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15 September, 2013


Khloe Kardashian isn’t handling the Lamar Odom situation the way I would handle it if he were my husband. It seems like she’s waiting for him to self destruct instead of taking over and dispatching him to rehab pronto. Her husband is out of control and instead of imposing mandatory rehab, he now has his own apartment, personal driver and continues to embarrass himself, Khloe and the Kardashian clan by his suspect behavior. Talk about public humiliation! Lamar spent six weeks this past summer living with a female lawyer who is now selling her sordid story to any tabloid who will pay her. Khloe eventually stepped in and extricated Lamar from his greedy enabler, but instead of immediately having him whisked off for treatment, Khloe did not exert femdom control and take action. Now Lamar is hanging out near a known hood which is the worst possible thing for anyone under the influence or in denial that he has a problem.

Lamar had it tough growing up. Only basketball and the riches that the sport brought him saved him from a thug life. Signs of his issues arose earlier this year. He was let go from the Mavericks mid-season due to alleged drug use. Most likely his baller career is over unless he pulls through this and even then, it is highly unlikely that an NBA team would take a risk on an older player with a recently sketchy past. He could possibly play ball for a team outside the USA as a celebrity attraction, but his chances of pulling that rabbit out of a hat are looking as slim as he is right now. Khloe Kardashian earns over $10 million a year on her reality show plus business endeavors including a cosmetic and fashion line. She should either disassociate herself from her troubled husband completely and file for divorce or take total femdom control over this embarrassing predicament.

Consider yourself privileged that I am even making this offer to all of you sissies and slaveboys. Any of you can be a part of my new deviant Art Gallery here on my blog. Send me a photo of yourself whether you are a prissy sissy, slave, cucky, underhung wimp, fetish freak, gloryhole gagger or money piglet. I will post your photo in my deviant Art Gallery, for a price! Do you think art gets hung up in galleries for free? And if you change your mind about having your pathetic photo in my Art Gallery, you will also have to pay me to take it down! But if you enjoy public humiliation and knowing that you will now be a part of my deviant art collection that my girlfriends can also look at and laugh at, then email me your picture now and include your Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

Miss Kay Art Gallery

I know most of you will start getting excited about sending me your photo and knowing that you will be part of my deviant and kinky collection of slaves and sissies here on my blog. Check back to see more photos of other sissies and slaves as they are added to my Art Gallery! No photos will be put up without a Tribute, so don’t bother sending a photo without the proper Miss Kay Art Gallery Tribute!

Crystal Harris not only snagged Playboy’s Playmate of the Year award, but she also snagged Playboy’s founder, octogenarian Hugh Hefner.  A 61 year age difference didn’t seem to bother Crystal when she accepted Hugh’s marriage proposal and ‘blinding headlight’ engagement ring.  However, Crystal called off the engagement recently and spilled some juicy details about her sex life with Hefner on Howard Stern’s radio show, or rather her lack of a sex life with Hefner.  She told Howard Stern that Hefner couldn’t get it up.  And that Hefner couldn’t take Viagra any longer, because of one of the most dreaded side effects, no, not an erection lasting 4 hours or more, but blindness.  So his dick was shriveled and useless, yes, Crystal was talking about small penis humiliation live on Howard Stern!  Howard Stern even admits that he has a small dick.  But Howard accepts his fate and even self-humiliates himself about his own small dick live on air.  This didn’t stop a hot blond actress and model, Beth Ostrosky, from marrying Stern and his small penis, 18 years older than she is, and marrying his money of course. 

So what other details did Crystal Harris confess to Howard about Hefner?  She said they only had sex one time during their relationship and that it was a premature ejaculation disaster with Hef only lasting about 2 seconds!  The moral of the true life small penis humiliation and premature ejaculation stories?  Beautiful women will always get engaged to or even marry rich men, but then they may regret their decision when they decide that a boring sex life with an underhung or impotent man isn’t going to work out, despite how much money the man has.

Want to see the messiest gloryhole ever? Then watch this youtube gloryhole video clip. Seriously though, I am planning on a new mp3, yes, more ear porn for you erotic audiophiles. My newest mp3 will be about going to the gloryhole! Wouldn’t you like to be on my “gloryhole crew” getting that “hot stuff” for me. Yeah I’ll tell you what hot stuff you’ll be getting at the gloryhole, and it won’t be strip mining either! Well… you will be stripping, down to your panties and sucking cock at the gloryhole! If you haven’t already been to a gloryhole, this mp3 will be your gloryhole initiation, and if you have already been to the gloryhole, my mp3 will turn you into a gloryhole addict.

All of my mp3s are extremely popular. I get emails begging me to make more. Of course, being the manipulative bitchy Goddess that I am, I will be getting a kick out of making my ear porn recording forcing you cockwhores to your knees, not in front of me, but in front of superior cock you will be sucking for me. You will be sucking cock for me whether you’re a newbie cockwhore or you’ve already been broken in at a gloryhole booth. All of you gloryhole cocksuckers will be down on your knees, bobbing your heads up and down on cocks. Yes, you read that right, cocks, plural, more than one, one is not enough! Look for my gloryhole mp3 soon. The mp3 will be on my website, on Niteflirt and My Flirt Store.

Private humiliation pffft!  Any slave can be shamed or humiliated by his Femdom Mistress in her dungeon or play space.  Shame and humiliation are absolute thrills, but let Miss Kay tell you about shame and humiliation that is even more wicked and thrilling.  Perhaps you haven’t experienced it yet, but you fantasize about what it would be like if Miss Kay humiliated you.  In public!  Yes, you, a man or a sissy slut, humiliated by a bitchy Mistress right in public.  Imagine the shame and humiliation when everyone can see what cruel and embarrassing things Miss Kay does to you while she laughs.

No, Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation would not be Femdom and slave playtime safely tucked away in a park where no one could see you on a leash, forced to crawl on all fours while Miss Kay ballbusted you with her shiny black patent leather stiletto heels.  Stop being such a wimp and wussy boy.   Miss Kay’s definition of public humiliation is being out there, visible and vulnerable, where people can see you get smacked, spit on, ballbusted, yelled at and humiliated by your Mistress.  Or if you’re a sissy – you might be forced to go shopping for slutty sissy panties, bras and stockings dressed up like a sissy Barbie Doll while your Mistress and the saleswomen in the lingerie store laugh at your forced sissy shopping spree.  This will be the thrill ride of your life, you will experience more intense shame and humiliation than ever before when Miss Kay humiliates you in public.

Not only can Miss Kay do this to you in a fantasy phone sex call, Miss Kay can force you out in public on your cell phone and make you do this for real!  Call now! 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)- Ext. 0302-4582