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18 January, 2013


You faggot sluts shouldn’t be providing your services at the gloryhole for free, you should be making money for your supreme Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay. What makes you think you can take your faggot ass down to a gloryhole and give away freebie blow jobs or booth bangs? If you want to be sucking cock or taking it in your man pussy, you need to be making me cash. Gloryhole or gay bar, it doesn’t matter where you go, you need to go down to that gay bar or adult sex store with the gloryhole booths in the back and start charging those doms or tops $$$$. You need to call me on Niteflirt to discuss how much you should be charging as my Gloryhole Gigolo. That money is mine as your Goddess and Pimptress. I won’t have you little dick crazed minions out giving or getting pleasure while I get nothing from it. I will have a minimum set for your gigolo services. And if you can’t extract that $$$$ from the doms or tops you hook up with, you will have to ante it up anyway and then send it to me in Niteflirt tributes. I know you want to please your Goddess and Pimptress. And nothing will please me more than all of you out making money for me, my Gloryhole Gigolos. So, now little fag boys, work for the money I so rightly deserve. Your Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay, will be waiting for regular Gloryhole Gigolo Tributes.

28 March, 2012

All of Miss Kay’s subbies should crave cock. Whether fagboys get broken in by me, Miss Kay, on my strap-on first or go straight to cock, subbies must indulge their craving. Subbies will be sent to the ABS (Adult Bookstore) a/k/a the Glory Hole, XXX theater or gay bar (leather bar) or if none of these are in your area you fagboys, you will have to go online and consult a website for the hook-up hot spots in your area. Yes, you will be sucking cock for me, Miss Kay. And some of you who haven’t sucked cock yet will also be trained on the art of cocksucking using a dildo.

suck cock for Miss Kay

If you don’t already own a large lifelike dildo, you will order one from my sex toy store. I will send you the link to my sex toy store where you will buy that dildo. Then I will either make you go on your cam where I will watch you suck cock so I can instruct you… Or I will listen to you while we are on a phone session together. Be ready to learn how to deep throat cock, since that is what men expect of you subbie cock sluts. Be ready to gag and be ready to learn how to swallow cum. If you don’t already love to suck cock and crave it, you will. I can even hypnotize you to crave cock or crave cock more than you already crave it now. You can find me on Niteflirt for cocksucking training or cocksucking assignments!

21 February, 2012

I have the perfect plan for you to get addicted or rather “addickted” to dick! You will become a glory hole addict for me and go to the glory hole every day and suck dick! Cock and cum will take the place of one of your three meals a day, so you will be on Miss Kay’s pure protein diet. You will begin to salivate just like one of Pavlov’s experiments whenever you start thinking about cock and then you won’t be able to satisfy your craving till you have a cock in your mouth and you’re sucking it and waiting for those balls to blow your pure protein creamy shake down your throat. Admit it, you know how much cock turns you on. If you don’t call me on Niteflirt, then call me now be ordered to the glory hole to suck cock. You may already call me on Niteflirt to jerk to your glory hole experiences and now I can make you even more addicted to the glory hole. Bring your knee pads if you don’t want your bitch knees to get sore sucking cock after cock after cock.


You shouldn’t deny your cocksucking impulses to be a bi bitchling or total faggot for me. It’s a total privilege for you to serve me this way. Remember every cock you will suck, you will suck for me, your Goddess, Miss Kay. Get to the glory hole or adult bookstore or xxx sex store now and gobble some cock!

Want to see the messiest gloryhole ever? Then watch this youtube gloryhole video clip. Seriously though, I am planning on a new mp3, yes, more ear porn for you erotic audiophiles. My newest mp3 will be about going to the gloryhole! Wouldn’t you like to be on my “gloryhole crew” getting that “hot stuff” for me. Yeah I’ll tell you what hot stuff you’ll be getting at the gloryhole, and it won’t be strip mining either! Well… you will be stripping, down to your panties and sucking cock at the gloryhole! If you haven’t already been to a gloryhole, this mp3 will be your gloryhole initiation, and if you have already been to the gloryhole, my mp3 will turn you into a gloryhole addict.

All of my mp3s are extremely popular. I get emails begging me to make more. Of course, being the manipulative bitchy Goddess that I am, I will be getting a kick out of making my ear porn recording forcing you cockwhores to your knees, not in front of me, but in front of superior cock you will be sucking for me. You will be sucking cock for me whether you’re a newbie cockwhore or you’ve already been broken in at a gloryhole booth. All of you gloryhole cocksuckers will be down on your knees, bobbing your heads up and down on cocks. Yes, you read that right, cocks, plural, more than one, one is not enough! Look for my gloryhole mp3 soon. The mp3 will be on my website, on Niteflirt and My Flirt Store.

Tell me all of your dirty  little secrets….I promise I won’t tell anyone….Do you Need someone
to talk to? Whats on your mind sissy boy? Do you need direction and help with all of your fetishes, then you have come to the right place..Perhaps perverted  fantasies run thru your head… like the one were are at a glory hole being used and abused.
Don’t be nervous just give me a call I a very open minded and love to talk about everything I don’t care how sick and twisted it is.

You’ll feel much better after you’ve told
me everything. Don’t worry, you’re not going to shock me.

Call to confess……I’ll bet you have TONS of secrets,
and you’ll feel much better once you’ve shared them with me. I’m
waiting here, I’m ready to hear your confessions so call now ……….



I have thought about the sissies over the years that I have trained and when they were disobedient I would have to think of creative ways of punishing them. Here are a few of my favorites…
1} I have made a sissy go to his local adult book store and pay the manager on duty, hand over his pants and strip down to his panties then he would be placed in a booth with a glory hole. Sissy would have to service 3 men and be serviced by 3 men. All of this would be witnessed by the manager. How do I know this was done, well I would have the managers number and would be in close contact with him while all this was going on. I always get a good laugh out of this one.
2} This punishment is more radical but just as fun, for the sissy that loves to be outed and seen , I had a sissy that was a chronic pantie thief so to make sure that all the ladies in the neighborhood were safe I had him dress up in a baby bonnet and rumba panties with white lace socks and maryjane’s and carry a large sign marching up and down the street saying that he was a panty thief and he apologizes.A friend of his took a pic and emailed it to me so I could share in that special moment.
3} I had a sissy that did not do his sissy chores as asked he was sent over to a homeless shelter to assist in any way that he could use his sissy maid skills. I explained to the shelter manager that sissy maid was misbehaving and had to atone for this sin by doing some charitable deed that I deemed fit. I made sure sissy maid was dressed in the new french maid’s outfit that we purchased together over the Internet and had the staff take lots of pics of the event.Needless to say all involved with this good deed were very amused.  Miss Kay Sissy Trainer