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18 January, 2013


You faggot sluts shouldn’t be providing your services at the gloryhole for free, you should be making money for your supreme Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay. What makes you think you can take your faggot ass down to a gloryhole and give away freebie blow jobs or booth bangs? If you want to be sucking cock or taking it in your man pussy, you need to be making me cash. Gloryhole or gay bar, it doesn’t matter where you go, you need to go down to that gay bar or adult sex store with the gloryhole booths in the back and start charging those doms or tops $$$$. You need to call me on Niteflirt to discuss how much you should be charging as my Gloryhole Gigolo. That money is mine as your Goddess and Pimptress. I won’t have you little dick crazed minions out giving or getting pleasure while I get nothing from it. I will have a minimum set for your gigolo services. And if you can’t extract that $$$$ from the doms or tops you hook up with, you will have to ante it up anyway and then send it to me in Niteflirt tributes. I know you want to please your Goddess and Pimptress. And nothing will please me more than all of you out making money for me, my Gloryhole Gigolos. So, now little fag boys, work for the money I so rightly deserve. Your Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay, will be waiting for regular Gloryhole Gigolo Tributes.

Consider yourself privileged that I am even making this offer to all of you sissies and slaveboys. Any of you can be a part of my new deviant Art Gallery here on my blog. Send me a photo of yourself whether you are a prissy sissy, slave, cucky, underhung wimp, fetish freak, gloryhole gagger or money piglet. I will post your photo in my deviant Art Gallery, for a price! Do you think art gets hung up in galleries for free? And if you change your mind about having your pathetic photo in my Art Gallery, you will also have to pay me to take it down! But if you enjoy public humiliation and knowing that you will now be a part of my deviant art collection that my girlfriends can also look at and laugh at, then email me your picture now and include your Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

Miss Kay Art Gallery

I know most of you will start getting excited about sending me your photo and knowing that you will be part of my deviant and kinky collection of slaves and sissies here on my blog. Check back to see more photos of other sissies and slaves as they are added to my Art Gallery! No photos will be put up without a Tribute, so don’t bother sending a photo without the proper Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

Crystal Harris not only snagged Playboy’s Playmate of the Year award, but she also snagged Playboy’s founder, octogenarian Hugh Hefner.  A 61 year age difference didn’t seem to bother Crystal when she accepted Hugh’s marriage proposal and ‘blinding headlight’ engagement ring.  However, Crystal called off the engagement recently and spilled some juicy details about her sex life with Hefner on Howard Stern’s radio show, or rather her lack of a sex life with Hefner.  She told Howard Stern that Hefner couldn’t get it up.  And that Hefner couldn’t take Viagra any longer, because of one of the most dreaded side effects, no, not an erection lasting 4 hours or more, but blindness.  So his dick was shriveled and useless, yes, Crystal was talking about small penis humiliation live on Howard Stern!  Howard Stern even admits that he has a small dick.  But Howard accepts his fate and even self-humiliates himself about his own small dick live on air.  This didn’t stop a hot blond actress and model, Beth Ostrosky, from marrying Stern and his small penis, 18 years older than she is, and marrying his money of course. 

So what other details did Crystal Harris confess to Howard about Hefner?  She said they only had sex one time during their relationship and that it was a premature ejaculation disaster with Hef only lasting about 2 seconds!  The moral of the true life small penis humiliation and premature ejaculation stories?  Beautiful women will always get engaged to or even marry rich men, but then they may regret their decision when they decide that a boring sex life with an underhung or impotent man isn’t going to work out, despite how much money the man has.

When some boys are naughty, they want to get caught and to be punished by Miss Kay, but others are naughty and definitely don’t want to get caught for their illicit endeavors. Did billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen, including current CNN anchor Piers Morgan, think that the illicit acts they were committing were above the law? Murdoch’s corporate wire-tapping endeavors could take down his empire. Newscorp is now in jeopardy as Murdoch’s dirty deeds are being blasted in the media and in investigative hearings. Piers Morgan, pompous prime time host of Piers Morgan Tonight, may have committed wiretapping fraud, by using password phone hacks to access sensitive voicemail messages. Where Morgan totally failed is that he detailed this in his book, The Insider. Morgan specifically wrote about how he entered four digit phone passwords to listen to messages. While Morgan has tried to circumvent direct questions regarding what he wrote in his book and to “spin” what he wrote into something innocent, the public and media do not believe his lame explanations to deflect focus from his written admission that he engaged in wiretapping or phone hacking in order to fulfill stories while he worked at Newscorp’s News of the World and The Daily Mirror tabloids.

Murdoch has taken a pie in the face and endured other public humiliation. Which in my opinion he deserves. Perhaps you’ve been very naughty too and need to be given some public humiliation assignments to punish you? Or perhaps you need to confess your dirty deeds? Call Miss Kay and tell me how bad you’ve been!

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