscorp is now in jeopardy as Murdoch’s dirty deeds are being blasted in the media and in investigative hearings. Piers Morgan, pompous prime time host of Piers Morgan Tonight, may have committed wiretapping fraud, by using password phone hacks to access sensitive voicemail messages. Where Morgan totally failed is that he detailed this in his book, The Insider. Morgan specifically wrote about how he entered four digit phone passwords to listen to messages. While Morgan has tried to circumvent direct questions regarding what he wrote in his book and to “spin” what he wrote into something innocent, the public and media do not believe his lame explanations to deflect focus from his written admission that he engaged in wiretapping or phone hacking in order to fulfill stories while he worked at Newscorp’s News of the World and The Daily Mirror tabloids.

Murdoch has taken a pie in the face and endured other public humiliation. Which in my opinion he deserves. Perhaps you’ve been very naughty too and need to be given some public humiliation assignments to punish you? Or perhaps you need to confess your dirty deeds? Call Miss Kay and tell me how bad you’ve been!

It’s Christmas in July for Miss Kay and you will either be playing Santa by helping me celebrate this sizzling hot weather holiday with some cool prezzies from my Amazon Wish List! …Or if you’re a little piggy bank slave, then you will get clicky and send me triple digit Tributes. …Or if you’re a Financial Domination slut, then you will be playing one or all of my Financial Domination Games and drain your wallet for me!

Christmas in July is about the spirit of giving to Miss Kay, because you know I deserve everything I want! I’ve expanded by Amazon Wish List tor this holiday month and nothing will excite me more than to see items on my Wish List showing as “Purchased” and knowing that in a few days thereafter, the UPS truck will be pulling up with my special gifts from you. And also, you know it will excite
you to give presents or money to your Goddess.

In ancient times, worshipful admirers bestowed gifts to their favorite Goddess at her temple, so you will be carrying on in the historical tradition of worshiping a powerful, supreme Goddess and gifting her as she demands. Often, cataclysmic events were blamed on angry Goddesses who had not been shown enough Tribute! So make this the best Xmas in July for Miss Kay, ever…Don’t disappoint me as I know other Flirts are raking in the prezzies and Tributes.

So click on my Amazon Wish List button and buy some gifts to show your devotion or click on one of my Tribute Buttons or play one of my Financial Domination Games now!

Buy my Christmas in July mp3 to find out exactly how to please me for this summer holiday as well as to stroke to my Gift and Tribute instructions. If giving gifts or tributes of money excites you, this mp3 will especially appeal to you. Or if you are intrigued by Goddess or Femdom mind control, this mp3 is a must as I take complete control and give you a mantra that you make you helpless and force you to follow my command!

In the mood for more of Miss Kay’s ear porn? I’m going to be producing two new mp3s every week and I’m open to ideas for mp3s if you have a special fetish or fantasy. Email me and let me know. This week, I was in a mood to get really nasty. Do you get into fantasies about sissification or even Forced Feminization? Well, I just finished recording a really hardcore forced fem mp3 that will leave you as feminized as a lingerie model and ultra girlie when I’m done transforming you. I will really get into your head with this mp3, so if sissy play and forced fem are your fetishes, don’t miss this mp3. Click now to buy it if your clittie is already hard just thinking about being my sissy bitch girl.

Public humiliation assignments are included to make you feel even more of a sissy bitch. Ever wonder what it would be like if a hot Goddess like me took complete control of you and forced you to come out as a sissy girl? Well, after you listen to my mp3, you won’t have to wonder. As your Forced Feminization Goddess, I lay it on the line. I’m tired of playtime sissies who just want to be part-time little panty boys who only slip on a pair of silky panties when they feel horny and want to rub their clits. It’s time to go total sissy and my mp3 will force you to become a full time sissy and not just a clittie masturbation sissy. Click now to hear my latest mp3 on Forced Feminization!

In my newest MP3 ear porn,you will be playing my Financial Domination Game. The Game seems very simple, but sometimes the simplest of Games are the most complex, because you don’t realize you’ve been drawn into a game and seduced into complete money slavery from which there is no escape! In this MP3, I don’t use hypno techniques per se, instead I use suggestive techniques which are very powerful and compelling. If financial domination or complete ruination are your fetishes or fantasies you want to bring to realities, then you don’t want to miss listening to my MP3 ear porn and playing my Financial Domination Game.

Have you been looking to be enslaved and owned financially by a beautiful Femdom? In this FinDom MP3 Game, I’m going to be completely upfront, I will take over your finances, I will own you. Ha! I bet you started to get hard just thinking about being my pathetic moneypig. Now is the time to click the button and start your journey to financial enslavement or total financial ruination. Once you pay for your MP3 via Niteflirt, you will automatically receive the link to download the MP3 ear porn file. You will own this MP3 and you can listen to it over and over, to reinforce your enslavement, to trance out on my voice. You can also call me live on Niteflirt to deepen your submission to a superior Goddess or click one of my tribute buttons to show me that you are indeed my moneypiggie.

