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Financial domination should excite a submissive at the subliminal level. Being a money slave should be an omnipresent fetish, not just a passing fancy. In my newest financial domination erotic hypnosis file, Money Minion, I mind crush men into becoming totally bound to me financially. This isn’t just a fantasy, this is your new reality as a hypnotized money piggie. Your mind will be zeroed out and then you will take a deep plunge into trance where I transform you into my obedient minion. If you fear your life will be irrevocably changed after listening to my hypno mp3, it will! I use a very subversive induction and deepener with a whisper track to compel you to do my bidding. Your mind will become so aroused, you will be helpless not to obey.

I don’t believe in casual financial domination, meaning that you call me or tribute me when the mood strikes you to play. My file will reorient your mind so that you will be driven to tribute, driven to serve. Of course, you will be helpless, because I will have penetrated your brain and warped your mind to meet my desires. You will no longer serve other financial dommes as your entire focus will be on me and keeping me esconced in the lifestyle I deserve. I have always detested the fickle money piglet, flitting around from domme to domme. So, part of the reason why I crafted this file, was to eliminate this pathetic serial behavior. Now, you must buy this file, download and listen. I will await my first tribute from you immediately thereafter.

18 January, 2013


You faggot sluts shouldn’t be providing your services at the gloryhole for free, you should be making money for your supreme Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay. What makes you think you can take your faggot ass down to a gloryhole and give away freebie blow jobs or booth bangs? If you want to be sucking cock or taking it in your man pussy, you need to be making me cash. Gloryhole or gay bar, it doesn’t matter where you go, you need to go down to that gay bar or adult sex store with the gloryhole booths in the back and start charging those doms or tops $$$$. You need to call me on Niteflirt to discuss how much you should be charging as my Gloryhole Gigolo. That money is mine as your Goddess and Pimptress. I won’t have you little dick crazed minions out giving or getting pleasure while I get nothing from it. I will have a minimum set for your gigolo services. And if you can’t extract that $$$$ from the doms or tops you hook up with, you will have to ante it up anyway and then send it to me in Niteflirt tributes. I know you want to please your Goddess and Pimptress. And nothing will please me more than all of you out making money for me, my Gloryhole Gigolos. So, now little fag boys, work for the money I so rightly deserve. Your Goddess and Pimptress, Miss Kay, will be waiting for regular Gloryhole Gigolo Tributes.

24 June, 2012

You’ve heard of Gay for Pay in porn I’m sure… It’s when straight porn actors do gay sex scenes only for the money. Well now, I, Miss Kay, have a new game called Pay for Gay and it involves gay sex and money! You will be doing gay sex and paying me! Every time you go to the gloryhole or sexstore to suck cock, you will be sending me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more for the privilege of sucking cock for your supreme Goddess. Do you think you get to suck cock and have gay sex for free?? No!! And every time you run an ad or answer an ad on Craigslist or Backpage or any other men for men or gay sex ads, you will send me an Amazon eGift Card for $50 or more to my email address: callmisskay@yahoo.com. It’s a privilege to have a Goddess presiding over your gay sexcapades, and having gay sex with other men isn’t free, you fags, so pay up like good little cocksuckers should.

I know so many of you just go out and suck cock or even get fucked in your pussy asses, and you think you can just give it away for free? That’s not the way it works. You are being given the privilege of sucking cock and going gay for me, and the privilege comes with a price of $50 or more to me, Miss Kay. So if you want to go Pay for Gay, get out your credit card, pay your Amazon eGift Card privilege tax and call me on Niteflirt to tell me about your gay sexcapades.

It’s so deliciously evil and erotic, you should be aroused at the temptation of listening to my newest hypnosis audio file. Blackmail and Ruination are explored at the deepest level of your subconscious mind, where you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or if all of this is really happening to you. If you enjoy blackmail, ruination or financial domination, my newest erotic hypnosis audio file is a must-listen. Some of my devoted fans already begged and paid a sizable tribute to listen to my new blackmail hypno mp3 before I debuted it here on my site. They have been totally entranced, just like you will be, from the moment I take you under my spell, and don’t release you till I’ve taken exactly what I want from you.

If you enjoy live hypnosis, I also do live erotic hypnosis calls on Niteflirt. And not just hypnosis, but real blackmail where you will be totally ruined, no mercy, no going back. The risk is yours. The reward is mine! If you have never called me or listened to any of my audio files, you should click to buy my blackmail hypnosis mp3 now. This could be the beginning of everything you have ever feared and desired, coming true. I also have a full collection erotic hypnosis mp3 files for you to listen to. And once you buy these audio files, you can download them to your computer or mp3 player or smart phone, so you can listen to them over and over.

14 August, 2011

Christmas in July may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on for those who worship and adore me, Miss Kay. This recent Christmas in July was the merriest ever, so many gifties disappeared from my special Amazon Wish List and reappeared at my front door. For August and beyond, how can you stay in the spirit of giving to your Goddess? I’ll tell you exactly how you can keep on giving. Three words: Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon Gift Cards are perfect, since I can apply them to my Amazon account and save up for a mega purchase like new furniture. New furniture is definitely on my mind, but I haven’t decided which specific pieces yet as I’m consulting with one of my girlfriends who is an interior designer. Amazon sells furniture and just about everything you can think of that a Goddess needs. Make it happen. Show your adoration by clicking on the Amazon Gift Card below and sending an Amazon Gift Card to me via email. Let me reassure you, Amazon Gift Cards are completely anonymous, they are sent directly from Amazon.com email and all I will see is the name you choose to reveal as the sender of the card. Yes, you can use your slave name or money piggie nickname to send an Amazon Gift Card and you can also write me a personalized message as well. I know some of you need absolute discretion and Amazon.com purchases are not a red flag to the wife or girlfriend who might be snooping over your credit card statement. So click now and be sure to enter my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Amazon.com Gift Card

It should excite and arouse you to spend money on me.  While it may be money you’ve earned or available credit granted to you on your credit card, it’s really mine, and you know, without any doubt or hesitation that I deserve it!   While you may have another fetish on which you spend money to indulge, it’s time to distill that fetish to the bottom line:  giving money to me, a dominant Goddess, is what really arouses you.

So now it’s time to pull out your credit card and open up your Niteflirt account page.  Add more money to your account to spend on me.  It should excite you to see this money in your account, which in a few clicks, will be mine!  Click to call me if I’m available for call sessions and confess your craving for financial domination or even more insidious, financial ruination.  If I’m not available, click on one of my tribute buttons or visit my Wish List here on my site. 

As you know from reading my blog or if you’ve ever served me in any way, I am very knowledgeable about fetishes of all kinds, from the more common fetishes to the more unusual and complex fetishes.   Those of you who truly wish to explore or who are aroused by financial domination as a fetish and not just a fantasy, will be thrilled to serve me financially.  I have also devised an intriguing Financial Domination Game: Stroke for Broke! I know you can’t wait to play!


1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478)-0377-9484 *Vote every link on my site*

I want to thank money pet j for his early Christmas gift, the early money bird always gets  my attention. For all those money subbies that are not familiar with my amazon gift list go check it out….It has what I want at least for right now…I am working on mp3’s writing script’s looking forward to recording them. I will also offer custom recordings so you can live out your fantasy listing to me giving you directions and guidance. I will also be adding additional gift card options such amex , visa and master card. This way I can have gift cards that are usable every were. Since I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and panama in the near future.I love blue oceans and sandy white beach’s.
Miss Kay
1-800-TO-FLIRT 0377-9484