Before I tell you about the magic behind Witching Hour, I wanted to offer a special thank you to all of the good boys (and girls and girly-boys) that answered my poll. It was nice to read what all of you wrote, and it is nice to know you think about hw hypnosis affects you. I wanted to share a little secret that one of you pointed out in their comments:
Just by following my instructions you are acting on my suggestions and that makes you just my kind of suggestible.
I remember the first time I was hypnotized. I remember thinking, “oh that was different, but is that it?”. My hypnotherapist friend (the one who has taught me, and is continuing to teach me everything I know about hypnosis) told me that for some people they need to practice trancing, just like anything else.
There’s so much to know about how and why hypnosis works. How are you suggestible, what you respond to, how your mind works, and on and on. There is so much pure technical and practical knowledge that can go into a truly deep trance that it can really feel like it breaks the fantasy.
I don’t know about you boys, but I love the fantasy.
Did you know that for a difficult subject, or a poor boy who just feels like he can’t let go, the easiest thing is to pretend? Did you know that sometimes the best experiences you can have in trance are ones you don’t realize are happening until after you’re done? Sometimes, the best way to let me hypnotize you is to just pretend and use your imagination.
I wrote Witching Hour because it is one of my fantasies, and I know it is one of yours too. I know a lot of you were exposed to being hypnotized slaves from stories and cartoons, and I know a lot of you love the idea of falling under a sexy witch’s spell. Wouldn’t you love to get lost in the woods and find me waiting outside my cottage, ready to lure you inside? Or maybe you’d love to fall me down into the depths of my castle dungeon entranced and mesmerized, ready for me to finish your enslavement…
You can be honest with me, you’ve thought about being completely helpless, enchanted and bewitched, totally enslaved. I know some of you have given up on that, thinking that it is just a fantasy, but why does it have to be just a fantasy?
Why not try and pretend a little bit for me?
Maybe the fantasy is closer to reality than you think.
Maybe if you let yourself believe, you might fall for me.
Maybe if you let go and pretend, you might not be pretending in the end.
And who knows, you might start responding to all my commands without thinking, without hesitating, and without even thinking of saying no.
Maybe once I hypnotize you, and even if you think you are just pretending, it might start to feel just like magic.
Wouldn’t it be nice to let your fantasy come?
Maybe you would like to let me hypnotize your imagination and then all of your dreams can come true.
-Love Miss Kay
PS: Please don’t think I’ve forgotten about all of you good boys that love to be teased and denied. I have something special that is going to change the way you think of having your orgasm controlled.

Sometimes when I sit down to write I pick my brain for that perfect gem and just stare at that blank piece of paper until the ideas start to come.

 I know it’s a shock, but yes, I do use paper and a pen to get started.  There’s something nice about doing things the old-fashioned way.  I know it might also surprise you that even though I have a notebook full of ideas and outlines, I’m never happy with just those ideas.  Sometimes an idea that isn’t brand new doesn’t make me want to write and record.  I think sometimes I get tired of my older ideas because I’ve been thinking them over for so long I need something new.

 And sometimes I get a request for a custom…

I know all of you have really loved Remember to Forget, and I have to say it is the best, most thought out request I’ve received so far.  It’s just too bad the boy who requested it doesn’t remember what he asked me for.  I know some of you are also having that problem too, and more than a few of you have bought it more than once, you poor sweet things.  It’s amazing how suggestible you can be when you want to be suggestible. 

Have I ever shared how much I love that you all love to surrender?  Have I ever told all of you how much I love that you can let your mind do just what I want it to? 

 I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get off topic like that.  I want to talk a little bit more about Remember to Forget.

A big part of the file is temporary stupefaction.

I know plenty of boys that wish there was a “himbo-fication” file just for them.  I know plenty of boys that don’t want to feel like a ditzy girl to feel empty headed and simple.  I know how smart so many of you are, and how much power that intelligence gives you.  Wouldn’t you love to let go of that particular power?  Wouldn’t you love to take a break from being so smart?  I know how hard being so smart makes everything, and I promise you’ll love how easy letting go and getting dummied down for me can be.

I promise, it’s only temporary.

And that’s just part of the full hour and change you can spend surrendering to me.

I’d hate to think any of you would miss something so wonderful that you haven’t been able to get anywhere else.

-Love Miss Kay

Want to see the messiest gloryhole ever? Then watch this youtube gloryhole video clip. Seriously though, I am planning on a new mp3, yes, more ear porn for you erotic audiophiles. My newest mp3 will be about going to the gloryhole! Wouldn’t you like to be on my “gloryhole crew” getting that “hot stuff” for me. Yeah I’ll tell you what hot stuff you’ll be getting at the gloryhole, and it won’t be strip mining either! Well… you will be stripping, down to your panties and sucking cock at the gloryhole! If you haven’t already been to a gloryhole, this mp3 will be your gloryhole initiation, and if you have already been to the gloryhole, my mp3 will turn you into a gloryhole addict.

All of my mp3s are extremely popular. I get emails begging me to make more. Of course, being the manipulative bitchy Goddess that I am, I will be getting a kick out of making my ear porn recording forcing you cockwhores to your knees, not in front of me, but in front of superior cock you will be sucking for me. You will be sucking cock for me whether you’re a newbie cockwhore or you’ve already been broken in at a gloryhole booth. All of you gloryhole cocksuckers will be down on your knees, bobbing your heads up and down on cocks. Yes, you read that right, cocks, plural, more than one, one is not enough! Look for my gloryhole mp3 soon. The mp3 will be on my website, on Niteflirt and My Flirt Store.